Agronomy Questions and Answers

1. Hindi name of “Brassica Juncea ” is :-
A. Raya
B. Toria
C. Kali Sarson
D. Peeli Sarson

2. In which of the following agro-climatic zones of India, Punjab and Haryana falls ?
A. Transgangetic Plain region
B. Upper gangetic plain region
C. Middle gangetic plain region
D. Lower gangetic plain region

3. World Soil day is celebrated every year on :-
A. 5th December
B. 12th December
C. 26th December
D. 30th December

4. Weather element that is not correctly matched with its measuring unit :-
A. Temperature – °C
B. Relative humidity – %
C. Cloud cover – Hours
D. Atmospheric pressure – Millibars

5. The base temperature of maize for calculating growing degree days is :-
A. 10 °C
B. 4.5 °C
C. 8 °C
D. 12 °C

6. Headquaters of World Meteorogical Organization is located at :-
A. Geneva
B. Paris
C. Washington
D. Rome

7. What will be the gross irrigation requirement of a field having net irrigation requirement 400 mm and field irrigation efficiency 80% ?
A. 300 mm
B. 400 mm
C. 500 mm
D. 700 mm

8. As per CSSRI, Karnal, Classification of irrigation water boron content of normal water should be :-
A. Less than 3 ppm
B. 3 to 4 ppm
C. 4 to 5 ppm
D. 5 to 10 ppm

9. The commonly used pan coefficient value in evapotranspiration study is :-
A. 0.7
B. 1.7
C. 2.7
D. 3.7

10. The ratio between the irrigated area and volume of water applied is known as :-
A. Delta of Water
B. Duty of Water
C. Base of Water
D. Water course

11. If a crop is to be irrigated at 0.6 IW/CPE ratio with 6 cm depth, it should be given at CPE value of :-
A. 10 mm
B. 60 mm
C. 600 mm
D. 100 mm

12. One hectare meter is equal to :-
A. 100 m³ water
B. 1,000 m³ water
C. 10,000 m³ water
D. 100,000 m³ water

13. Among different soil textural classes, which is an ideal one for most of the crops ?
A. Sandy
B. Clayey
C. Loamy
D. Silty

14. Nitrogen content of Sulphur coated urea ranges between :-
A. 26% – 28%
B. 36% – 37%
C. 40% – 42%
D. 46% – 48%

15. Nutrient element acts as “energy currency” within plants is :-
A. Calcium
B. Potassium
C. Phosphorus
D. Nitrogen

16. Nutrient deficiency responsible for heart rot in sugarbeet is :-
A. Molybdenum
B. Copper
C. Zinc
D. Boron

17. Sea weed “a marine algae” is used as “-
A. Herbicide
B. Fertilizer
C. Insecticide
D. Fungicide

18. Orobanche a parasitic weed is classified as :-
A. Holo stem parasitic weed
B. Hemi root parasitic weed
C. Holo root parasitic weed
D. Hemi stem parasitic weed

19. Quantity of Solaro 50 WP for 2 hectares maize to supply atrazine at 0.75 kg/ha :-
A. 0.5 Kg
B. 3.0 Kg
C. 1.5 Kg
D. 0.75 Kg

20. Which one among the following weeds is a board leaved monocotyledon ?
A. Avena fatua
B. Phalaris minor
C. Spergulla arvensis
D. Commelina spp.

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21. “Brown manuring” a recent approach towards weed control is practiced is :-
A. Maize
B. Direct seeded rice
C. Mustard
D. Pigeonpea

22. What will be the weed control efficiency (%) if weed dry matter in weety check is 30 quintals and is treated plot it is 15 quintals/ha ?
A. 15
B. 30
C. 45
D. 50

23. If a soil has bulk density 1.5 Mg/m³ and particle density 2.5 Mg/m³, what will be the percent porosity of soil ?
A. 30%
B. 40%
C. 50%
D. 60%

24. In which district, Indian Institute of Farming Systems Research (IIFSR) is situated :-
A. Jhansi
B. Meerut
C. Ghaziabad
D. Sholapur

25. Which among the following indicators is used to assess the inter cropping system ?
A. Leaf area index
B. Light use efficiency
C. Land equivalent ratio
D. Sustainability index

26. The unit of relative growth rate (RGR) of any crop is :-
A. g/m² (leaf area)/ day
B. g/g /day
C. g/m² (land area)/ day
D. g /day

27. A rapid growing phase of plant is termed as :-
A. Lag Phase
B. Senescence
C. Plateau Phase
D. Log phase

28. select incorrect match from the following :-
A. For good crop growth – apply N Fertilizer
B. For correcting “top sickness” of tabacco – apply B Fertilizer
C. For quality produce – apply K Fartilizer
D. For correcting yellowing in groudnut – apply Zn Fertilizer

29. Which one of the following crops is more tolerant to Sodicity ?
A. Sorghum
B. Groundnut
C. Rice
D. Mustard

30. Soybean is originated from which country ?
A. China
B. India
C. Brazil
D. Mexico

31. Select the correct combination of a crop variety and its 1000 grain weight :-
A. Wheat (HI 8498) – 35 g
B. Gram (KAK -2) – 380 g
C. French bean (Udai) – 500 g
D. Groundnut (TAG -24) – 250 g

32. What quality of sulphuric acid is required to spray 1000 liters of water in one hectare to control frost in rabi crops ?
A. 100 ml
B. 500 ml
C. 1000 ml
D. 1500 ml

33. The optimum temperature range for ideal germination of Wheat seed is :-
A. 5-10 °C
B. 10-15 °C
C. 20-25 °C
D. 30-35 °C

34. Which one among the following crops is known as “Queen of oilseeds” ?
A. Soybean
B. Mustard
C. Sunflower
D. Sesame

35. For good quality tobacco, chloride content in leaves should never exceed :-
A. 2%
B. 3%
C. 4%
D. 5%

36. For delinting 10 Kg fuzzy cottonseed, industrial grade sulphurid acid required is :-
A. 500 ml
B. 1000 ml
C. 1500 ml
D. 2000 ml

37. Red rot is an important disease of this crop :-
A. Potato
B. Sugarbeet
C. Sugarcane
D. Maize

38. The oil of _____ crop is extensively used in paints and varnish industry :-
A. Sesame
B. Safflower
C. Ratanjot
D. Linseed

39. Quantity of seed required for one hectare area of a crop, if plant population per hectare is 50,000, test weight 200 g and real value of seed is 100 per cent :-
A. 10 Kg
B. 20 Kg
C. 30 Kg
D. 40 Kg

40. The coefficient of variation (CV%) is calculated by formula :-
A. (Mean/Standard Deviation) X 100
B. (Standard Deviation/Mean) X 100
C. Standard Deviation/Mean
D. Mean/Standard Deviation

41. Size of mini watershed varies between :-
A. 10,000 – 50,000 hectares
B. 1000 – 10,000 hectares
C. 100 – 1000 hectares
D. 10 – 100 hectares

42. Fumigation of rat burrows in the field is done by :-
A. Zinc Phosphide
B. Aluminium Phosphide
C. Zinc Sulphate
D. Zinc Phosphate

43. Agriculture is not merely growing crop but more of applied :-
A. Ecosystem
B. Environment
C. Ecology
D. Climate

44. We are growing wheat in plains in winter and high hills in summer due to :-
A. Height
B. Temperature
C. Scenic beauty
D. Crop rotation

45. Rainfall in hills is more towards :-
A. Windward side
B. Leeward side
C. Both Side
D. Either Side

46. Soils in foot hills are :-
A. Matured
B. Immatured
C. Fully mature
D. None of these

47. Well drained volcanic soils are :-
A. More fertile
B. Less fertile
C. Non fertile
D. Useless

48. Threshold temperature refers to the point at which a stimulus begins to :-
A. No response
B. Partial response
C. Full response
D. bring a response

49. In slopy lands most suitable irrigation method is :-
A. Drip
B. Check basin
C. Sprinkler
D. Surface flood

50. Objective of zero tillage is :-
A. To control soil run off
B. To check water run off
C. To control water percolation
D. To control soil erosion and allow aggregation

51. Climate change means :-
A. Diurnal changes in weather parameters
B. Weekly changes in weather parameters
C. Monthly changes in weather parameters
D. Long term (more than 30 years) changes in weather parameters

52. Green house effect is related to :-
A. Rise in temperature
B. Rise in rainfall
C. Rise in precipitation
D. Rainfall delay

53. Role of abscisic acid in plants is :-
A. Increase in growth
B. Growth retardation
C. Cell elongation
D. More branching

54. Application of cycocel leads to :-
A. Retardation of vegetative growth
B. Retardation of fruiting
C. Retardation of flowering
D. Check rooting

55. Relative growth rate of plants is :-
A. More yield with time
B. Yield with time
C. More growth with time
D. Growth with per unit time.

56. Highest density of water is at the temperature of ___ °C
A. 0.0
B. 2.0
C. 4.0
D. 8.0

57. The temperature range of stratosphere is :-
A. -10 to -19 °C
B. -45 to -75 °C
C. -60 to -85 °C
D. -80 to -95 °C

58. C₃ plants saturate light upto 40,000 to 50,000 Lux while C₄ plants :-
A. 50,000-60,000
B. 60,000-70,000
C. 70,000-80,000
D. 90,000-100,000

59. Fresh water bodies including rivers and streams are known as :-
A. Lentic
B. Lacustrine
C. Lotic or riverine
D. Palustrine

60. The pungency and odour in onion is due to :-
A. Nitrogen
B. Phosphorus
C. Potassium
D. Sulphur

61. According to the essentiality criteria of nutrients which one is correct (without it) :-
A. Plant can not complete life cycle
B. Plant can complete life cycle
C. Plant can not grow
D. Plant can grow very well

62. Free living N-fixers are :-
A. Rhizobia
B. Azotobactor
C. Azospirillum
D. Azotobactor & Azospirillum Both

63. Phosphorus availability in soil increases with increase in pH :-
A. >8.0
B. >8.2
C. >8.4
D. >8.5

64. P fixation in acid soil starts below the pH :-
A. 7.0
B. 7.5
C. 6.5
D. 3.5

65. Soil moisture could be measured by :-
A. Picnometer
B. Moisture meter
C. Gravimetry method
D. Moisture meter & Gravimetry method Both

66. Micro nutrient use efficiency is more when these are applied :-
A. Through sprinkler
B. Foliar spray
C. Soil application
D. Through drip irrigation

67. Largest area under micro irrigation is in the state of :-
A. Bihar
B. U.P.
C. Rajasthan
D. Kerala

68. Most salinity tolerant crop among the seed spices is :-
A. Coriander
B. Cumin
C. Fennel
D. Fenugreek

69. Saline soils could be improved by :-
A. Leaching
B. Gypsum application
C. Pyrite application
D. Sulphur application

70. Example of narrow leaf weed is :-
A. Amaranthus
B. Argemone
C. Phalaris
D. Chenopodium

71. Viability of weed seed like lotus remains for :-
A. 10 Years
B. 100 Years
C. 1000 Years
D. None of these

72. Which one is not a systemic herbicide :-
A. Atrazine
B. Simazine
C. Propanil
D. Paraquat

73. Which is not a phenoxy group of herbicide ?
A. 2,4 – D
B. 2,4 – DB
D. 2,3,6 TBA

74. Post-emergence herbicide is used :-
A. Before germination of crop
B. Before germination of weed
C. After germination of crop
D. After germination weed

75. Application of 2,4-D Na Salt may be avoided in the following type of soil to reduce leaching loss :-
A. Sandy
B. Sandy clay loam
C. Clay loam
D. Clayey

76. Which cropping system accommodate maximum crops in a piece of land within specified time :-
A. Mixed cropping
B. Relay cropping
C. Mixed cropping & Inter cropping
D. Inter cropping

77. Dryfarming means cultivation of crops where rainfall is less than :-
A. 550 mm
B. 650 mm
C. 750 mm
D. 850 mm

78. Under moisture stress in plant, concentration of photosynthetic assimilates :-
A. Decreases
B. Increases
C. Remains constant
D. As usual

79. Escaping drought by the crops means :-
A. Matures within the rainfall period
B. Germinate early
C. Matures late
D. Matures after rain

80. Under drought conditions, in awned varieties, awns contribute photosynthates about :-
A. 12%
B. 10%
C. 20%
D. 50%

81. Water infiltration in soil means :-
A. Water movement in soil
B. Water enters in soil
C. Percolation
D. Leaching

82. Pratap (C-50) is the variety of crop :-
A. Wheat
B. Sesamum
C. Dill
D. Maize

83. Most adaptive crop under moisture limited condition is :-
A. Rice
B. Maize
C. Wheat
D. Sesamum

84. When field varies in fertility which experimental design is appropriate ?
C. Split plot
D. Paired row

85. For the multi factor study which experimental design is more appropriate ?
D. Split Plot

86. Dependency of one factor on other could be calculated by appropriate method :-
A. Student T test
B. Mean
C. Correlation
D. Harmonic Mean

87. India is divided in how many Agroecosubregions :-
A. 20
B. 30
C. 50
D. 60

88. Based on the recent estimates, Bikaner and Jaisalmer are delineated in the Agroclimatic Zone of :-
A. I A
C. I C

89. Delta in irrigation is measured in which unit ?
A. Cm
B. Hours
C. Cusec
D. Liter/Second/ha.

90. Study of desert and dry land management is studied under :-
A. Ecology
B. Dry land farming
C. Xerophic Science
D. Eremology

91. Threshold wind velocity for chemical spray in field crops is :-
A. < 1 km/h
B. < 2 km/h
C. < 3 km/h
D. < 4 km/h

92. Mallika is variety of which crop ?
A. Khejari
B. Babool
C. Groundnut
D. Black gram

93. Weed index is calculated as :-
A. [ (crop yield of weed free plot – crop yield of treated plot) / (Crop yield of weed free plot ) ] X 100
B. [ (crop yield of weed free plot – crop yield of treated plot) / (crop yield of treated plot) ] X 100
C. [ (Weed dry matter production in treated plot – weed dry matter production in weed free plot) / (Weed dry matter production in treated plot) ] X 100
D. [ (Weed dry matter production in treated plot – weed dry matter production in weed free plot) / (weed dry matter production in weed free plot) ] X 100

94. All India severe drought year is declared when spatial coverage of drought is more than :-
A. 20%
B. 40%
C. 60%
D. 80%

95. Celiec disease in human being is caused by :-
A. Gluten allergy
B. Tryptophane Allergy
C. Lycine Allergy
D. Zein Allergy

96. Which type of corn comes under primitive type ?
A. Flint corn
B. Sweet corn
C. Pod corn
D. Waxy corn

97. Which type of N fertilizers should be avoided in paddy crop ?
A. Nitrate
B. Ammonical
C. Amide
D. Cynamide