English Grammar Worksheets for Class 3

Find out the naming words in the sentences and write in the blanks :

(a) Agatha Christie wrote many books. __________

(b) Cleopetra is the cutest queen ever. ____________

(c) I’m drawing Monalisa. _______________

(d) Let’s go Shantiniketan. _____________

(e) Mr. Ball seems to understand what students need. ______________

(f) I can see Jupiter tonight. ________________

(g) He never goes anywhere without Shyamal. _______________

(h) There are many important documents at the National Library. __________________

Fill in the gaps with correct alternatives :

(a) I have three ___________ (child) all living at home.

(b) There are five _______ (man) and four___________ (woman) playing tennis right now.

(c) _________ (baby) play with bottles as ___________ (toy)

(d) For dinner, we are having boiled ___________ (potato), sliced (radish), an green __________(bean).

(e) Now-a-days, few men wear __________. (watch). Instead, they check the time on their cell phones.

(f) I put some _________ (memo) on by boss’ desk.

(g) I saw three __________ (mouse) running down the street.

(h) There are few __________ (bus) on the road today.

(i) I will buy two __________ (cake) for the party today.

(j) He has two _________ (son) and three daughters.

(k) The boy is chasing the little (mouse) ________.

(l) His brother is putting the pots in the __________(box).

(m) Does the teacher know these __________ (man)?

(n) The hero of the __________ (story) was a child.

(o) My friend wants to buy the _________ (knife) spoon, and dish.

(p) A goose is flying over the ________ (field).

(q) The clumsy person hurt my ___________ (foot).

(r) The poor woman has broken her ___________ (tooth).

(s) The ugly witch wanted to catch the trained __________ (wolf).

Fill in the blanks with the antonym of the words given in the brackets:

(a) He’s very ____________ at his job. (Bad)

(b) They live in a _____________ house in the country. (Big)

(c) She had _______ brown hair. (Dark)

(d) It’s _________ to get a job in this town. (Difficult)

(e) The room was very ______________. (Dirty)

(f) Clean it with a ________ cloth. (Dry)

(g) The ___________ train leaves at 6 o’clock. (Last)

(h) There was a _____________ wall around the house. (High)

(i) Could I have some more ____________ water, please ? (Hot)

(j) I’m going to wear my ____________ clothes. (Old)

(k) He always speaks in a very ___________ voice. (Quiet)

(l) She comes from a very __________ family. (Rich)

(m) He’s quite ________ and has white hair. (Short)

(n) The door is still __________ (Shut)

(o) The ice was very __________ in some places. (Thick)

(p) That’ the ________________ answer to the question. (Wrong)

Fill in the blanks with words from the options.

(a) __________ school will shortly close for Puja holidays.
(i) A
(j) An
(k) The
(l) No article needed

(b) ___________ girl is playing tennis in the court.
(i) A
(ii) An
(iii) The
(iv) No article needed

(c) I like ________________ (play) the piano.
(i) played
(ii) plays
(iii) play
(iv) playing

(d) I look forward to ______________ (here) from you soon.
(i) hear
(ii) hearing
(iii) heard
(iv) none of these

(e) Gold is _______________ precious metal.
(i) a
(ii) an
(iii) the
(iv) no article needed

(f) Stop _____________ (eat)! You are very fat already.
(i) eat
(ii) ate
(iii) eating
(iv) none of these

(g) Vijay __________ (paly) tennis everyday.
(i) played
(ii) plays
(iii) play
(iv) playing

(h) Joy is ______________ honourable man.
(i) a
(ii) an
(iii) the
(iv) no article needed

(i) if you keep on talking, Teacher _____________ (punish) you.
(i) punish
(ii) punishes
(iii) punished
(iv) will punish

(j) ______________ reminder is a native of Norway.
(i) a
(ii) an
(iii) the
(iv) no article needed

(k) don’t ________ (talk), I an angry now.
(i) talks
(ii) talk
(iii) talked
(iv) talking

Fill in the blanks with infinitives (to + verb) from the help box :

Help Box: [throw, deny, have, start, ear, complain, try]

(i) I like ____________ delicious dishes.

(ii) It is no use for us ________ to convince him of this.

(iii) It wouldn’t be much good for us ______________ to the minster about it.

(iv) It was a difficult business for me __________ the car with such a weak battery.

(v) It is no fun for me ________ so many children to look after.

(vi) Will it be right ____________ the fact?

(vii) It is just silly for you ____________ away garbage here and there.

Use ‘can’ / ‘cannot’ correctly :

(i) Don’t park your car here. It is illegal. You ____________ park your car here.

(ii) Why don’t you stay with us? No problem! You _____________ stay with us.

(iii) I don’t think this car is expensive. It’s ten years old. This car ___________ be expensive.

(iv) I am not good at basketball. I ______________ play basketball.

(v) Let’s take a taxi. We ____________ get a taxi from here.

(vi) Listen. There’s someone speaking in the hall. I _____________ hear some voices in the hall.

(vii) The doctor said: “No sweets.” We __________ eat sweets.

(viii) Do the shopping on Sunday. The shop is open. You ____________ buy it on Sunday.

(ix) Please, help me. The luggage is too heavy. I _____________ carry this luggage on my own.

(x) You are not ill. Why don’t you go to work? You _____________ go to work.