Assertive Sentence Voice Change Exercise

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Assertive Sentence Voice Change Exercise

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Change the following Assertive Sentences from Active Voice to Passive Voice:

1. I like sweets.

2. They lost the match.

3. I love to read novels.

4. They cut the cake.

5. He eats biryani.

6. The boy is doing a sum.

7. Somebody cheated the man.

8. He bakes a pie.

9. He baked a cake.

10. He is making a chart.

11. He was making a chart.

12. He has made a doll.

13. He had made a doll.

14. He will cook a meal.

15. He is painting a house.

16. The cat killed the mouse.

17. Columbus discovered America

18. I am watching a play.

19. I enjoyed the party.

20. He is writing a report.

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21. His teacher praised him.

22. l am doing you a favour.

23. Father will pay the tax.

24. She revealed my secret.

25. Suman loves his pet.

26. The girl will accept the gift.

27. Earthquake hit the town.

28. All is well that ends well.

29. Uncle told us the story.

30. He writes comic stories.

31. We had paid the bill.

32. We are playing the piano.

33. Father will go to Chennai.

34. Neelima cautioned me.

35. They cut all the electric wires.

36. We must respect all life forms.

37. Monali should buy a drum set.

38. The cook served cold food.

39. Titir is ringing the bell for dinner.

40. The train will leave the station.

41. She sang a number of songs.

42. The teacher called out our names.

43. Mita is welcoming the guests.

44. Sonam was writing an article.

45. The boys were throwing stones at the puppy.

46. Sudha would teach a few dance steps.

47. The British captured India cunningly.

48. She didn’t introduce me to her sister.

49. Fiadhika speaks English fluently.

50. Aunty gave birth to a baby girl.

51. The baby broke my spectacles.

52. We must eat an egg everyday.

53. She will finish the work in a few days.

54. Somlata is leaving Kolkata for Delhi.

55. l will cook lunch today.

56. You should not trust a stranger.

57. My husband is supervising the project.

58. The guard blew the whistle.

59. Fog delayed the flight.

60. I know the girl since childhood.

61. The headmaster blamed us for the chaos.

62. Students find homework to be a boring task.

63. Roger stole Mrs Jones’ purse.

64. Father offered me a cup of tea.

65. Mother has blessed me.

66. I can drive cars.

67. His behaviour shocked me.

68. We won‘t attend the wedding.

69. My teacher promised me that she would come to the party.

70. He can solve the problem.

71. Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal for Mumtaz.

72. They are playing football in a muddy field.

73. Rakesh is practising algebra.

74. The police arrested the thief after chasing for long.

75. We won’t tell a lie to save our skin.

76. What cannot be cured must be endured.

77. I borrowed a cap from my brother.

78. My sister is sharpening the pencil to write neatly.

79. He is washing his hands before having breakfast.

80. The foreign rulers could not curb Rani Lakshmi Bai’s indomitable spirit.

Answers Sheet into Passive Voice

1. Sweets are liked by me.

2. The match was lost by them.

3. Novels are loved to be read by me.

4. The cake was cut by them.

5. Biryani is eaten by him.

6. A sum is being done by the boy.

7. The man was cheated by somebody.

8. A pie is baked by him.

9. A cake was baked by him.

10. A chart is being made by him.

11. A chart was being made by him.

12. A doll has been made by him.

13. A doll had been made by him.

14. A meal will be cooked by him.

15. A house is being painted by him.

16. The mouse was killed by the cat.

17. America was discovered by Columbus.

18. A play is being watched by me.

19. The party was enjoyed by me.

20. A report is being written by him.

21. He was praised by his teacher.

22. A favour is being done to you by me.

23. The tax will be paid by father.

24. My secret was revealed by her.

25. Suman’s pet is loved by him (Suman).

26. The gift will be accepted by the girl.

27. The town was hit by earthquake.

28. All that ends well is well.

29. The story was told to us by uncle.

30. Comic stories are written by him.

31. The bill had been paid by us.

32. The piano is being played by us.

33. Chennai will be gone to by father.

34. l was cautioned by Neelima.

35. All the electric wires were cut by them.

36. All life forms must be respected by us.

37. A drum set should be bought by Monali.

38. Cold food was served by the cook.

39. The bell is being rung by Titir for dinner.

40. The station will be left by the train.

41. A number of songs were sung by her.

42. Our names were called out by the teacher.

43. The guests are being welcomed by Mita.

44. An article was being written by Sonam.

45. The puppy was being thrown stones at by the boys

46. A few dance steps would be taught by Sudha.

47. India was cunningly captured by the British.

48. l wasn’t introduced to her sister by her.

49. English is fluently spoken by Radhika.

50. A baby girl was given birth by aunty.

51. My spectacles was broken by the baby.

52. An egg must be eaten by us everyday.

53. The work will be finished by her in a few days.

54. Kolkata is being left by Somlata for Delhi.

55. Lunch will be cooked by me today.

56. A stranger should not be trusted by you.

57. The project is being supervised by my husband.

58. The whistle was blown by the guard.

59. The flight was delayed by fog.

60. The girl is known to me since childhood.

61. We were blamed by the headmaster for the chaos.

62. Homework is found to be a boring task by students.

63. Mrs. Jones’ purse was stolen by Roger.

64. A cup of tea was offered to me by Father.

65. I have been blessed by mother.

66. Cars can be driven by me.

67. I was shocked by his behaviour.

68. The wedding won’t be attended by us.

69. I was promised by my teacher that she would come to the party.

70. The problem can be solved by him.

71. Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for Mumtaz.

72. Football is being played by them in a muddy field.

73. Algebra is being practised by Rakesh.

74. The thief was arrested by the police after chasing for long.

75. A lie won’t be told by us to save our skin.

76. That must be endured what cannot be cured.

77. A cap was borrowed by me from my brother.

78. The pencil is being sharpened by my sister to write neatly.

79. His hands are being washed by him before having breakfast.

80. Rani Lakshmi Bai’s indomitable spirit could not be curbed by the foreign rulers.