Community Medicine Previous Year Question Papers

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Community Medicine Previous Year Question Papers

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Previous Year Question Papers on Community Medicine

1) When a diagnostic test is used in “series” mode, then:
A) Sensitivity increases but specificity decreases
B) Specificity increases but sensitivity decreases
C) Both sensitivity and specificity increase
D) Both sensitivity and specificity decrease

2) Not required for chi square test
A) Null hypothesis
B) Degrees of freedom
C) Means in different group
D) Proportions in different group

3) Rabies vaccine for pre exposure prophylaxis is given at:
A) 0, 3, 7 days
B) 0, 3, 7, 14 days
C) 0, 3, 7, 14, 30 days
D) 0, 7, 28 days

4) Reverse cold chain is seen in:
A) Expired vaccine from PHC to manufactured
B) Carrying vaccine to periphery center
C) Testing for potency of vaccine
D) Stool specimen of polio send for testing

5) Screening for condition recommended when:
A) Low case fatality rate
B) Diagnostic tools not available
C) No effective treatment available
D) Early diagnosis can change disease course because of effective treatment

6) Screening test for Breast and Genital tract malignancy is:
A) CA – 125
B) Mammography
C) Office endometrial aspiration
D) Pap smear

7) Treatment of choice for diphtheria carriers is:
A) Erythromycin
B) Tetracycline
C) Penicillin

8) Which of the following is not true about influenza virus?
A) Influenza virus subject to frequent antigenic variations
B) Antigenic drift is a gradual antigenic change over a period of time
C) Antigenic shift is due to genetic recombination of virus
D) Major epidemics are due to antigenic drift

9) Uses of chandler’s index for Hookworm include all except
A) Assessment of endemicity
B) Monitoring of individual treatment
C) Monitoring mass treatment of community
D) Comparison of worm load in different population

10) Copper T with threads is visible in a case of early pregnancy. Treatment of choice is:
A) Remove CuT only
B) Suction evacuation with Copper-T removal
C) Reassurance and continue pregnancy
D) Laparotomy

11) Survey Education and treatment center (SET Centers) cover a population of:
A) 20 – 25000
B) 50000
C) 1 lakh
D) 4.5 lakh

12) What is the new change in National Program on Prevention and Control of Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases and Stroke?
A) Opportunistic screening
B) Awareness of lifestyle and behavior related diseases
C) Specialized units at Medical colleges
D) Integration with National Cancer Control Program

13) Transplantation of Human Organs Act was passed by Government of India In:
A) 1996
B) 1993
C) 1998
D) 1994

14) Casal’s Necklace is seen in deficiency of:
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B3
C) Vitamin B6
D) Vitamin D

15) Pasteurised milk is most commonly tested by:
A) Phosphatase test
B) Coliform test
C) Catalase test
D) Oxidase test

16) World Red cross day is observed on
A) 10 October
B) 8 September
C) 14 June
D) 8 May

17) Percentage of para-para isomer in DDT is
A) 70-80 %
B) 40-50 %
C) 60-70 %
D) 20-30 %

18) Most efficient anti larval measure to prevent urban malaria is :
A) Clean drainage and sewerage systems
B) Cover overhead tanks properly
C) Filling cesspools and ditches
D) Cover pits

19) True about inertization all except
A) Mixing biomedical waste with cement
B) Used for pharmaceutical waste
C) Contaminates water sources
D) Not useful for infectious waste

20) True about “Zero base budgeting” is :
A) Relies on data of previous budget
B) Proceeds from resources to target
C) Proceeds from targets to resource
D) Not a priority based budgeting

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21) Breast feeding week is celebrated on :
A) 1st week of march
B) 1st week of July
C) 1st week of august
D) 1st december

22) DALE has been replaced by:

23) Confounding can be eliminated by all except:
A) Matching
B) Blinding
C) Randomization
D) Multivariate analysis

24) Organism multiplying and developing in the host is called as:
A) Cyclopropagative
B) Cyclodevelopmental
C) Developmental
D) Propagative

25) Which of the following statements is true about BCG vaccinations:
A) Distilled water is used as diluent for BCG vaccine
B) The site for injection should be cleaned thoroughly with spirit
C) Mantoux test becomes positive after 18 hours of vaccination
D) WHO recommends Danish 1331 strain for vaccine production

26) Sputum is sterilized by all except:
A) Autoclaving
B) Boiling
C) Cresol
D) Chlorhexidine

27) Discovery of cholera by john snow was a:
A) Cohort study
B) Cross sectional study
C) Natural experiment study
D) Clinical trial

28) ‘Lead time’ refers to the time between:
A) Disease onset and first critical diagnosis
B) Disease onset and first possible point of detection
C) First possible point of detection and final critical point
D) First possible point of detection and usual time of diagnosis

29) The best indicator for level of air pollution –
A) H2
B) N2
C) CO2
D) SO2

30) Which of the following is not a part of National screening programmes?
A) Diabetes mellitus
B) Carcinoma cervix
C) Refractive errors
D) Dental caries

31) Which of the following is the ‘least common’ complication of measles?
A) Diarrhoea
B) Pnuemonia
C) Otitis media
D) Subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis

32) WHO criteria for high endemicity for Meningococal disease include:
A) 0.1%
B) 0.01%
C) 0.001%
D) 1.0%

33) A lactating woman has sputum positive Tuberclosis and her neonate child is 3 months old. What is the recommendedchemoprophylaxis ?
A) INH 3 mg /kg for 3 months
B) INH 5 mg /kg for 3 months
C) INH 3 mg /kg for 6 months
D) INH 5 mg /kg for 6 months

34) Most important in diagnosing Acute Hepatitis B is:
A) IgG Anti-HBc
B) IgM Anti-HBc
C) Anti-HBs
D) HBsAg

35) Which one of the following gives strong evidence of Typhoid fever carrier status:
A) Isolation of core antigen
B) Isolation of Vi antigen
C) Persistance of Vi antibodies
D) Demonstration of Typhoid bacilli in stools

36) Dengue virus appears to have a direct man-mosquito- man cycle in India. The mechanism of dengue virus survival in the inter-epidemic period is:
A) Non human reservoir
B) Dormant or latent phase in man
C) Transovarian transmission of the virus
D) Poor housekeeping by public

37) What are the number of holes in 1 square inch of mosquito net –
A) 150
B) 200
C) 250
D) 100

38) Organism that does not need vector for transmission:
A) Rickettsia prowazekii
B) Rickettsia ricketsii
C) Coxiella burnetti
D) Borrelia recurrentis

39) All of the following statements are true about clostridium tetani infection except:
A) Main reservoir is soil , animal intestine and human intestine
B) Main mode of transmission is through trauma and contaminated wound
C) Herd immunity does not have much value
D) Seen commonly in winter and dry climate

40) WHO stage IV HIV includes all except:
A) Toxoplasmosis
B) Pnuemocystis carinii
C) HIV Wasting syndrome
D) Oral thrush

41) Which one of the following is an Index of communicability of an infection:
A) Carrier rate
B) Prevalence rate
C) Secondary attack rate
D) Primary attack rate

42) The risk of developing oral cancer due to tobacco is:
A) 100%
B) 40%
C) 90%
D) 60%

43) Disease not included in Vision 2020, India is:
A) Cataract
B) Glaucoma
C) Diabetic Retinopathy
D) Onchocerciasis

44) Blindness rate in India due to refractive error is:
A) 62.6%
B) 19.7%
C) 0.8%
D) 6.2%

45) Under RNCTP diagnosis, TB bacilli take up AFB stain faster showing ‘Beaded Appearance’ due to :
A) Palmitic acid
B) Wax- D
C) Cord Factor
D) Mycolic acid

46) In Acute flaccid paralysis, examination for residual paralysis should be done:
A) 30 days
B) 60 days
C) 90 days
D) 120 days

47) Under National programme for control of blindness, district blindness control society is headed by:
A) District programme manager
B) District eye surgeon
C) District collector
D) District Health officer

48) Resource persons for training of ASHA:
A) Medical officer and ANM
B) Medical officer and Anganwadi worker
C) ANM and Anganwadi worker
D) Medical officer

49) Out of 8 goals mentioned in MDG, which goal is related to maternal health?
A) 1st
B) 3rd
C) 5th
D) 6th

50) Goals of national population policy are all except?
A) Decreased IMR to below 30/1000 live birth
B) Reduced MMR to below 100/10000 live births
C) Achieve 100% registration of births, deaths, marriage and pregnancy
D) Bring down TFR to replacement level by 2015