Electronics Engineering Questions and Answers | MCQ Objective

Mock Test on Diploma Electronics Engineering

1. Magnetic amplifier is used for amplification of (a) Voltage (b) Power (c) Current (d) frequency 2. In position control system the device, used for providing rate-feedback voltage is (a) Potentiometer (b) synchro-transmitter (c) synchro- transformer (d) tacho-generator 3. Which of the following is used to obtain output position in a position control system? (a)

Old Questions on Diploma Electronics Engineering

1. A CE amplifier has re=6Ω, β=100. The input impedance is (a) 6Ω (b) 98Ω (c) 100Ω (d) 600Ω 2. The most commonly used bias in BJT amplifier circuit is (a) voltage divider bias (b) emitter bias (c) collector bias (d) collector feedback bias 3. In a commercially available good power supply the voltage regulation