Automobile Engineering Important Questions and Answers

1. Which type of front suspension gives maximum space for engine installation ?
(A) Wishbone suspension system
(B) Mac Pherson strut suspension system
(C) Trailing link suspension system
(D) Vertical guide suspension

2. The ride quality of a vehicle will be maximum when :
(A) The sprung weight is maximum
(B) The sprung weight is minimum
(C) The unsprung weight is maximum
(D) Both (A) and (C)

3. The front stabilizer rod is used to reduce the tendency of a vehicle to :
(A) Roll
(B) Pitch
(C) Yaw
(D) Bounce

4. In Ackermann steering system, perfect steering condition is attained only during :
(A) 2 positions of steering
(B) 3 positions of steering
(C) Straight ahead position only
(D) All the steering positions

5. In a normal steering linkages used in a rigid axle suspension vehicle, the component between the cross shaft and the drag link is :
(A) Tie rod
(B) Track rod
(C) Pitman arm
(D) Steering arm

6. The metal used as balancing weights in wheel balancing is :
(A) Copper
(B) Steel
(C) Lead
(D) Brass

7. In a spoke wheel, while handling the braking torque, the spokes are subjected to :
(A) Tension
(B) Compression
(C) Bending stress
(D) Shearing

8. In a conventional hydraulically actuated drum brake, if it is twin leading type, minimum number of wheel cylinders required are :
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Four
(D) Wheel cylinder not required

9. In an air brake system, the valve that the driver can actuate is :
(A) Dual brake valve
(B) Unloader valve
(C) System protection valve
(D) Non return valve

10. The component which restricts the flow of current from battery to generator is :
(A) Regulator diodes
(B) Voltage regulator
(C) Current regulator
(D) Cut – out relay

11. Pick out the odd one from the following :
(A) cylinder block
(B) crank case
(C) crank shaft
(D) cylinder head

12. In an engine the temperature of the piston will be more at :
(A) the crown of the piston
(B) the skirt of the piston
(C) the piston walls
(D) the land of the piston

13. Which part is not common between the petrol and diesel engines?
(A) Air cleaner
(B) Silencer
(C) Crank shaft
(D) Spark plug

14. The firing order of a four cylinder inline engine is usually :
(A) 1-2-3-4
(B) 1-2-4-3
(C) 1-3-4-2
(D) 4-1-2-3

15. The device for smoothing out the power impulses from the engine :
(A) crank shaft
(B) flywheel
(C) clutch
(D) shock absorber

16. Which vehicle is provided with single wheel drive?
(A) Tractor
(B) Truck
(C) Motor cycle
(D) Car

17. Engine alternator is driven by :
(A) V-belt drive
(B) Flat belt drive
(C) Gear drive
(D) Chain drive

18. The least count of a inside micrometer is :
(A) 0.02 mm
(B) 0.01 mm
(C) 1 mm
(D) 0.001 mm

19. An engine running in closed garage is dangerous because the exhaust gas contains :
(A) water vapour
(B) air
(C) carbon dioxide
(D) carbon monoxide

20. To tighten nuts or bolts accurately, use :
(A) ring spanner
(B) torque wrench
(C) open jaw spanner
(D) combination wrench

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21. To cut threads in a hole, use a:
(A) Die
(B) Tap
(C) stud extractor
(D) reamer

22. Before you work under a car, make sure that:
(A) the tires are inflated
(B) use a creeper
(C) the car is supported on safety stands
(D) the car is supported on hydraulic jack

23. The component which adjust the length of the propeller shaft according to the movement of the rear axle :
(A) universal joint
(B) slip joint
(C) constant velocity joint
(D) lap joint

24. The instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of electrolyte in a battery :
(A) cell tester
(B) voltmeter
(C) hydrometer
(D) thermometer

25. The stroke of an engine in which the exhaust valve is fully closed :
(A) Suction
(B) Compression
(C) Power
(D) exhaust

26. Grade of the lubricating oi] used in differential unit :
(A) SAE 30
(B) SAE 140
(C) SAE 90
(D) SAE 40

27. Number of sparks required in one minute for a 4 stroke 4 cylinder petrol engine working at 3000 RPM :
(A) 6000
(B) 3000
(C) 1500
(D) 750

28. Find out the odd one from the following :
(A) Master cylinder
(B) Engine cylinder
(C) Wheel cylinder
(D) Brake drum

29. The property of lubricating oil to resist flow is called :
(A) Viscosity
(B) flash point
(C) pore point
(D) fire point

30. Shape of head lamp reflector of vehicles :
(A) Aspherical
(B) Hyperbolic
(C) Convex
(D) parabolic

31. Type of clutch used in motor cycle :
(A) single plate
(B) multiplate
(C) diaphragm
(D) centrifugal

32. Which one of the following engine part is made of aluminium alloy?
(A) crank shaft
(B) piston rings
(C) connecting rod
(D) piston

33. What type of fuel feed system is used in two wheelers?
(A) Pump feed system
(B) Pressure feed system
(C) Gravity feed system
(D) Thermo syphon system

34. Hydraulic brakes work on the principle of :
(A) Pascal’s law
(B) Newton’s law
(C) Faraday’s law
(D) All of the above

35. When the air pass through the air horn of the carburettor :
(A) pressure decreased in the venturi
(B) pressure increased in the venturi
(C) temperature increased in the venturi
(D) pressure and temperature increased in the venturi

36. Air cooled engines are fitted in which vehicles?
(A) Trucks
(B) Cars
(C) Air bus
(D) Scooters

37. While starting an engine, the starter motor pinion meshes with :
(A) Clutch
(B) gearbox top gear
(C) flywheel ring gear
(D) differential sun gear

38. A 4 cylinder engine has a capacity of 1.2 Litres. The swept volume of one cylinder is :
(A) 1200 cm3
(B) 600 cm3
(C) 300cm3
(D) 150cm3

39. If the air fuel mixture ignites before the spark occurs at the spark plug, this condition called :
(A) Detonation
(B) Ignition
(C) Vaporisation
(D) Pre ignition

40. In turbo charged engines, the turbo charger is driven by :
(A) Belt from the engine crank shaft
(B) Belt from the engine cam shaft
(C) The force of the intake air
(D) The force of the exhaust gas

41. Injector is not located in :
(A) Crank case
(B) Cylinder head
(C) Induction manifold
(D) Intake port

42. A constant velocity universal joint is used at the –
(A) Front end of the propeller shaft
(B) Rear end of the propeller shaft
(C) Differential end of the axle shaft on front wheel drive vehicle
(D) Road wheel end of the axle shaft on front wheel drive vehicle

43. The crown wheel and pinion is called the :
(A) Final drive
(B) Differential
(C) Rear housing
(D) Rear drive

44. Which one is not the component of water cooling system?
(A) Radiator
(B) Water Pump
(C) Alternator
(D) Fan

45. In diesel engine, the fuel is injected into the engine cylinder :
(A) At the end of power stroke
(B) At the beginning of power stroke
(C) At the end of exhaust stroke
(D) At the end of compression stroke

46. In the electronic ignition system, the primary circuit is opened and closed by :
(A) CR. Pointe
(B) Breaker cam
(C) Timer

47. The purpose of a thermostat in an engine cooling system is to:
(A) Prevent the coolant from boiling
(B) Indicate to the driver the coolant temperature
(C) Raise the boiling point of coolant
(D) Allow the engine to warm up quickly

48. In which engine stroke, the pressure in the cylinder is less than atmospheric pressure?
(A) Suction
(B) Compression
(C) Power
(D) Exhaust

49. The sealed beam head light bulb consists of :
(A) two filament
(B) one filament
(C) three filament
(D) none of the above

50. Two types of oil pumps are generally used. They are :
(A) Gear and Diaphram
(B) Vaccum and pressure
(C) Rotor and gear
(D) Rotor and electric