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Assam DHS Staff Nurse Model Question

1. Which is the most abundant tissue within human body?
(A) Epithelial tissue
(B) Connective tissue
(C) Neuron
(D) Muscle

2. A condition in which bone matrix is lost, which makes the bone more susceptible in fracture is: –
(A) Osbeomalacia
(B) Rickcts
(C) Osteosarcoma
(D) Osteoporosis

3. Which of the following drug is an example for Benmdiazepine?
(A) Chlordiazepoxide
(B) Doxepine
(C) Clozapine
(D) Clomipramine

4. Scar tissue formation is otherwise known as:
(A) Granulation
(B) Necrosis
(C) Proliferation
(D) Fibrosis

5. During CPR, Cardiac compression is applied to:
(A) Halfway between Sternum and left nipple
(B) Lower half of Sternum
(C) Area under the left nipple
(D) Upper half of Sternum

6. The greatest danger of hyperkalemia is:
(A) Tetany
(B) Fluid overload
(C) Cardiac arrest
(D) Polyuria

7. Which statement is false regarding Japanese encephalitis?
(A) It is bacterial encephalitis
(B) It is transmitted by Culicine mosquito
(C) it is a mosquito-borne encephalitis
(D) it is caused by flavi virus

8. While caring a patient after pneumoncctomy, which is the most applicable one?
(A) accumulation of fluid in the empty thorax is a desired outcome
(B) two chest drainage tubes should be attached to water seal drainage and low suction
(C) patient should be kept in his back only
(D) patient should be discouraged from coughing

9. Actions which halts the progress of a disease at its initial stage, management and prevention of complication is termed as:
(A) primary prevention
(B) secondary prevention
(C) teritiary prevention
(D) rehabilitation

10. Constant presence of an infectious agent or disease/within a given geographic area is called:
(A) Epidemic
(B) Pandemic
(C) Sporadic
(D) Endemic

Assam DHS Staff Nurse Previous Year Question Papers11. While caring a new born baby with high bilirubin, with signs of impending kernicterua, nurses primary observation should be for:
(A) Lethargy and loss of more reflex
(B) Cyanosis and respiratory distress
(C) Rapid pulse and diaphoresis
(D) Vomiting and diarrhoea

12. Which of the following symptoms are expected in complete heart block?
(A) Hypertension, HR-60/mt, increased pulse pressure
(B) Hypotension, HR-l00Imt, cheat pain
(C) Syncope, hypotension and ventricular rate of 40/mt
(D) Hypertension, convulsion. HR-100/mt

13. Which of the following condition in pregnancy most likely can cause abruptio placenta?
(A) heart disease
(B) chronic hypertension
(C) drug addiction
(D) hyper thyroidism

14. Inactivaned polio vaccine is otherwise known as:
(A) Cell culture vaccine
(B) Sabin vaccine
(C) 17.D vaccine
(D) Salk vaccine

15. Primary ECG change that indicates myocardial ischemia is:
(A) Absence of P-wave
(B) Prolonged PR-interval
(C) ST segment elevation and T-wave invertion
(D) Narrow QRS complex

16. Which of the following observation is suggestive of acute gall bladder disease?
(A) Dark coloured urine
(B) Tarry stools
(C) Constipation
(D) Polyuria

17. The most prominent features in Catatonic – Schizophrenia are :
(A) Delusion
(B) Motor and volitional disturbance
(C) Hallucination
(D) Silly giggling

18. Highly malignant, rapidly growing tumour of cerebellum seen in children is:
(A) Astrocytoma
(B) Meningioma
(C) Medullo blastoma
(D) Ependymoma

19. National Mental Health policy was formulated in the year:
(A) 1982
(B) 1987
(C) 1985
(D) 1912

20. Primary goal in the nursing management of cervical spine injury will be:
(A) Prevention of spinal shock
(B) Reorientation to reality
(C) Pain relief
(D) Maintenance of respiration

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