Defence and Strategic Studies Questions and Answers | MCQ Objective

Defence and Strategic Studies GK

1. The first Camp David Summit of 1959 was held between: (A) Kennedy and Khrushchev (B) Eisenhover and Khrushchev (C) Macmillan and Khrushchev (D) Kissinger and Khrushchev 2. The events as the Brandenburg Gate led to the: (A) Success of the solidarity party in Poland (B) Fall of the Berlin wall (C) German exodus into

Defence and Strategic Studies Mock Test

1. Which one of the following is considered the backbone of armaments ? (A) Military industrial complex (B) Foreign currency reserve (C) Strategic materials (D) Skilled labour 2. ‘Star war’ was the nick name for the older version of : (A) National missile defence (B) World Wide TV transmission (C) Inter-planetary radiation (D) Debris falling

Defence and Strategic Studies Old Question

1. ‘Salwa Judum’ Was part of a counter- insurgency operation which took place mainly in the state of: (A) Jharkhand (B) Chhattisgarh (C) Orissa (D) Maharashtra 2. Which one of the following is not an element of sea power according to A.T. Mahan? (A) Government policy to dominate the sea (B) Capability of Navy (C)

Defence and Strategic Studies Model Question Papers

1. Which of the following pairs is incorrect ? (A) G-15 Nations—Security Council Members (B) G-8 Nations—Developed and Industrial Nations (C) G-77 Nations—Developing Nations (D) ASEAN Nations—Group of South East Nations 2. Which of the following lines demarcates the boundary between India and Pakistan ? (A) Durand Line (B) MacMahon Line (C) Radclicff Line (D)

Defence and Strategic Studies Quiz

1. Where is the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre located ? (A) Dhaka (B) Bangkok (C) Kathmandu (D) Jakarta 2. A flash flood is a flood which : (A) Is caused by continuous heavy rain (B) Occurs only in urban areas (C) Occurs suddenly and unexpectedly and for a short duration (D) Is caused by blocking

Defence and Strategic Studies MCQs

1. Defence policy of a country aims at : (A) Maintaining International Peace (B) Safeguarding Territorial Integrity (C) Protecting National Image (D) Preserving Sovereignty 2. Who rules ……………….. commands the heartlands. Who rules the heartland, commands the World Islands. Who rules World Island commands the World ? (A) Western Russia (B) Western Europe (C) East