Agriculture Science and Engineering Questions and Answers

Soil Science MCQ

1. The following watershed gives highest peak discharge for the same area – (1) Fern shaped (2) Fan shaped (3) Square shaped (4) Rectangular shaped 2. The time required to move the water from remotest point of watershed to the outlet is called as – (1) unit duration (2) run-off duration (3) time of concentration

Soil Science GK

1. The best soil structure for favourable physical properties is : (1) Crumby and gramular (2) Platy and laminar (3) Columnar and prismatic (4) Blocky 2. The natural aggregates of soil are known as : (1) Peds (2) Clods (3) fragments (4) gravels 3. The degree to which a soil resists deformation when a force

Soil Science Quiz

1. Sediment yield is the :- (1) Total soil loss from an area (2) Product of gross erosion and delivery ratio (3) Both (1) and (2) (4) None 2. Removal of thin and fairly uniform layer of the soil from the land surface by run off water is called as : (1) Torrent erosion (2)

Forestry GK

1. International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO) is located at : (1) China (2) Austria (3) Ghana (4) Kenya 2. True gum kino is extracted from (1) Palas (2) Buasal (3) Salai Guggal (4) Khair 3. Indian Board of Wildlife (IBWL) was first constituted in the year : (1) 1950 (2) 1952 (3) 1972

Forestry MCQ

1. A regeneration survey is generally carried out at the time of : (1) Revision of working plan (2) To prepare stock map (3) Both (4) None of these 2. A consumer spends his income according to law of : (1) Increasing cost (2) Total utility (3) Decreasing cost (4) Equi-marginal utility 3. In forest

Forestry Questions and Answers

1. The diverse flora and fauna of the planet are under great threat mainly due to: A. Global Warming B. Lack of water availability C. Insensitivity to our environment D. Increasing pollution 2. Which one of the following is an endangered species of Manipur? A. Blue Sheep B. Asiatic Buffalo C. Sangai (brow anter deer)