Automobile Engineering Selected Questions and Answers

1. The clearance between the valve and rocker arm is measured by using :
(A) inside micrometer
(B) feeler gauge
(C) wire gauge
(D) outside micrometer

2. The device used to reduce the exhaust noize is known as :
(A) exhaust manifold
(B) muffler
(C) tail pipe
(D) exhaust pipe

3. In case of Trucks, the suspension springs provided on rear wheels are :
(A) coil spring
(B) torsion bar
(C) leaf spring
(D) leaf spring and coil spring

4. Valve overlap means :
(A) early opening of inlet valve
(B) early opening of exhaust valve
(C) both valves are closed
(D) both valves are open

5. The camshaft rotates at :
(A) same speed as the crank shaft
(B) half the speed of crank shaft
(C) twice the speed of crank shaft
(D) none of the above

6. In diesel engine, the fuel is ignited by :
(A) the heat of compressed hot air
(B) an electric spark
(C) the hot exhaust gas
(D) all the above

7. Aluminium cylinder blocks require :
(A) cast iron liners
(B) brass liners
(C) aluminium liners
(D) noliners

8. Wheel base of a vehicle is the :
(A) distance between the front tyres
(B) distance between the front and rear axles
(C) total length of the vehicle
(D) none of the above

9. The capacity of a battery is usually expressed in terms of :
(A) Valts
(B) Watts
(C) ampere hours
(D) none of the above

10. Which air cleaner is mostly used in diesel engines?
(A) dry type
(B) wet type
(C) paper pleated type
(D) oil bath type

11. Temperature gauge indicates the temperature of :
(A) Lubricating oil
(B) Engine cylinder
(C) Engine piston
(D) Jacket cooling water

12. The function of diesel feed pump is to:
(A) pump the fuel from the tank into the injection pump
(B) pump the oil into the main gallery
(C) send back fuel from the injector to the tank
(D) pump the fuel from the injection pump to the injector

13. An engine converts heat energy into:
(A) Mechanical energy
(B) Kinetic energy
(C) Chemical energy
(D) Electrical energy

14. An engine has a clearance volume of 100 cm? and piston displacement volume of 800 cm. The compression ratio is :
(A) 8:1
(B) 9:1
(C) 7:1
(D) 1:8

15. The quantity of air petrol mixture that enters the engine cylinder is regulated by the :
(A) Flot
(B) needle valve
(C) throttle valve
(D) main jet

16. Which transmission unit provides a smooth take up of the drive?
(A) gear box
(B) clutch
(C) final drive
(D) differential

17. Deposit of carbon in the exhaust system :
(A) will increase noise level
(B) will increase back pressure
(C) will reduce back pressure
(D) will have no effect on back pressure

18. If a tyre is marking with 8.25 x 20 x 10 PR, 8.25 means :
(A) Diameter of tyre
(B) Diameter of rm
(C) Radius of tyre
(D) Width of tyre

19. Incorrect tyre pressure causes :
(A) over heating
(B) rapid tyre wear
(C) unsafe steering
(D) all of the above

20. The starting system consists of :
(A) Battery, Switch, Dynamo
(B) Battery, Switch, Starter motor
(C) Magnetto, Switch, Starter motor
(D) Magnetto, Switch, Dynamo

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21. The wheel and axle causing support the entire weight of the vehicle in the :
(A) semi floating axle
(B) drive or live axle
(C) three-quarter floating axle
(D) full floating axle

22. Braking is produced by the frictional contact between the brake drum and:
(A) brake shoes
(B) expanding cam
(C) wheel cylinder piston
(D) brake shoe return spring

23. The electrolyte used in lead acid battery is:
(A) Nitric acid
(B) Citric acid
(C) Sulphuric acid with water
(D) Hydrochloric acid with water

24. The device in the cooling system that increases the boiling point of the water :
(A) Pressure cap
(B) Drain Plug
(C) Radiator
(D) Thermostat

25. The gap between the electrodes of a spark plug :
(A) 0.1mm
(B) 0.2mm
(C) 1mm
(D) 0.3mm

26. The purpose of a shock absorber is to:
(A) absorb the vibration of spring
(B) prevent the spring deflection
(C) absorb the road shock
(D) all of the above

27. While turning a curve, the outer wheel of the car travel more distance than the inner wheel. Which device is facilitating this movement?
(A) Stub axle
(B) Final drive
(C) Differential
(D) Propeller shaft

28. Name of the Engine which have bore is equal to stroke length :
(A) Wankel Engine
(B) Radial Engine
(C) Square Engine
(D) Hybrid Engine

29. Write down correct equation :

30. Which of the following Cycle is used in petrol engine ?
(A) Diesel Cycle
(B) Otto Cycle
(C) Carnot Cycle
(D) Brayton Cycle

31. An engine has swept volume of 600 cc. If compression ratio is 8.5, determine clearance volume in cc:
(A) 4 cc
(B) 60 cc
(C) 80 cc
(D) 100 cc

32. One bar is equal to (KPa – KiloPascal) :
(A) 1 KPa
(B) 10 KPa
(C) 1000 KPa
(D) 100 KPa

33. Actual power delivered at the crank shaft :
(D) None of these

34. The part which connects piston and connecting rod :
(A) Crankpin
(B) Pistonpin
(C) Fly wheel
(D) Gasket

35. The exhaust valve usually starts opening –
(A) at BDC
(B) at TDC
(C) before BDC
(D) before TDC

36. Valve clearance is measured by the instrument –
(A) Screw gauge
(B) Slip gauge
(C) Vernier caliper
(D) Feeler gauge

37. Which of the following is used to avoid over cooling in the cooling system of the engine ?
(A) Pressure cap
(B) Thermostat
(C) Expansion reservoir
(D) Radiator

38. In which of the following lubrication system lubricant oil is mixed with fuel ?
(A) Splash system
(B) Pressure system
(C) Dry sump
(D) Petrail system

39. Which is the following number is used to indicate ignition quality of diesel fuel ?
(A) Cetane
(B) Octane
(C) Random
(D) None of these

40. Which of the following is used in fuel tank to reduce surging of fuel on account of sudden brake or cornering ?
(A) Muffler
(B) Baffle plate
(C) Drain plug
(D) Rocker arm

41. An electrical fuel pump operates but delivers insufficient fuel. This may be due to:
(A) Chocked pump filters
(B) Worn out valves
(C) Damaged diaphragm
(D) All of the above

42. The device which used to maintain speed at varying load condition :
(A) Fly wheel
(C) Governor
(D) Injector

43. The ignition advance method controls ignition timing according to engine speed :
(A) Vacuum advance
(B) Centrifugal advance
(C) Electric advance
(D) None of these

44. A Lead acid battery is an automobile used the acid :
(A) Sulphuric acid
(B) Hydrochloric acid
(C) Nitric acid
(D) Phosphoric acid

45. A four wheeler normally uses battery of :
(A) 10 volt
(B) 12 volt
(C) 20 volt
(D) 1.5 volt

46. The test used to know the chemical condition of positive and negative plate is :
(A) Specific gravity test
(B) Open volt test
(C) High discharge test
(D) Cadmium test

47. The clutch does not require clamping spring and release lever :
(A) cone clutch
(B) single plate clutch
(C) diaphragm clutch
(D) multi plate clutch

48. Reason for clutch drag or spin is :
(A) Excessive free pedal play
(B) Damaged pressure plate
(C) Cracked clutch plate
(D) All of the above

49. The clutch is located between the gear box and the :
(A) Engine
(B) Rear axle
(C) Propeller shaft
(D) differential

50. Which of the following, gear box used double de clutching process ?
(A) Synchromesh gear box
(B) Sliding mesh
(C) Constant mesh
(D) All of the above