Automobile Engineering Test Papers

1. Increase of torque in a vehicle is obtained by :
(A) Increasing speed
(B) Decreasing speed
(C) Increasing power
(D) All of the above

2. Speed of the driving gear (A) 1500 rpm, speed of the driven gear (B) mesh with A is 3000 rpm. What is gear ratio ?
(A) 2
(B) 0.5
(C) 1.9
(D) 4500

3. The type of gear box used in automatic transmission is :
(A) Epicyclic gear box
(B) Constant mesh gear box
(C) Sliding mesh
(D) Synchromesh gear box

4. When the car is taking a turn the outer wheel have to travel greater distance as compared to the inner wheel in the same time, the device used to adjust this is
(A) Propeller shaft
(B) Slip joint
(C) Differential
(D) Transfer case

5. The rear axle shaft supporting in which the axle shaft can be taken out or replaced without jacking up the vehicle is :
(A) Semi floating axle
(B) Full floating axle
(C) Three quarter axle
(D) None of these

6. The suspension movement in which vehicle moves perpendicular the road is :
(A) Bouncing
(B) Rolling
(C) Pitching
(D) None of these

7. The independent suspension system which uses only lower wishbone :
(A) Wishbone type
(B) Mac pherson strut
(C) Vertical guide
(D) Single strut

8. Which of the following suspension system uses compressors ?
(A) Rigid axle
(B) Independent
(C) Vertical guide
(D) Airsuspension

9. Which of the following spring used in rigid axle suspension ?
(A) Coil spring
(B) Leaf spring
(C) Air spring
(D) Torsion spring

10. The tilt of the vehicle wheels from the vertical :
(A) Camber
(B) Castor
(C) Kingpin inclination
(D) Combined angle

11. The ratio between side force sustained to the slip angle is :
(A) Cornering power
(B) Slip ratio
(C) Side ratio
(D) Steering ratio

12. The ratio of tyre section height to the tyre section width :
(A) Ply rate
(B) Aspect ratio
(C) Tyre ratio
(D) None of these

13. The process of filling air m tyre is :
(A) Inflation
(B) Deflation
(C) Cracking
(D) None of these

14. The type of wheel which cannot be used with a tubeless tyre :
(A) Disc wheel
(B) Alloy wheel
(C) Wire wheel
(D) None of these

15. The heart of the hydraulic brake system is –
(A) Wheel cylinder
(B) Master cylinder
(C) Adjuster
(D) Brake pedal

16. The process of removing air from hydraulic system is :
(A) Brake adjustment
(B) Brake bleeding
(C) Wheel alignment
(D) Brake alignment

17. Which of the following brake cannot stop the vehicle like a service brake ?
(A) Engine exhaust brake
(B) Air brake
(C) Bendix hydromax brake
(D) Disc brake

18. Full form of ABS which is used in vehicle is :
(A) Absolute Braking System
(B) Always Better Service
(C) Anti-lock Braking System
(D) None of these

19. The instrument which shows the distance travelled by the vehicle is :
(A) Speedometer
(B) Tachometer
(C) Odometer
(D) Lactometer

20. Air bay used in a car is:
(A) storage of air
(B) storage of oxygen
(C) for protection of passenger
(D) for air brake

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21. The tool used to finish a previously drilled hole is :
(A) Grinder
(B) Reamer
(C) Tap and die
(D) Tube cutter

22. Which of the following is an external combustion engine ?
(A) Petrol engine
(B) Diesel engine
(C) Steam engine
(D) Gas engine

23. The process of removing exhaust gas from the engine cylinder is :
(A) Scavenging
(B) Compression
(C) Engine slap
(D) Scuffing

24. Mechanical efficiency of an engine is :

25. The sound produced due to the excess clearance between piston and cylinder during cold starting :
(A) Knocking
(B) Piston slap
(C) Humming
(D) Piston scuffing

26. The distance between center line of crankpin and main journal axis is :
(A) Crank throw
(B) Valve clearance
(C) Eccentricity
(D) Normal clearance

27. Which of the following valve is used in automobile engine ?
(A) Poppet valve
(B) Rotary valve
(C) Sleeve valve
(D) None of these

28. The ratio of RPM of crankshaft to the RPM of camshaft is :
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 0.5
(D) 3

29. Which of the following is used to measure level of lubricating oil in the oil sump :
(A) Oil pressure gauge
(B) Dipstick
(C) Warning light
(D) Timing light

30. The amount of heat energy produced during complete combustion of 1 kg of fuel is termed as :
(A) Knocking rate
(B) Specific heat
(C) Calorific value
(D) Sensible heat

31. Multi Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) is used in:
(A) Diesel engine
(B) Petrol engine
(C) Steam engine
(D) None of these

32. The amount of voltage required to produce spark in SI engine is termed as :
(A) Medium voltage
(B) Brake down voltage
(C) Standard voltage
(D) Threshold voltage

33. To reduce emission of unburned hydrocarbon in the automobile exhaust gas combustion chamber is designed as :
(A) Spherical
(B) Hemispherical
(C) Conical
(D) Cubical

34. The colour of positive plate in Lead acid battery is –
(A) Chocolate brown
(B) Grey
(C) White
(D) Red

35. The device used to convert AC current in the armature coil to DC current is :
(A) Yoke
(B) Commutator
(C) Contact breaker
(D) Ballast resistor

36. The instrument used to test short circuit between armature winding in starting motor or dynamo is :
(A) Growler
(B) Multimeter
(C) High rate discharge tester
(D) Stroboscope

37. The volume between TDC and BDC in a single cylinder engine is :
(A) Stroke volume
(B) Swept volume
(C) Total volume
(D) Both (A) and (B)

38. Total number of gears in a differential is :
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 6

39. In petrol engine the unit which mix petrol and air is:
(A) Carburettor
(B) Fuel pump
(C) Injector
(D) Governor

40. Spark plug is used in:
(A) SI engine
(B) Cl engine
(C) Steam engine
(D) All of the above

41. Which of the following factor/factors depends upon tyre life ?
(A) Inflation
(B) Driving style/method
(C) Troubles of vehicle
(D) All of the above

42. Tread cracking of a tyre may be due to:
(A) Overloading
(B) Over inflation
(C) Under inflation
(D) All of the above

43. The cross section of connecting rod is :
(A) I section
(B) L section
(C) D section
(D) T section

44. Cam shaft is not required in:
(A) 4 stroke petrol engine
(B) 4 stroke diesel engine
(C) Two stroke engine
(D) None of these

45. To reduce the noise, engine exhaust is connected to the,
(A) Muffler
(B) Catalytic converter
(C) Supercharger
(D) Turbocharger

46. The lubrication system used in sports car is :
(A) Petroil system
(B) Pressure system
(C) Dry sump system
(D) Splash system

47. The main constituent of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is :
(A) Methane
(B) Ethane
(C) Butane
(D) Propane

48. The reason for the wide use of Aluminium alloy piston is :
(A) Low weight
(B) High thermal conductivity
(C) Increased cooling efficiency
(D) All of the above

49. Working principle of flywheel in engine is :
(A) Moment of inertia
(B) Pascal law
(C) Venturi principle
(D) Charles law

50. All the gears in the differential are :
(A) Spur gear
(B) Helical gear
(C) Bevel gear
(D) Double helical gear