English Grammar Worksheets for Class 7

Change the voice:

(i) Soma is cooking meat.
Ans. ______________________________________________

(ii) Please, help me.
Ans. ______________________________________________

(iii) She loved him only as a friend.
Ans. ______________________________________________

(iv) I helped him pass the exam.
Ans. ______________________________________________

(v) He does not know the truth.
Ans. ______________________________________________

(vi) Who called you here?
Ans. ______________________________________________

Change the mode of narration:

(i) She said to her friend, “I am leaving for Delhi now.”
Ans. ______________________________________________

(ii) The teacher said, “Ice is solid water.”
Ans. ______________________________________________

(iii) Koushik said, “You did not show me your gift.”
Ans. ______________________________________________

(iv) My friend said to me, “I am undone.”
Ans. ______________________________________________

Do as directed:

(i) Use suffix or prefix to make opposite of the words given below:
(a) Sufficient: ______________________________________________
(b) Possible: ______________________________________________

(ii) Use proper form of verb:
(a) Our teacher told me that man ___________________ (was/will be/is) mortal.
(b) The Headmaster and President of the school _____________ (am/was/are) coming now.

Choose the participle adjective from the sentences and write below:

(i) A rolling stone gathers no moss. _______________________________

(ii) A working girl rises early. _______________________________

(iii) Always drink boiled water. _______________________________

(iv) You should help wounded man. _______________________________

Fill in the blanks with correct forms of verb:

(i) Amit is ________ (enjoy) a play.

(ii) The workmen ___________ (return) from the field yesterday at 4 p.m.

(iii) Prasanta has been ___________ (watch) a cricket match.

(iv) Ratan ____________ (go) to the market everyday.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate possessive pronouns:

(i) This picture is ____________.

(ii) I found Seema’s book but I couldn’t find ____________.

(iii) All the essays were good but ___________ was the best.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions:

(i) ___________ Himalaya stands to the north of India.

(ii) Give me _____________ umbrella.

(iii) He is going ________________ school.

(iv) I have seen ________________ Taj Mahal.

(v) He jumps _____________ the river.

Fill in the blanks with correct forms of adjective:

(i) He is the __________ (tall) boy in the classroom.

(ii) Children are the ______________ (beautiful) flowers in the world.

(iii) Rahul is ______________ (strong) than Rabi.

(iv) Meena is ____________ (smart) than all the other girls in the class.

(v) Very few girls are as ____________ as (fair) snow white.

Use the prefixes and suffixes to form opposites:

(i) Different: _______________________

(ii) Possible: _______________________

(iii) Whole: _______________________

(iv) Sufficient: _______________________

(v) Care: _______________________

Fill in the blanks with the list given below:

(i) He crossed the rod ________.

(ii) My uncle will arrive ___________.

(iii) He is ___________ unhappy.

(iv) She speaks _________________.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals:

(i) We ___________________ obey our teachers.

(ii) ______________ God bless you.

(iii) The baby________________ walk.

(iv) It _________ rain.

Write past and past participle forms of the verb:

(i) Grow _______________

(ii) See ________________

(iii) Blow ______________

Pick out the adjectives from the following sentences:

(i) Kolkata is the biggest city in India. ___________________

(ii) Mangoes are sweeter than apples. __________________

(iii) Rina is not as intelligent as Bina. __________________

Do as directed:

(i) I __________________________ finish my work before going to market. (Use modal)

(ii) We ____________ save trees for a better future. (Use modal)

(iii) Make a sentence using the modal ‘Can’.
Ans. _______________________________________

(iv) She goes to market daily. (Underline the adverb and write which kind of adverb it is)
Ans. ____________________________________________

(v) Ram saw the lady there. (Underline the adverb and write which kind of adverb it is)
Ans. ___________________________________

(vi) Use ‘adverb of time’ in a sentence.
Ans. ____________________________

Do as directed:

(i) Cricket is an exciting game. (Underline the participle adjective)
Ans _________________________________________

(ii) Raju’s brother lives in the boys hostel. (Put an apostrophe’ in appropriate place and rewrite the sentence)
Ans _________________________________________

(iii) I _________________(complete) my task. (Fill in the blanks with present perfect tense)
Ans _________________________________________

(iv) Sima is cooking meat. (Change the voice)
Ans _________________________________________

(iv) Who is the _____________ (good) boy in your school. (Fill in the blanks with proper form of adjective in bracket)
Ans _________________________________________

(vi) He asked me what my name was. (Change the mode of narration)
Ans _________________________________________

(vii) The girl said, “I wrote a beautiful story.” (Turn into indirect speech)
Ans _________________________________________

(viii) Please help me. (Change the voice)
Ans _________________________________________

(ix) The train ______________________ (leave) before they reached the station. (Use the correct verb form)
Ans _________________________________________

(ix) The boy goes to school. (Make it present continuous)
Ans _________________________________________

(x) I shall want the step-ladder. (What type of word is ‘step-ladder’)
Ans _________________________________________

(xi) He is able to do this. (Use modal and rewrite the sentence)
Ans _________________________________________

Tick (✔) the correct degree of comparison:

(i) Ram is the (less intelligent / least intelligent) boy in the class.

(ii) Iron is (useful / more useful) than gold.

(iii) The girl is (tallest / taller) than her sister.

(iv) He arrived (late/ later) in the meeting.

Fill in the blanks with suitable modals from the list below: [List: may, can, should, must]

(i) You __________________ obey your parents.

(ii) ___________________ God bless you.

(iii) _________________ you pass me the book?

(iv) We __________________ not do this.

Fill in the blanks with correct adverbs given in brackets:

(i) The tea is _________________ (almost / too) hot to drink.

(ii) I __________________ (soon tomorrow) go to visit my teacher.

(iii) Vijoy finished the question paper _________________ (early / frequently).

Change it into future continuous tense:

I will play football tomorrow.
Ans. ________________________

Fill in the blanks with future indefinite and future continuous tense:

(i) Mr. Roy ___________________ (go) to Digha in Winter. (Indefinite)

(ii) He _________________ (stay) here till Tuesday. (Continuous)

(iii) I ______________ (wait) for you outside. (Continuous)

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs:

(i) My brother and I _____________ (plays/play) football in the afternoon.

(ii) Many students _______________ (come/came) to school yesterday.

(iii) The train (leave/had left) before they reached the station.

Fill in the blanks with suitable modals:

(i) I ______________ swim.

(ii) We ____________ obey our parents.

(iii) Tomorrow we _______________ have a holiday.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate possessive pronouns. Choose them from the list given below:

(i) I found my friend’s book but I could not find _______________________

(ii) This is my sister’s book. This pen is also ______________________