English Grammar Worksheet for Class 1

Fill in the blanks.

(a) ___________ love my school.

(b) We live in ____________.

(c) The _____________ is in India.

(d) Yolk is ________________.

(e) Leaf is ___________________.

Fill in the blanks with ‘a’ or ‘an’

(a) ______________ elephant

(b) _______________ tiger

(c) ______________ man

(d) _________ doll

(e) _____________egg

(f) ______________orange

(g) ______ goat

(h) __________ ass

(i) _______ football

(j) ____ igloo.

Make the sentences with the following words.

(a) Cup _____________________________

(b) Umbrella ____________________________

Fill in the blanks with the word given below.

[fly, sing, wings, beak, nests, migratory, food, miles, climate, shelter, friendly]

(a) Birds have _____________

(b) Birds eat with ________________

(c) Birds live in _____________

(d) Some birds can _________________

(e) Ostrich is a bird but it can not ______________

(f) Some birds fly many _________

(g) They fly for __________ and __________

(h) They fly to live in ______________ ___________

(i) They are _______________ birds.

Fill in the gaps with proper letters.

(a) T _ _ _ day

(b) T _ _ _ _ day

(c) N _ _ _ _ ber

(d) A _ _ _ _ t

Write plural forms of the following words.

(a) Foot ______

(b) Animal __________

(c) Tooth _______

(d) Nail ________

(e) Finger________

(f) Nose _____________

Find out the correct spelling.

(a) Soldeir / Soldier __________

(b) Collage / College ________

(c) Eagal ? Eagle _________

(d) Scool / School ___________

Write ‘True’ or ‘False’ in the following boxes.

(a) The eleventh month of the year is June.

(b) Sunday comes after Friday

(c) We taste with our tongue.

(d) There are 365 days in a leap-year.

Rearrange the words to form correct sentences:

(a) Am student I a. ___________________

(b) Subject my is English favourite. ___________

(c) Walks with we legs our. _______________

(d) Is hero Netaji our. _________

(e) Businessman is father a my. _______________

Fill in the blanks with have/has.

(a) I ________ a football.

(b) Priya __________ a doll.

(c) You __________ a keyboard.

(d) A butterfly ____________ colourful wings.

(e) Diya ___________ a beautiful smile.

Tick the correct words.

(a) I (slip/sleep) on the bed.

(b) Please come (here/hair)

(c) (Their/There) are many birds in the sky.

(d) Her (sun/son) reads in class two.

(e) The floor is (wait/wet).

Write past form of the following verbs.

(a) Sell _____________

(b) Go __________

(c) Fly __________

(d) See _________

(e) Eat __________

(f) Do _____________

(g) Come __________

(h) Run _____________

Fill in the gaps with it/there.

___________ is Tuesday afternoon. __________ are children in the park. _____________ is a garden just beside the park. __________________ are many flowers in the garden. _______ is a beautiful scene.

Tick the correct alternative

(a) That (is/are) a bird.

(b) They(is/are) players.

(c) Trees (are/is) our friends.

(d) I (is/am) in class two.

(e) You (is/are a brave girl.

Choose words from the brackets and put in the blanks.

(a) We _______ (have/has/are) a small garden.

(b) They __________ (am/is/are) girls.

(c) There _________ (have/are/is) a book on the table.

(d) There ______________ (has/are/is) five pens in the pen-stand.

(e) Sabina ___________ (has/are/is) a nice girl.

Tick on the correct article.

(a) We have a/an car.

(b) Lalu is a/an politician.

(c) I want a/an pen

(d) Priya has a/an ink-pot.

(e) You are a/an artist.

Fill in the blanks with ‘a’ or ‘an’ or ‘the’.

(a) _______________ Godavari is a big river.

(b) Kolkata is _____________ city.

(c) ____________ sky is blue.

(d) I see _________ eagle.

(e) He has _________ nice car.

(f) _________ cow is a useful animal.

(g) He is __________ M.A.

(h) I have ______ black dog.

(i) This is __________ island.

Fill in the blanks with (am/is/are)

(a) We ______ good students.

(b) I _______ a tall boy.

(c) She _________ a nice girl.

(d) What ___________ those?

Fill in the blanks with (have/has)

(a) He ______ a good fat hen.

(b) I ________ a big garden.

(c) _________ she a black cat?

(d) Mita __________ a new doll.

(e) Rita and Reena _________ done their work.

(f) _______________ you lost your book?

Fill in the blanks with (in/on/under/near/above).

(a) The bridge is __________ the river.

(b) The birds fly __________ the sky.

(c) John is sitting _____________ a window.

(d) The cub is ______________ plate.

(e) The dog is ______________ the table.

(f) The sky is __________ our head.

Fill in each blank with a suitable word from the box.

[bunch, library, flock, bundle, pack]

(a) A _________ of bananas.

(b) A ________ of sticks.

(c) A ____________ of books.

(d) A __________________ of sheep.

(e) A __________ of cards.

Add s or es to make more than one.

(a) Box _____________

(b) Duck _________

(c) Glass ___________

Fill in the blanks with is/are/has/have.

(a) A cow ______ horns.

(b) My mother ____ my best friend.

(c) Those flowers ___________ pretty.

(d) I __________ colour pencil.

In each group of words circle the noun which is different from the rest.

(a) Car / Scooter / Bus / Cup / Van

(b) Cat / Mouse / Lily / Goad / Tiger

Change the word to male or female

(a) His mother is a pilot. _______________

(b) My niece lives in Patna. _______________________

(c) Her brother is a doctor. ___________

(d) The tigress lives in a cave. ______________

(e) My uncle has a car. ______________

Change the number

(a) Man ________

(b) Foot _________

(c) Mango ____________

(d) Class __________

(e) Ox _______________

(f) I ____________

(g) City _____________

(h) Box _______

Change the number

(a) Male ________

(b) Cock ____________

(c) Lord _________

(d) Father ______________

(e) Sir ________________

(f) He _____________

(g) His ____________

(h) Boy _____________

Write opposite words.

(a) Yes __________

(b) Green ______________

(c) Hot __________

(d) Day _________

(e) Fat ____________

(f) Poor ____________

(g) On _______________

(h) Dry _______________

See the words below and fill in the gaps correctly.

[touch, stand, run, smell, taste, see, hear]

(a) I ___________ on my legs.

(b) I ________ on my feet.

(c) I __________ with my eyes.

(d) I ____________ with my nose.

(e) I ____________ with my ears.

(f) I ___________ with my tongue.

(g) I ___________ with my skin.