English Grammar Worksheets for Class 2

Fill up the blanks with a/an/the.

(a) This is _____________ onion.

(b) That is _________ tree.

(c) There is __________ mango.

(d) This is _____________ orange.

(e) This is ___________ house.

(f) This is _________ axe.

(g) This is __________ moon.

(h) This is _____________ train.

Write down the opposite words.

(a) Alive ______

(b) Plus ______

(c) Buy __________

(d) True _______

(e) Go __________

(f) Ugly ________

(g) Young _______

(h) Fat _________

(i) Tall __________

(j) Behind ____________

(k) Near ______________

Fill in the blanks with adjective, preposition and conjunction.

(a) This man is poor ____________ honest.

(b) Rain comes _______ the clouds.

(c) My father is a ______________ man.

(d) Flowers are __________ the vase.

Fill in with ‘has’ or ‘have’.

(a) Parrots _________ green feathers.

(b) My brother ________ a bell.

(c) Some animals _______________ ling tails.

(d) We _____________ three bags.

Select the words from the box and fill in the blanks.

[pure, free, simple, natural]

(a) We live in a _____________ country.

(b) Rain in June is a ______________ event.

(c) It is good to drink _________ water.

(d) We must have some _______________ habits.

Put the right words in the blanks.

(a) The rats are ______ the box.

(b) The man is __________ the tree.

(c) The bridge is __________ the river.

(d) The house is ____________ the car.

(e) The goat is _______________ the cow.

Write singular or plural.

(a) A tiger ____________

(b) Three pencils _______

(c) Many flowers __________

(d) Two women ___________

(e) One boy ____________

Arrange the letters.

(a) EORM ____________

(b) KEPE _________

(c) GADUR ___________

(d) PNAI ___________

Fill in the blanks using ‘is’ or ‘are’.

(a) That ___________ pen.

(b) Those ___________ birds.

(c) This _______________ clock

(d) These ____________ kites.

Change the word one to many.

(a) Mango ________

(b) Toy ________

(c) Tree __________

(d) Book __________

Underline the action words.

(a) My cat climbs a tree.

(b) They play football.

(c) He cuts some grass.

Write the young ones of.

(a) Goose _____

(b) Cow ______

(c) Horse _________

(d) Hen __________

Write the masculine genders of.

(a) Bride ______

(b) Queen _______

(c) Lady _______

(d) Niece __________

Write the plural forms.

(a) Wish _____

(b) Bicycle _______

(c) Toy _________

Write the past form.

(a) Go __________

(b) Swing _____________

(c) Roar ______

(d) Walk _________

Tick the correct word.

(a) Prem (has/have) a kite.

(b) (He/She) is a postman.

(c) This is (Sunil/Sunil’s) brother.

(d) (Monday/Wednesday) comes after Tuesday.

(e) (Is/Are) it a cup?

Circle the describing word.

(a) Mary is a sweet girl.

(b) Lemons are yellow.

(c) Mangoes are sweet.

(d) He sings beautiful.

(e) Very good boy.

Fill in the blanks with Verbs or Adverbs.

(a) We _______ cow.

(b) The bird ________.

(c) I am _______________ poor.

(d) I __________ a doll.

Find out pronouns and underline it.

(a) I am a student. ____________

(b) They are boys. ______________

(c) His brother is a doctor. ___________

(d) Who is there? ________________

(e) These are parrots. __________

Fill in the blanks with nouns.

(a) Please sit on the _________

(b) The ______ is big.

(c) ____________ and ____________ are friends.

(d) The _________ is a big river.