Change the Sentences into Interrogative

Change the Sentences into Interrogative Exercise

1. She is a great fool.

2. Men cannot live without friends.

3. We are not sent to the world just to make money.

4. You know me.

5. We are going to have an ice cream.

6. You should call me once in your crisis.

7. Tina blurted out everything and thus the secret was revealed.

8. The scene is very beautiful.

9. The cat caught the mouse.

10. Everybody watched Pather Panchali.

11. We won.

12. He has done enough for me.

13. I like to walk with my uncle in the evening.

14. Her brother was crying loudly.

15. We know each other well.

16. My sister cried when my mother scolded.

17. No one can live without hope.

18. We consider Swagata intelligent.

19. He wants to buy new hats.

20. Bunty played a prank in school.

21. You want that Barli.

22. This kind of dress can be worn in college.

23. It is very cold outside.

24. I don’t like to watch TV.

25. We shall reach late.

26. It is raining outside.

27. You think I’m a fool.

28. Everybody wants to be happy.

29. There was such chaos in the classroom.

30. Grandfather feeds biscuits to crows everyday.

31. You get bored with the same work.

32. The boy hurt himself in the football match.

33. His sister has a very nice smile.

34. The teacher wants to know your reason for being late.

35. He was terribly unhappy as his mother was ill.

36. Both our brother and sister are also best friends like us.

37. Everybody loves kids.

38. You cannot forget those moments.

39. We can walk to school.

40. The ocean is deep.

41. He is a fool.

42. We are going to play.

43. We are not too old to go for trekking.

44. Tell me the procedure of making a wax model.

45. He has left for school.

46. You know about this book.

47. We will never forget these good days.

48. A soldier should not be afraid of death.

49. You never helped me in cooking.

50. The baby ate chocolates.

51. He is interested in social welfare.

52. None can lift the weight.

53. Neel left before I arrived.

54. Cheetahs run fast.

55. You caught the train.

56. No shark can stay in the pond.

57. He reads in Class X.

58. We should always put a lid on the pot.

59. I have a lot of work to do.

60. We cannot live without water.

61. Tuhinadri is knave.

62. Nobody had seen her smile.

63. My name is Rohit.

64. Everybody likes Suman for his politeness.

65. Disobeying the elders is bad.

66. Health is more important than wealth.

67. My mother can work very hard.

68. Their glory can never fade.

69. You have an idea about this.

70. Not many people can buy cars in India.

71. You should clean your room regularly.

72. No man has stepped on Mars yet.

73. None wants to be unhappy.

74. Every mother loves her child.

75. He takes the dog to walk.

76. I have a pair of blue shoes. of exist

77. They are going to the market.

78. The bus has left in time.

79. Everyone has watched ‘Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen’.

80. It is foolish to waste time in idleness.

81. Motu and Bhotlu often fight with each other.

82. We will be bore by the same work.

83. Man cannot live without friends.

84. You love her.

85. Everybody is coming to the party.

86. We should take our breakfast.

87. There is only one woman in that bus.

88. He was riding without wearing the helmet.

89. None can forget the childhood fun.

90. Riches cannot buy health.


1. Isn’t she a great fool ?

2. Can men live without friends ?

3. Are we sent to the to make money ?

4. Don’t you know me ?

5. Aren’t we going to have an ice cream ?

6. Shouldn’t you call me once in your crisis?

7. How was the secret revealed?

8. Isn’t the scene very beautiful ?

9. Didn’t the cat catch the mouse ?

10. Who hasn’t watched Pather Panchali?

11. Didn’t we win?

12. Hasn’t he done enough for me?

13. Don’t I like to walk with my uncle in the evening?

14. Was her brother crying loudly?

15. Didn’t we know each other well?

16. Who cried when my mother scolded ?

17. Who can live without hope ?

18. Don’t we consider Swagata intelligent ?

19. Doesn’t he want to buy new hats?

20. Where had Bunty played a prank?

21. Don’t you want that Barfi ?

22. Can this kind of dress be worn in college ?

23. Isn’t it very cold outside ?

24. What is it that I don’t like to watch?

25. Shall we not reach late?

26. Isn’t it raining outside ?

27. Do you think I am a fool ?

28. Who doesn’t want to be happy ?

29. What was there in the classroom?

30. What does grandfather feed to crows everyday?

31. Don’t you get bored with the same work?

32. Didn’t the boy hurt himself in the football match?

33. Doesn’t his sister have a very nice smile?

34. Who wants to know your reason for being late?

35. Why was he terribly unhappy?

36. Are our brother and sister too, best friends like us ?

37. Who doesn’t love kids?

38. Can you forget those moments ?

39. Can’t we walk to school?

40. Isn’t the ocean deep?

41. Isn’t he a fool ?

42. What are we going to do?

43. Are we too old to go for trekking ?

44. How is a wax model made?

45. For where has he left?

46. Don’t you know about this book ?

47. Will we ever forget these good days?

48. Who should not be afraid of death?

49. Did you ever help me in cooking?

50. What did the baby eat?

51. Isn’t he interested in social welfare?

52. Who can lift the weight?

53. Who left before I arrived?

54. Don’t cheetahs run fast?

55. Didn’t you catch the train?

56. Which shark can stay in the pond ?

57. In which class does he read?

58. Shouldn’t we always put a lid on the pot?

59. Have I not a lot of work to do?

60. Can we live without water ?

61. Who is knave ?

62. Who had not seen her smile?

63. What is my name ?

64. Why does everybody like Suman?

65. Is disobeying the elders not bad ?

66. Isn’t health more important than wealth?

67. Can’t my mother work very hard ?

68. Can their glory ever fade ?

69. Don’t you have an idea about this ?

70. Can many people buy cars in India?

71. Shouldn’t you clean your room regularly?

72. Has any man stopped on Mars yet?

73. Who wants to be unhappy?

74. Which mother doesn’t love her child ?

75. Doesn’t he take the dog to walk ?

76. Do I have a pair of blue shoes?

77. Where are they going?

78. Hasn’t the bus left in time ? Jesrigin

79. Who hasn’t watched ‘Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen’?

80. Isn’t it foolish to waste time in idleness?

81. Do Motu and Bhotlu always fight with each other?

82. Won’t we be bored by the same work ?

83. How can man live without friends?

84. Don’t you love her?

85. Who is not coming to the party?

86. Shouldn’t we take our breakfast ?

87. Isn’t there only one woman in that bus?

88. Wasn’t he riding without wearing the helmet?

89. Who can forget the childhood fun ?

90. Can riches buy health?