CRPF Staff Nurse Question Papers

CRPF Staff Nurse Question Papers Solved given here. Candidates who applied for Central Reserve Police Force Staff Nurse Recruitment can start preparing for Exam from now. We are providing you with the CRPF Dietician Old Question Papers. So, here we have given the Central Reserve Police Force Nursing Assistant Exam relevant material which is useful for the candidate to start their preparation.CRPF Staff Nurse Question Papers

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CRPF Staff Nurse Model Question

1. Which one of the following can precipitate an acute gouty arthritis?
(A) Emotional stress
(B) Lack of exercise
(C) Excess alcohol intake
(D) Excess smoking

2. The route of administration of Schick testis :
(A) Intramuscular
(B) Oral
(C) Intradermal
(D) Subcutaneous

3. Which of the following symptom after Abdominal-aortic aneurysm indicate retroperimneal-haemorrhage?
(A) Complaint of severe back pain
(B) Absence of peristaltic sounds
(C) Air bubbles in the Nasogastric drainage
(D) Chest discomfort

4. Colostrum contains all the following except :
(A) Antibodies
(B) Vitamin B12
(C) All fat soluble vitamins
(D) Proteins

5. Abnormal opening at the top of atrial septum having increased association with partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection is :
(A) Sinus venous ASD
(B) Ostium Primum ASD
(C) Tricuspid atresia
(D) Ostium secundum ASD

6. Which are the vaccines that must be stored in freezer compartment?
(A) Polio and BCG vaccine
(B) DPT and DT
(C) DPT and TT
(D) Polio and measles vaccines

7. Physiological jaundice in new born usually appear during :
(A) first 24 hrs.
(B) only after 72 hrs.
(C) 30 – 72 hrs.
(D) after 6 days

8. Symptomatic hyponatremia is managed by IV administration of:
(A) Dextrose saline
(B) 3% solution of NaCl
(C) Ringer lactate
(D) Normal saline

9. Which vitamin deficiency is common in association with INH therapy in tuberculosis?
(A) Riboflavin
(B) Thiamin
(C) Niacin
(D) Pyridoxin

CRPF Staff Nurse Previous Year Question Papers10. Which of the following is not a vaccine preventable disease?
(A) Meningo coccal meningitis
(B) Rheumatic fever
(C) Rotavirus diarrhea
(D) Japanes encephalitis

11. Among the following congenital heart disease, which one is Cyanotie?
(A) Truncus arteriosus
(B) Atrial septal defect
(C) Ventricular septal defect
(D) Atrio ventricular canal

12. ‘Flag sign’ is a non specific, but usual feature in :
(A) Scurvy
(B) Kwashiorkor
(C) Marasmus
(D) Pellagra

13. Vagolytic agents are given before general anaesthesia in major surgery. Most commonly used vagolytic agent is :
(A) Atropin sulphate
(B) Morphine sulphate
(C) Calcium gluconate
(D) Sodium bicarbonate

14. Normal CSF pressure is :
(A) 20 — 40 mm of H20
(B) 20 — 40 mm of Hg (C) 200-240 mm of H20
(D) 80- 180 mm of H20

15. Which of the following is not the classic Cushing’s triad changes in increased ICP?
(A) pulse deficite
(B) decreased pulse rate
(C) increased blood pressure
(D) widening of pulse pressure

16. Another name for atonic cerebral palsy is:
(A) Extra pyramidal cerebral palsy
(B) Cerebellar cerebral palsy
(C) Mixed type cerebral palsy
(D) Pyramidal cerebral palsy

17. Narcotics are not administered in patients with high cervical injury as they add risk of :
(A) Sedation
(B) increased ICP
(C) respiratory depression
(D) drug dependence

18. Maoewin’s sign is associated with:
(A) Hydrocephalus
(B) Meningocele
(C) Anencephaly
(D) Encephalopathy

19. Central venous pressure is a measurement of pressure within the:
(A) Aorta
(B) Superior vena cava
(C) Pulmonary artery
(D) Pulmonary veins

20. Excess growth hormone in adults result in : –
(A) Cushing’s syndrome
(B) Gigantism
(C) Dwarfism
(D) Acromegaly

Staff Nurse Syllabus

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CRPF Sub Inspector Previous Year Question

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CRPF Staff Nurse Old Question

The Central Reserve Police Force issued a notification for the Eligible candidates. According to the Notification CRPF has released to fill up the vacancies of Sub Inspector Staff Nurse Posts. Aspirants who are wishing to apply for this notification can apply on before the Last date.

People can get the complete details of Central Reserve Police Force Recruitment can get here. So download the provided CRPF Previous papers pdf from the below sections and make a perfect Preparation.

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