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Dental Questions for Interview

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Interview Questions for Dental Students

1. Buccinalor muscle is pierced by :
(A) Facial nerve
(B) Facial vein
(C) Facial artery
(D) Parotid duct

2. Para nasal sinuses are all EXCEPT:
(A) Maxillary sinus
(B) Mastoid air sinus
(C) Sphenoid sinus
(D) Elhmoid sinus

3. The middle meningeal artery‘ is a branch of :
(A) Maxiliaryartery
(B) Facial artery
(C) Ascending pharyngeal artery
(D) Superficial temporal artery

4. The spinal cord in adults ends at the level of :
(A) First lumbar vertebra
(B) Second lumbar vertebra
(C) Third lumbar vertebra
(D) Twelfth thoracicvertebra

5. Slapedius is supplied by :
(A) Mandibular nerve
(B) Glossopharyngeal nerve
(C) Occulomutor nerve
(D) Facial nerve

6. The nasolacrimal duct opens into :
(A) Superiormealus
(B) Middle meatus
(C) Hiatus semilunaris of middle meatus
(D) inferior meatus

7. Middle cerebral artery is a branch of :
(A) internal carotid artery
(B) Vertebral artery
(C) Basilar artery
(D) Subclavian artery

8. Peyer’s patches are seen in the :
(A) Stomach
(B) Duodenum
(C) Intestine
(D) Appendix

9. Tonsil develops from :
(A) I pharyngeal pouch
(B) II pharyngeal pouch
(C) III pharyngeal pouch
(D) IV pharyngeal pouch

10. Foramen caecum refers to opening of :
(A) Thyroglossal duct
(B) Ductus deferens
(C) Both of the above
(D) None of the above

11. Nerve fibre with the highest” velocity of conduction is :
(A) A-alpha
(B) A-beta
(C) A-gamma
(D) A-delta

12. In skeletal muscle calcium binding protein is
(A) Calmodulin
(B) Troponin C
(C) Troponin D
(D) Calbindin D

13. Cushing’s syndrome is associated with all of the following EXCEPT:
(A) Moon face
(B) Pendular atqdomen
(C) Poor wound healing
(D) Hypoglycemia

14. The final stage of synthesis of 1, 25-dihydroxycholecalciferol takes place in :
(A) Liver
(B) Kidney
(C) Bone marrow
(D) Spleen

15. Leydig cells in the testes secrete :
(A) Inhibin
(B) Testosterone
(C) Androgen Binding Protein
(D) Luteinizing hormone

16. The hormone involved in parturition is :
(A) Estrogen
(B) Progesterone
(C) Oxytocin
(D) Prolactin

17. In electrocardiogram ‘p’ wave is associated with :
(A) Atrial depolarization
(B) Ventricular depolarization
(C) Atrial repolarisation
(D) Ventricular repolarisaticn

18. Cyanosis is associated with :
(A) Anemia
(B) Histotoxic hypoxia
(C) Hypoxic hypoxia
(D) Carbon monoxide poisoning

19. Broca’s area is motor area for:
(A) Speech
(B) Memory
(C) Sleep
(D) Vision

20. Hypotonia occurs in lesion of:
(A) Basal ganglia
(B) Medulla
(C) Cerebellum
(D) Pons

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21. Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome” in premature infants is due to the deficiency of:
(A) Cephalin
(B) Lecithin
(C) Cardiolipin
(D) Plasmalogen

22. Plasma protein associated with oncolic pressure is :
(A) α-1 globulin
(B) Albumin
(C) α-2 globulin
(D) β-globulin

23. Which of the following has antioxidant property ?
(A) Vitamin K
(B) Vitamin B12
(C) Biotin
(D) Vitamin E

24. Which of the following is the active form of vitamin D ?
(A) Cholecalciferol
(B) 25-Hydroxycholecalciferol
(C) 1, 25-dihydroxycholecalciferol
(D) All of the above

25. Precursor of bile acid is :
(A) Cholesterol
(B) Free Fatty acids
(C) Acetyl CoA

26. Urea cycle operates in :
(A) Liver
(B) Kidney
(C) Brain
(D) All of the above

27. Maple syrup urine disease is related to metabolism of :
(A) Aromatic amino acids
(B) Branched chain amino acids
(C) Sulfur containing amino acids
(D) Histidine A

28. One of the following is a sulfur containing amino acid
(A) Valine
(B) Isoleucine
(C) Glutamine
(D) Cysteine

29. Gout is caused by increased production of:
(A) Urea
(B) Creatinine
(C) Uric acid
(D) Ammonia

30. Which of the following is an essential amino acid
(A) Oleic acid
(B) Palmitic acid
(C) Stearic acid
(D) Linoleic acid

31. Select a gaseous anaesthetic agent :
(A) Ether
(B) Diazepam
(C) Fentanyl
(D) Nitrous oxide

32. Ondansetron is :
(A) 5-HT agonist
(B) 5-HT antagonist
(C) Atypical anti-psychotic
(D) Anti-histaminic

33. Dangers of Penicillin include :
(A) Vomiting
(B) Diarrhea
(C) Hypersensitivity
(D) Renal damage

34. Select a second line drug for Tuberculosis :
(A) Azithromycin
(B) Isoniazid
(C) Streptomycin
(D) Pyrazinamide

35. Select a drug for anaerobic infection :
(A) Mebendazole
(B) Mezolastine
(C) Metronidazole
(D) Mustard seed

36. Hematuria is seen in over dosage of :
(A) Vitamin K
(B) Heparin
(C) Protamine
(D) Penicillin

37. Adrenergic bronchodilators are all EXCEPT :
(A) Salbutamol
(B) Salmeterol
(C) Formoterol
(D) Amphetamine

38. Carbonic-anhydrase inhibitor used in the treatment of Glaucoma is :
(A) Timolol
(B) Acetylcholine
(C) Acetazolamide
(D) Latanoprost

39. Ceterizine is an :
(A) Anti-asthmatic
(B) Anti-histaminic
(C) Anti-platelet drug
(D) Anti-adrenergic

40. Brqmhexine is a :
(A) Mucolytic
(B) Pharyngeal demulsoent
(C) Antitussive
(D) Bronchodilator

41. Programmed cell death is the term applied for :
(A) Apoptosis
(B) Gangrene
(C) Infarction
(D) Necrosis

42. Cell that predominates the inflammatory infiltrate in the first 6 to 24 hours :
(A) Eosinophils
(B) Basophils
(C) Neutrophils
(D) Lymphocytes

43. Which of the following is a stable cell?
(A) Hematopoietic cell
(B) Hepatocyte
(C) Intestinal epithelium
(D) Neuron

44. A manifestation of Thiamine deficiency is :
(A) Night blindness
(B) Xerophthalmia
(C) Dermatitis
(D) Psychosis

45. White infarct is seen in :
(A) Heart
(B) Lung
(C) Ovary
(D) intestine

46. Identify the tumor suppressor gene :
(A) Her2neu
(B) Ras
(C) MW
(D) P53

47. Gene for Human Leucocyte Antigen (HLA) is located on :
(A) Chromosome 1
(B) Chromosome 11
(C) Chromosome 6
(D) X chromosome

48. Bends and chokes is the characteristic of :
(A) Amniotic fluid embolism
(B) Fatembolism
(C) Air embolism
(D) Infective embolism

49. A preformed chemical mediator of inflammation is :
(A) Leukotrienc B4
(B) Prostaglandin E2
(C) Lipoxin A4
(D) Serotonin

50. Opsonins are essential for:
(A) Margination
(B) Transmigration
(C) Chemotaxis
(D) Phagocytosis

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Yes these are common interview questions for dental surgeon. All BDS or MDS can use these.

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