Botany SSC Question Papers

1. Which of the following element plays an important role in nitrogen fixation ?
(1) Mo
(2) Mn
(3) Zn
(4) Cu

2. Name the multiple degradative strain “Super bug” created by Chakrabarty and co-workers :
(1) Pseudomonas aeruginosa
(2) Bacillus subtilis
(3) Pseudomonas putida
(4) Bacillus cereus A

3. Which committee should be constituted by all institutions handling genetically engineered micro-organisms, plants or animals in India for reviewing, approving & monitoring all projects ?
(1) Genetic Engineering Approval Committee
(2) Institutional Biosafety Committee
(3) Review Committee for genetic manipulations
(4) Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee

4. A gene present on a different locus which suppresses the activity of another gene is known as
(1) Epistatic
(2) Supplementary
(3) Hypostatic
(4) Co-dominant

5. With respect to RAPD primer which of the following is not correct ?
(1) 10 bases long
(2) G/C rich
(3) Random sequences are used.
(4) Co-dominant

6. Which one of the following is a co-factor in reactions mediated by Hexokinases ?
(1) Mg2+
(2) NADT
(3) ATP
(4) Acetyl Co-enzyme-A

7. The technique which allows simultaneous profiling of the activity of all the genes in an organism or cell type is called
(1) DNA microarrays technique
(2) Gel filtration
(3) Atomic force microscope
(4) Genetic map

8. Which of the following is a measure of the kinetics of an enzyme reaction ?
(1) Isoelectric point
(2) Michaelis-Menten constant
(3) Active transport
(4) Equilibrium constant

9. While doing research, what will be the correct sequence followed for any statistical method to be applied ?
A. Conclusion
B. Tabulation
C. Data Collection
D. Analysis
Codes :
(1) A, C, D, B
(2) B, D, C, A
(3) C, B, D, A
(4) C, B, A, D

10. Which of the following molecule connects glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle ?
(1) Citric acid
(2) Oxalo acetic acid
(3) Acetyl CoA
(4) Succinyl CoA

11. In 1914 who coined the term heterosis ?
(1) Dr.G.H.Shull
(2) N.I. Vavilov
(3) M.S. Swaminathan
(4) Dr. B.P. Pal

12. Which one of the following categories of enzymes converts triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids ?
(1) Ligases
(2) Isomerase
(3) Lipase
(4) Transferases

13. Error-free repair of double- strands breaks in DNA is accomplished by
(1) Photo reactivation
(2) Base excision repair
(3) Homologous recombination
(4) Mismatch repair

14. Which of the following pairs functions as mobile electron carriers in Electron Transport Chain in Mitochondria ?
(1) Ubiquinone and Cytochrome c
(2) NADH and FMN
(3) NADPH and FADH
(4) Cytochrome a and Ay

15. Peter Dennis Mitchell, a British biochemist was awarded the 1978 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for
(1) C, cycle
(2) Chemiosmotic theory
(3) Photophosphorylation
(4) Crassulacean-acid Metabolism

16. Which of the following is not a second messenger ?
(1) Calcium ion
(2) Magnesium ion
(3) DAG
(4) IP3

17. Identify the order of genes on a chromosome on the basis of the given gene frequencies between genes : a, b, c and d.
a—c=2% b—c=138%
b—d=4% a—b=15%
c-d=17% a—d=19%
(1) a d b e
(2) d b a c
(3) a b c d
(4) a c b d

18. Which one of the following proteins acts both as an activator and repressor of transcription ?
(1) cI protein
(2) N protein
(3) c II protein
(4) Q protein

19. Which one of the following technique is not used in physical mapping of genomes ?
(1) DNA chip technology
(2) Fluorescence in situ hybridization
(3) Genomic in situ hybridization
(4) Restriction mapping

20. A statistical measure used to determine the strength and the direction of the relationship. between two variables X and Y is called
(1) Partial correlation
(2) Simple correlation
(3) Multiple correlation
(4) Ratio

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21. Which of the following DNA sequences are located upstream of transcription initiation sites in E. coli ?
(1) Hogness box
(2) Pribnow box
(3) CAAT box
(4) MADS box

22. The Coupling and Repulsion hypothesis was putforth by
(1) W. Bateson
(2) L.W. Sharp
(3) T.H. Morgan
(4) C.B. Bridges

23. Root pressure can be measured by
(1) Cobalt chloride method
(2) Bell-jar experiment
(3) Manometer
(4) Potometer

24. In plants presence of characters such as dichogamy, self-incompatibility, heterostyly and male sterility will promote
(1) Apomixis
(2) Self-pollination
(3) Cross-pollination
(4) Vegetative reproduction

25. MS medium is supplemented with which of the following pair of growth regulators to induce root and shoot differentiation
(1) Abscisic acid and Gibberellin
(2) Gibberellin and IAA
(3) Auxin and Cytokinin
(4) Auxin and Ethylene

26. Chloroplast in plants is associated with
(1) Respiration
(2) Photorespiration
(3) Gluconeogenesis
(4) Alternate oxidase pathway

27. Under which of the following condition photosystem-II oxidizes plastoquinol faster, resulting in an increase in plastoquinone concentrations ?
(1) In shade with more blue light
(2) In shade with more red light
(3) In bright sunlight with more blue light
(4) In bright sunlight with more red light.

28. Which of the following enzyme of Glyoxysomes converts H2O2 to H2O and O2 ?
(1) Citrate synthetase
(2) Dipeptidase
(3) Catalase
(4) ATP synthetase

29. Which one of the method is popularly used to determine the viability of cultured cells in suspension cultures ?
(1) Nurse tissue technique
(2) Micro chamber technique
(3) Pasteurization
(4) Fluorescein Diacetate method

30. In plant cells, the site of β-oxidation is
(1) Mitochondria and Peroxisomes
(2) Peroxisomes and Glyoxysomes
(3) Chloroplast and Mitochondria
(4) Ribosome and Golgi bodies

31. Which one of the following is a commercial application of auxin ?
(1) As herbicides
(2) Prevent precocious germination
(3) Hastens fruit ripening
(4) As growth retardant

32. Which one of the following is not used for presentation of data ?
(1) Line diagram
(2) Sampling
(3) Bar diagram
(4) Pie diagram

33. If the flux of a substance across a cell membrane is directly proportional to its concentration gradient, the transport process is called
(1) Osmosis
(2) Carrier-mediated transport
(3) Active transport
(4) Diffusion

34. Which one of the following pair is of long day plants ?
(1) Pisum sativum and Cucumis sativus
(2) Beta vulgaris and Triticum aestivum
(3) Glycine max and Chenopodium rubrum
(4) Xanthium strumarium and Zea mays

35. A genetic mutation caused by the addition or deletion of any number of nucleotides, other than three or multiples of three in a DNA sequence is a
(1) Reverse mutation
(2) Suppressor mutation
(3) Frameshift mutation
(4) Missense mutation

36. RNA’ molecules, capable of catalyzing a chemical reaction such as self-splicing are known as
(1) Lysosomes
(2) Ribosomes
(3) Ribozymes
(4) Isozymes

37. When a chromosome rearrangement involves no change in the amount of genetic material, but only in the order of genes, it is called
(1) Translocation
(2) Position effect
(3) Gene conversion
(4) Deletion

38. Puzzling relationship between the amount of DNA in eukaryotic genomes, the morphological complexity of organisms, and the number of proteins that are synthesized is called
(1) Central Dogma
(2) c-DNA technology
(3) c-Value paradox
(4) Genetic drift

39. Which one of the following is not a direct gene transfer method ?
(1) Electroporation
(2) PEG-mediated transformation
(3) Biolistics
(4) Agrobacterium mediated transformation

40. Addition of which of the following substance is essential for both isolation and culture of protoplasts to prevent their rupture ?
(1) Growth regulators
(2) Agar-agar
(3) Osmoticum
(4) Enzymes

41. Pyrethrin is extracted from the dried flowers of
(1) Tagetes erecta
(2) Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium
(3) Rosa sp.
(4) Zinnia elegans

42. Maximum condensation of eukaryotic chromosome takes place during which stage of mitotic division ?
(1) Interphase
(2) Metaphase
(3) Anaphase
(4) Telophase

43. Which one of the following microscopes would you use to visualize a chromosome hybridized with fluorescent DNA or RNA probes ?
(1) Scanning electron microscope
(2) Differential interference contrast microscope
(3) Phase contrast microscope
(4) Fluorescence microscope

44. A genome-wide snapshot of an organism’s chromosome which also gives us information about chromosomal abnormalities is known as
(1) Population genetics
(2) Karyotyping
(3) Pedigree analysis
(4) Standard error

45. The degree to which the individual values of the variate scatter away from the average or the central value is called
(1) Mean
(2) Dispersion
(3) t-test
(4) Critical value

46. The relationship between the independent variable X and the dependent variable Y can be expressed in a mathematical form known as
(1) Regression equation
(2) Probability
(3) Distribution patterns
(4) Standard deviation

47. Human genome sequencing project involved the construction of genomic library using
(1) pBR 322
(2) Cosmid
(3) pUC
(4) Bacterial artificial chromosome

48. Which one of the following has released “The Indian Recombinant DNA safety Guidelines and Regulations” in India ?
(1) European Commission
(2) The Ministry of Environment and Forests
(3) Department of Biotechnology
(4) Food and Drug Administration Department