Biology Questions and Answers for Examination | Biology Quiz MCQ

Environmental Issues

1. During waste water treatment, trickling filter is used for- A. primary treatment B. secondary aerobic treatment C. secondary anaerobic treatment D. tertiary treatment 2. Who proved that blends of polyblend (plastic waste) and bitumen, when used to lay roads, enhanced the bitumen’s water repellent properties and helped to increase road life? A. Amrita Devi

Biodiversity and Conservation

1. When both flora and fauna are conserved at the same place without any type of human intervention the conservation area is called— A. Biosphere Reserve B. Wildlife Sanctuary C. National Park D. Zoological Parks 2. When is the biodiversity day celebrated? A. 5th June B. 1st July C. 22nd May D. 8th March 3.


1. Which ecosystem has the maximum biomass? A. Forest ecosystem B. Grassland ecosystem C. Pond ecosystem D. Lake ecosystem 2. The primary producers of the deep-sea hydrothermal vent ecosystem are— A. green algae B. chemosynthetic bacteria C. blue-green algae D. coral reefs 3. The term ecosystem was coined by— A. E. Haeckel B. E. Warming

Organisms and Populations

1. Presence of plants arranged into well defined vertical layers depending on their height can be seen in— A. Tropical Savannah B. Tropical Rain Forest C. Grassland D. Temperate Forest 2. Asymptote in a logistic growth curve is obtained when— A. The value of ‘r‘ approaches zero B. K = N C. K > N

Biotechnology and its Application

1. Consumption of which one of the following foods can prevent the kind of blindness associated with vitamin ‘A’ deficiency? A. ‘Flavr Savr’ tomato B. Canolla C. Golden rice D. Bt-brinjal 2. RNA interferences is essential for the- A. cell proliferation B. cell defence C. cell differentiation D. micropropagation 3. Tobacco plants resistant to a

Biotechnology Principles and Processes

1. The enzyme used to join the fragments of DNA during the process of replication is- A. DNA polymerase B. DNA ligase C. Endonuclease D. helicase 2. Bacteria protect themselves from viruses by fragmenting viral DNA upon entry with— A. Methylase B. Endonucleases C. Ligases D. exonucleases 3. The enzyme used for the purpose of

Microbes in Human Welfare Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following in sewage treatment removes suspended solids? A. Tertiary treatment B. Secondary treatment C. Primary treatment D. Sludge treatment 2. Which of the following is correctly matched for the product produced by them? A. Acetobacter aceti : Antibiotics B. Methanobacterium : Lactic acid C. Penicillium notatum : Acetic acid D. Sacchromyces

Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

1. Artificial selection to obtain cows yielding higher milk output represents— A. stabilizing selection as it stabilizes this B. character in the population. C. directional as it pushes the mean of the character in one direction D. disruptive as it splits the population into two, one yielding higher output and the other lower output. E.

Human Health and Disease

1. MALT constitute about _____________ percent of the lymphoid tissue in human body. A. 50% B. 20% C. 70% D. 10% 2. Transplantation of tissues/organs fails often due to non-acceptance by the patient’s body. Which type of immune-response is responsible for such rejections? A. Autoimmune-response B. Cell-mediated immune response C. Hormonal immune response D. Physiological

Evolution Questions and Answers

1. Find the mis-match from the following pairs— A. Natural selection ——> Industrial melanism B. Divergent evolution —> Thorn of Bougainvillia and tendril of Cucurbita C. Genetic drift —> constant gene frequency D. Adaptive radiation —> Australian marsupials 2. Which one of the following is reptilian ancestor of birds? A. Hesperornis B. Ichthyornis C. Archaeopteryx