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1. The reason of preferring FETs to bipolar transistors in integrated circuits is that (a) they occupy very small space (b) it has become a tradition (c) fabrication of circuit is easy (d) it is cheaper 2. Out of the following devices, the fastest switching device is (a) JFET (b) BJT (c) MOSFET (d) Triode

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1. Transformer cores are laminated to reduce (a) eddy current loss (b) hysteresis loss (c) both hysteresis and eddy current loss (d) copper loss 2. The regulation of a transformer is negative when the load is (a) purely resistive (b) purely inductive (c) capacitive (d) regulation can never be negative 3. Distribution transformers preferably should

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1. The charge on an isolated conductor resides (a) At the conductor surface (b) Inside the conductor (c) Partly at the surface and partly inside the conductor (d) None of these 2. Dielectric strength of a material depends on (a) Temperature (b) Thickness (c) Moisture content (d) All of these 3. Electromagnetic waves may be

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1. The effect of increasing the length of air-gap in the induction motor will be increase the (a) Power factor (b) Speed (c) Magnetising current (d) Air gap flux 2. In 3ph induction motor, the rotor field rotates at synchronous speed with respect to (a) Stator (b) Rotor (c) Stator flux (d) None of these.