Cardiology Practice Set

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Cardiology Practice Set

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Practice Set Exam on Cardiology

1. Hemodynamic changes during pregnancy does not include
(1) Increase Cardiac output
(2) Increase peripheral vascular resistance
(3) Increased Heart rate
(4) Increased blood volume

2. Pregnancy is contraindicated in
(1) Severe MR
(2) Severe AR
(3) Severe AS
(4) Severe TR

3. Risk factors for Peri-partum cardiomyopathy are all except
(1) White race
(2) Increased age
(3) Multiparity
(4) Pre-eclampsia

4. Regarding hypertension during pregnancy, false is
(1) HELLP syndrome can be a manifestation of Pre-eclampsia/eclampsia
(2) Gestational hypertension is when hypertension is detected after 20 weeks of pregnancy
(3) Chronic hypertension is defined as hypertension detected anytime during pregnancy
(4) Gestational hypertension can progress to Pre-eclampsia/eclampsia in 25% cases

5. Regarding Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP) in females with heart disease, false is
(1) Increases risk of venous thrombo-embolism
(2) Increases risk of hypertension, dyslipidemia and IHD
(3) Increased risk in females with age >40 years
(4) Progesterone only pills are equally risky

6. Hemodynamic alteration in hypothyroidism include
(1) Increase SVR
(2) Increase HR
(3) Increase CO
(4) Increase Blood volume

7. Regarding AF in hyperthyroidism, false is
(1) Prevalence of AF can be as high as 20%
(2) Can be the first symptom of hyperthyroidism
(3) Beta blockers are drug of choice
(4) Anticoagulation with VKA/DOAC is almost always indicated

8. True regarding Ticagrelor associated dyspnoea is all except
(1) Can be seen in as many as 15% patients
(2) Usually starts late after initiating Ticagrelor
(3) Usually self-limited
(4) Adenosine induced

9. Vorapaxar is
(1) Gp lb/llla inhibitor
(2) Factor Xa inhibitor
(3) PAR-1 inhibitor
(4) Direct thrombin inhibitor

10. Features of Heparin induced thrombocytopenia includes all except
(1) Usually occur after 5-14 days of Starting heparin
(2) Venous thrombosis is more common than arterial thrombosis
(3) Bivalirudin or Fondaparinux can be given as an alternative to Heparin
(4) Platelet transfusion has a key role in management

11. Regarding Kawasaki disease, true all except
(1) Most common in age > 5 years
(2) Can be associated with fever, conjunctivitis, skin peeling and lymphadenopathy
(3) Can cause coronary artery aneurysm as well as stenosis
(4) Treatment in acute phase is Aspirin and IVIG

12. False statement regarding Atrial myxoma is
(1) Usually pedunculated, attached to free wall of LA
(2) Female preponderance
(3) Commonly asymptomatic
(4) Recurrence rate of 5-14%

13. ECG abnormality in Sub Arachnoid Haemorrhage (SAH) include all except
(1) T wave inversion
(2) QJ prolongation
(3) AV blocks
(4) Pathological Q waves

14. Cardiac and Renal involvement secondary to systemic disease is
(1) Type I CRS
(2) Type II CRS
(3) Type IV CRS
(4) Type VCRS

15. CIN can be prevented by all the following measures except
(1) Pre-procedural hydration
(2) Use of lohexol over lodixanol
(3) Limiting the dose of contrast media
(4) Trans radial access over transfemoral access

16. Valsalva manoeuvre false is
(1) Phase I increase in BP
(2) Phase II decrease in BP
(3) Phase III increase in BP
(4) Phase IV overshoot in BP

17. All of following are true about Carotid Sinus Hypersensitivity except
(1) More frequent in females
(2) Rarely seen in younger than 50 years of age
(3) Baroreceptor sensitivity reduces with age
(4) More commonly seen in patients with unexplained syncope

18. Target INR for a patient with metallic Mitral prosthesis will be
(1) 1.5-2.0
(2) 2.0-2.5
(3) 2.5-3.5
(4) 3.5-4.5

19. Direct Oral Anti Coagulants (DOAC) are contraindicated in
(1) Non-valvular AF
(2) Thromboprophylaxis in orthopedic surgery
(3) Treatment of DVT
(4) Anticoagulation in metallic heart valve

20. Initial reperfusion strategy of thrombolysis can be used over primary PCI in
(1) Patient with high risk of Bleeding
(2) Door to needle time >120 minute
(3) Presence of Cardiogenic shock
(4) Patient presented after 12 hours of symptoms

Practice Set MCQs
Quiz Questions and Answers

21. Regarding heart failure in women, all are true except-
(1) Diastolic dysfunction is less common
(2) More in elderly
(3) More commonly misdiagnosed
(4) Presents with more disability compare to males with equivalent LVEF

22. Peculiarity of CAD in Indian subcontinent is
(1) Largely subclinical disease
(2) Symptom of CHD arises 5-10 years earlier than in western countries
(3) Predominantly driven by conventional dyslipidaemia
(4) Prevalence is more in rural area than urban areas

23. Not a positive risk factor for 1st episode of MI in INTERHEART study :
(1) Mental stress
(2) Tobacco
(3) Physical inactivity
(4) Moderate alcohol intake

24. Sensitivity of a test is high if it detects more
(1) True positive
(2) False positive
(3) True negative
(4) False negative

25. Regarding hs-CRP, pick false Statement :
(1) A strong risk factor for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
(2) A value > 8-10 me/litre reflects high chances of CAD
(3) Statins, particularly rosuvastatin has shown to reduce hs-CRP
(4) Marker of high risk for acute coronary syndrome

26. DASH diet includes all except
(1) More fruits and vegetable
(2) More beans and nuts
(3) Fewer carbohydrates
(4) More dairy products

27. High intensity statin therapy is
(1) Atorvastatin 20 mg
(2) Simvastatin 20 mg
(3) Rosuvastatin 20 mg
(4) Pravastatin 20 mg

28. In NSTEMI initial antiplatelet strategy in emergency department should not include
(1) Non-enteric coated chewable Aspirin 162-325 mg
(2) Clopidogrel 300 mg
(3) Ticagrelor 180 mg
(4) Prasugrel 60 mg

29. In a patient of acute aortic dissection, CT aortography revealed dissection flap limited to ascending aorta. This can be classified as
(1) DeBakey Type I
(2) DeBakey Type II
(3) DeBakey Type III
(4) Stanford Type B

30. Rest and nocturnal pain in a case of PVD classify the patient to which Fontaine class ?
(1) I
(2) IIb
(3) III
(4) IV

31. Provocation of Brugada syndrome is seen by all except-
(1) Flecainide
(2) Ajmaline
(3) Procainamide
(4) Amiodarone

32. Regarding CYP2C19 mutation in context with clopidogrel resistance.
Choose the false statement :
(1) Loss of function mutation
(2) Associated with decrease responsiveness to Prasugrel and Ticagrelor also
(3) Associated with increased risk of adverse clinical events
(4) Co-administration with Omeprazole, another CYP2C19 inhibitor, has no clinical significance

33. All the following are linked with potassium Channel except-
(1) LQT-1
(2) SQT-1
(3) CPVT-1
(4) LOT-2

34. LQTS following are true except-
(1) LQT3 is provoked by exercise
(2) Competitive sports contra indicated
(3) Stress can increase QT
(4) Can cause sudden death

35. Brugada Syndrome is-
(1) X recessive
(2) Autosomal dominant
(3) X Dominant
(4) Autosomal recessive

36. Most cases of familial DCMP are
(1) Autosomal Recessive
(2) Autosomal dominant
(3) X linked Recessive
(4) X linked Dominant

37. Herceptin (Trastuzumab) cardiotoxicity is mediated by
(1) ERB B2
(2) PPAR a
(3) BMPR 2
(4) Dopamine 2

38. Regarding Down syndrome false Statement is
(1) Trisomy 21
(2) Mutation in NOTCH-I
(3) Most common cardiac abnormality is AV canal defect
(4) More early and more severe Pulmonary vascular disease

39. Regarding Prothrombin gene mutation false is
(1) Most common thrombophilic disorder
(2) Increase level of Prothrombin
(3) Risk for venous thrombosis
(4) Prevalence is lower in Asian in comparison to white population

40. Regarding fascicular VT, all are true except
(1) Anises from left fascicle
(2) Shows entrainment
(3) Adenosine responsive
(4) RF Ablation is effective

41. Choose the wrong combination :
(1) ROCKET-AF – Rivaroxaban
(2) ARISTOTLE – Acenocoumarol (Nicoumalone)
(3) RE-LY – Dabigatran
(4) PROTECT-AF – LAA closure

42. Most common target for RF ablation of atrial fibrillation include
(1) Pulmonary veins
(2) Tricuspid annulus
(3) Inter-atrial septum
(4) Isthmus

43. Epidemiology of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). false is
(1) Dual peaks- 1st year of life and 45-75 years
(2) More common in females, with a female to male ratio 2:1
(3) More common in blacks than whites
(4) Heredity can play an important role

44. TAME trial was related with
(1) IVUS
(2) FFR
(3) OCT
(4) LM intervention

45. Risk factor for aortic aneurysm include all except
(1) Marfan syndrome
(2) Bicuspid aortic valve
(3) Hyperhomocysteinemia
(4) Hypertension