Changing Passive to Active Voice Quiz

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Changing Passive to Active Voice Quiz

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Quiz on Changing Passive to Active Voice

1. Are some flowers being plucked by them?

2. By whom is she taught Bengali?

3. Can their duties be performed easily by them?

4. Fire is worshipped by the Jews,

5. Glory for the motherland should be brought by them.

6. Has a nice decision been taken by them?

7. Has our proposal been rejected by him?

8. Has the bell been rung by the peon?

9. Haven’t the crops been ruined by the rain?

10. He is being held by the CBI for further questioning.

11. Is the letter being written by him?

12. Isn’t the noise being made by the children?

13. Lessons are being given by her in vernacular.

14. Let him be given the chance to say whatever he likes.

15. Let hundred rupees be given to him.

16. Let this bird be flown.

17. Many books were donated to the library by people. F

18. Money has been taken by someone from my wallet.

19. Only vegetarian food is taken by her.

20. Potatoes are being boiled by Miss Suzan at the moment.

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21. Shakuntala was written by Kalidasa.

22. Shall we be laughed at by everyone?

23. Such cruelty cannot be tolerated by anybody.

24. The blind man was helped to cross the road by the good Samaritan.

25. The books will be delivered by Subrata.

26. The cake was eaten by the children.

27. The event was reported by the newspaper immediately.

28. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Prime Minister.

29. The new theatre will be opened by the Chief Minister today.

30. The students were informed by the clerk that the exam will be start on Monday.

31. The ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign has been launched by the Prime Minister.

32. The tiger was killed by the hunter.

33. The truth was told by Dinesh.

34. The writing has not been finished by the author.

35. Was a good dream dreamt for the nation by him?

36. Was a remarkable discovery made by him?

37. We are made slaves of our habits.

38. Wine is drunk by people on Christmas.

39. Wisdom is preferred by rich people.


1. Are they plucking some flowers?

2. Who teaches her Bengali?

3. Can they perform their duties easily?

4. The Jews worship fire.

5. They should bring glory for the motherland.

6. Have they taken a nice decision?

7. Has he rejected our proposal?

8. Has the peon rung the bell?

9. Has the rain not ruined the crops?

10. The CBI is holding him for further questioning.

11. Is he writing a letter?

12. Aren’t the children making the noise?

13. She is giving lessons in vernacular.

14. Give him the chance to say whatever he likes.

15. Give him hundred rupees.

16. Fly this bird.

17. People donated many books to the library.

18. Someone has taken money from my wallet.

19. She takes only vegetarian food.

20. Miss Suzan is boiling potatoes at the moment.

21. Kalidasa wrote Shakuntala.

22. Will everyone laugh at us?

23. Nobody can tolerate such cruelty.

24. The good Samaritan helped the blind man to cross the road.

25. Subrata will deliver the books.

26. The children ate the cake.

27. The newspaper reported the event immediately.

28. The Prime Minister inaugurated the exhibition.

29. The Chief Minister will open the new theatre today.

30. The clerk informed the students that the exam will start on Monday.

31. The Prime Minister has launched the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign.

32. The hunter killed the tiger.

33. Dinesh told the truth.

34. The author has not finished the writing.

35. Did he dream a good dream for the nation?

36. Did he make a remarkable discovery?

37. Our habits make us slaves.

38. People drink wine on Christmas.

39. Rich people prefer wisdom.