English Grammar Worksheets for Class 4

Tick the correct pronouns :

(a) My father is a doctor. (He/She) treats the sick people

(b) My name is Amal. (Me/I) love my country.

(c) Reshma lives in a village. (He/She) sings well.

(d) The elephant is a large animal. (It/He) has a trunk.

Fill in the blanks with pronouns which are appropriate

(a) _________ has a pet dog.

(b) ______________ are naughty boys.

(c) ___________ am proud of our national flag.

(d) ___________ is a rainy day.

(e) __________ are a lier.

(f) ____________ reads in a girls’ school.

(g) __________ goes to school by cycle.

(h) _____________ clean my shoes.

(i) ______________ enjoy the Charlie Chaplin movie.

(j) ___________ flies in the sky.

(k) ____________ has a nice frock.

Fill in the blanks with pronouns. One is done for you :

(a) Ram and Shyam are two friends. ____________ go to school together.

(b) Bagha is a dog. ____________ is a quadruped domestic animal.

(c) My name is Abhra. ___________ like ice-cream.

(d) Sutapa is my sister, _______________ is 8 years old.

(e) There are a cricket ball and a bat on the table. __________ belong to me.

Underline the adjectives in the following sentences :

(a) There I met a very beautiful woman.

(b) The kind hostess made sure that everyone was happy.

(c) He was wearing a red shirt.

(d) The rich woman is known for her generosity.

(e) In spite of being rich and famous, she leads a miserable life.

(f) Her arrogant nature made her very unpopular.

(g) He wants to be a successful lawyer.

(h) The anxious mother waited for a call from her son.

(i) The old man has seen better days.

(j) Iron is a useful metal.

(k) The offer was so good that I could not refuse it.

(l) That food tested bitter.

(m) I was ashamed that I didn’t pass my test.

(n) The story was very brief.

(o) I felt very comfortable in my new home.

(p) The man was very creepy on Halloween.

(q) My dad was courageous when he killed the spider.

(r) My friend is anxious for his birthday

(s) It was very breezy today.

(t) I am eager to start my test.

(u) My brother was excited for his basketball game.

Fill in the blanks with the’ appropriate words from the Help Box

(a) We saw __________ animals at the zoo.

(b) There isn’t __________ sugar in my coffee.

(c) I don’t have ___________ friend.

(d) The old man hasn’t got ____________ hair on his head.

(e) I’ve packed ___________ bottles of water.

(f) I didn’t get __________ sleep last night.

(g) How ___________ fruits do you eat in an average day?

(h) A small girl hurt herself with a ____________ nail.

(i) Ram is an _____________ servant.

(j) This book is about _____________ monster.

(k) ___________ men do not agree with the solution.

(l) These mangoes are very ___________.

(m) The ____________ man is her relative.

(n) Ria has _____________ and curly hair.

(o) The ___________ teacher manages her class __________.

Help Box : Long, Old, Tasty, Much, Mysterious, Some, ‘Many, New, Many, Pointed, Much, Curly, Smartly, Any, Many, Obedient, Few.

Fill in the blanks with the present continuous tense of the verbs given in brackets

(a) My brother ______________ (go) to college.

(b) I __________ (understand) English.

(c) My friends __________ (laugh) at my jokes.

(d) The weather in Calimtiong ___________ (become) perfect.

(e) Our cats _____________ (sleep) in the garden.

(f) Hurry up! We _________ (wait) for you.

(g) ‘What are you ___________?’ (do) ‘I __________ letters.’ (write)

(h) He __________ (work) in Italy at the moment.

(i) She doesn’t like to be disturbed when .she __________ (work).

(j) That child __________ (get) bigger everyday.

(k) Who is that girl __________ (sit) on the table?

(l) I ____________ (wait) for the shops to open.

(m) I __________ (see) Jyoti tomorrow.

(n) The universe ___________ (expand) and has been so since its beginning.

(o) My sister ___________ (live) at home for the moment.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verb given in brackets:

(a) Your friends ________ for you for over an hour. (wait)

(b) The terrified people _____________ to the mountains. (flee)

(c) Every morning, my dad ____________ for a walk in the park. (go)

(d) I ________ some old friends this week. (visit)

(e) Don’t make a noise. The baby __________ (sleep).

(f) The kettle ___________ Shall I make tea? (boil)

(g) I _________ this dish very much. (like)

(h) Don’t forget to take your umbrella. It ________ (rain)

(i) She doesn’t like to be disturbed if she ____________. (work)

(j) My brother ____________ in Paris at the moment. (work)

(k) He _________ his grandparents about twice a year. (visit)

(l) I __________ what he says. (believe)

(m) Wild animals ______________ in forests. (live)

(n) I _____________ for Calcutta next week. (leave)

(o) Sita cannot come out to play now, as she __________ her mother in the kitchen. (help)

(p) We ____________ Bangalore every summer. (visit)

(q) An honest person always ___________ the truth. (speak)

(r) He _______________ his lunch. Please wait. (have)

(s) There are some birds that __________ every year. (migrate)

(t) The rain ______________ from the clouds. (fall)

(u) A person who ____________ provisions is known as grocer. (sell)

(v) We ________ with our eyes _________ with our ears and _________ with our nose. (hear, smell)

Fill in the blanks with the missing preposition in the following sentences. You do choose from of, to, with, after or for:

(a) I’m going on holiday next week, can you look ______________ my cat for me ?

(b) Don’t lend any money _______ him; he’ll never pay you back.

(c) What’s the matter _____________ Patsy today ?

(d) Take no notice ____________ Harriet today, she’s very busy.

(e) He apologised _____________ coming late to the lesson.

(f) Claire’s terrified ____________ cows even though she grew up on a farm.

(g) That blue shirt really doesn’t go very well _____________ your green trousers.

(h) Forgive me ______________ forgetting your birthday.

(i) That car isn’t mine, it belongs ______________ my brother.

(j) He’s very similar to his father in appearance but takes _________ his mother in personalities.

Fill in the blanks with the missing preposition in the following sentences You can choose from—for, from, of, to or with.

(a) I disagree __________ the government’s new policy on defence.

(b) He’s capable __________ passing the exam but needs to work much harder.

(c) Switzerland is famous __________ the chocolate it produces.

(d) What’s the advantage _____________ taking the IELTS exam?

(e) What do you think ____________ the ban on smoking in public places?

(f) I borrowed this book __________ Kalam. Have you read it ?

(g) I felt quite envious __________ her being on holiday while I was at work.

(h) They charged him rupees 350 ________ chaning the tyres on his car.

(i) The judge found him guilty __________ fraud and sentenced him to three years imprisonment.

(j) You really cant’ blame him ____________ getting angry with you since you took his car without permission.

Fill in the -blanks with the correct prepositions :

(a) Pintu is playing tennis __________ Sunday.

(b) My brother’s birthday is ____ the 5th of November.

(c) My birthday is __________ May.

(d) We are going to see my parents ___________ the Weekend.

(e) _________ 1995, a great fire broke out in Nandaram Market.

(f) I don’t like walking alone in the streets __________ night.

(g) What are you doing __________ the afternoon?

(h) My friend has been living in Chhattisgarh ____________ two years.

(i) I have been waiting for you ______________ seven o’clock.

(j) I will have finished this essay __________ Friday.