English Grammar Worksheets for Class 6

Fill in the blanks with prepositions from the help box. [Help box: in, into, at, under, of]

(i) Come ___________________ my umbrella.

(ii) Who knocks _________________ the door.

(iii) Rajat kicks the ball __________________ the net

Join the pair of sentences using linkers given in the brackets.

(i) I am tried. I can not go. (so)
Ans. ______________________________________________

(ii) He came in. Abani went out. (and)
Ans. ______________________________________________

(iii) Please write. I dictate (as)
Ans. ______________________________________________

(iv) He has lived in Japan. He speaks Japanese fluently. (because)
Ans. ______________________________________________

Underline the correct verb form in the following sentences.

(i) The students always (come/came/coming) late.
Ans. ______________________________________________

(ii) The teachers (have/has/had) a meeting yesterday.
Ans. ______________________________________________

(iii) There (is/am/are) a big fish in the tank.
Ans. ______________________________________________

Underline the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets:

(i) The great scholar Vopadeva (write/writes/wrote) ‘Mugdhabodha’.

(ii) When do you (go/goes/went) to school?

Punctuate the following:

We went for a picnic on Sunday to the botanical garden we cooked rice dal vegetables and meat
Ans. ______________________________________________

Use the words to make a sentence in the form of a statement:

triangular, huge, pyramid, A, monument, is
Ans. ______________________________________________

Add a prefix or a suffix with the following words:

(i) tie: _________________________________

(ii) drive: _________________________________

(iii) maid: _________________________________

(iv) belief: _________________________________

Write what kind of the following sentences are:

(i) How stormy the night is!
Ans. ______________________________________________

(ii) May God have mercy.
Ans. ______________________________________________

(iii) What was to be done?
Ans. ______________________________________________

(iv) Sit down.
Ans. ______________________________________________

(v) What fun they had!
Ans. ______________________________________________

Connect the following sentences with the linkers given in the box: Then, At last

(i) I waited until about eleven o’clock at night.

(ii) It was delicious.

(iii) I crept out of the house and down to Peppi’s van.

(iv) I left the van and went home to bed.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions:

(i) Divide the sweets ________________ the boys.

(ii) She was absent __________ the class.

(iii) Iron is _________________ useful metal.

(iv) The book belongs _____________ me.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs from those given in brackets:

(i) A hundred rupees ___________________ (is/are) too much for this item.

(ii) Either he or I __________________ (is/am) mistaken.

(iii) The ship with its crew _______________ (was/were) delayed.

(iv) Each of the children ______________ (has/have) arrived.

Add a suitable prefix or suffix to each of the words given in the brackets and fill in the blanks accordingly:

(i) My mother spent many ______________ (sleep) nights when I was unwell.

(ii) I was _________________ (patient) to know the result of my examination.

(iii) It was an ______________ (enjoy) moment.

(iv) The ______________ (bright) of the day made me happy.

Write plural forms of the following words:

(i) Leaf: _________________________________

(ii) Tooth: _________________________________

(iii) People: _________________________________

(iv) Baby: _________________________________

Write the past form of the following verbs:

(i) Know: _________________________________

(ii) Shut: _________________________________

(iii) Forgive: _________________________________

(iv) Wear: _________________________________

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions:

(i) Our schools starts __________________ 10.50 a.m.

(ii) Listen __________________ me.

(iii) There is __________________ university in our district.

(iv) My father is reading __________________ Gita.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets:

(i) One of the tigers __________________ (was/were) killed.

(ii) Ten rupees __________________ (are/is) not enough for his tiffin.

(iii) Neither the boys nor the girls _____________ (have / has) done it.

(iv) Bread and Butter _______________ (is/are) my favourite breakfast.

Write what kinds of the following sentences are: [List: Exclamatory, Imperative, Optative]

(i) Please help me.
Ans. _________________________________________

(ii) May God bless you.
Ans. _________________________________________

(iii) How beautiful the flower is!
Ans. _________________________________________

Fill in with appropriate prepositions:

(i) The boy sits ______________ the classroom.

(ii) The book is ______________ the table.

(iii) I go to school ________________ bus.

Fill in with appropriate articles:

(i) He reads in ________________ university.

(ii) ___________ Taj Mahal is our pride.

(iii) My father is _________________ honest man.

Fill in the blanks with be-verbs and have-verbs:

(i) I _______________ a red shirt.

(ii) Boys _________________ playing in the field.

(iii) Rama _______________ a good student.

(iv) She _________________ a brother and a sister.

Fill in the blanks with articles and prepositions:

(i) The bird flew _______________________ my head.

(ii) He walks _______________________ a stick.

(iii) The boy jumped _______________________ the river.

(iv) Ram Babu is _______________________ M.L.A.

(v) There is _______________________ university in our town.

(vi) _______________________ Statesman is a newspaper.

Write the type of sentences:

(i) How beautiful the dress is! ________________________

(ii) They are making noise. ________________________

(iii) May God bless you. ________________________

(iv) Shut the door. ________________________

(v) Where will you go? ________________________

Form abstract nouns from the following words:

(i) dark: ________________________

(ii) die: ________________________

(iii) brave: ________________________

(iv) confuse: ________________________

(v) child: ________________________

(vi) amaze: ________________________

Fill in the blanks with correct form of verbs:

(i) My father ________________________ (do) his work last night.

(ii) She ________________________ (sing) a song now.

(iii) Curry and rice ________________________ (be) my favourite dish.

(iv) Each of the children ________________________ (arrive) just now.

(v) Either he or I ________________________ (be) mistaken.

(vi) The dancer and the musician ________________________ (be) great friends.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate collective nouns given in the help box: [Help box: posse, swarm, flock]

(i) I saw a _____________ of bees buzzing around.

(ii) A _______________ of policemen marched by.

(iii) A _______________ of sheep was grazing in the field.

Fill in the blanks with suitable form of verbs:

(i) Neither Ankit nor Prateek __________ invited to the party.

(ii) Two thirds of monument ___________ been completed.

(iii) The painter and the poet __________________ great friends.

(iv) Her sisters as well as she __________________ intelligent.

(v) An orbiter along with Vikram and Pragyan __________________ to be soaked.

Fill in the blanks with suitable articles and prepositions:

____________ Godavari is ___________ name ____________ __________ river ____ South India.

Fill in the blanks using linkers from the bracket: [List: finally, next, at first, then, thereafter]

__________ a pot of water is to be boiled. ______ sugar is to be added. __________ tea leaves are to be soaked. _________ milk or cream is to be mixed well. ______________ the tea is ready to be served in cups.