Environmental Studies Practice Set

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Environmental Studies Practice Set

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Practice Set on Environmental Studies

1. Some plants may inhibit the growth of other species by the chemical nature of the litter or by special secretion is known as :
(A) Allopatric
(B) Allelopathy
(C) Apomict
(D) Admixture

2. Methane campaign of India was lead by :
(A) Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
(B) Dr. A.P. Mitra
(C) Dr. B.P. Pal
(D) Dr. S.K. Sinha

3. Depletion of ozone of stratospheric zone cause :
(A) CO2 increase
(B) Skin cancer
(C) Cholera
(D) Dengue

4. Indian standard method of measurement of Nitrogen dioxide (in microgram/Cu meter) µg/m3, in ambient air is :
(A) Improved West & Gaeke
(B) Ultraviolet fluorescence
(C) Modified Jacob & Hochheiser
(D) Spectrophotometry

5. Discharge limit of BOD (in mg/lit) in the surface water stream is :
(A) 500
(B) 100
(C) 50
(D) 30

6. Laboratory, Testing of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is done by using :
(A) Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
(B) Incubator
(C) Gas chromatograph
(D) Mass spectrometer

7. Motor vehicle emission consists of :
(B) Carbon monoxide
(C) Fluoride-HF
(D) Calcium

8. Wet scrubber is used to treat pollution of :
(A) Water
(B) Air
(C) Soil
(D) Noise

9. The stationary phase in reverse phase chromatography is :
(A) Polar
(B) Non-polar
(C) Both of these
(D) None of these

10. Law stating that the gas dissolved in a liquid is proportional to its partial pressure is called as :
(A) Rutherford’s law
(B) Lambert’s law
(C) Henry’s law
(D) Beer’s law

11. The correct order of solubility in water is :
(A) CaF2 > Ca(OH)2 > LiF > NaCl
(B) NaCl > Ca(OH)2 > LiF > CaF2
(C) CaF2 > LiF > Ca(OH)2 > NaCl
(D) NaCl > LiF > Ca(OH)2 > CaF2

12. Bleaching powder used in water purification has the chemical formula as :
(B) CaCl2
(C) CaOCl2
(D) NH4Cl

13. Completely ionize acids in water are :
(A) HCl and HNO3
(B) HCl and H2CO3
(C) HNO3 and CH3COOH
(D) H2CO3 and CH3COOH

14. Which one of the following has the highest melting point ?
(A) o-bromophenol
(B) p-chlorophenol
(C) m-bromophenol
(D) m-chlorophenol

15. Element present in dolomite but absent in limestone :
(A) C
(B) Ca
(C) Mg
(D) O

16. Hardest form of carbon is :
(A) Charcol
(B) Diamond
(C) Coke
(D) Graphite

17. Which one of the following combinations of metals has completely filled ‘d’ orbital ?
(A) Ti, Fe, Ni
(B) Sc, V, Fe
(C) Zn, Ca, Hg
(D) Zn, Co, Cu

18. Chlorosis of plants occurs due the deficiency of :
(A) Ca
(B) Cl
(C) N
(D) S

19. Paris Climate Treaty has been signed by :
(A) 191 countries
(B) 101 countries
(C) 151 countries
(D) 77 countries

20. When energy is converted from one form to another, the useful output is never as much as the input. The ratio of the useful output to the required input is called the :
(A) Efficiency
(B) Consistency
(C) Constancy
(D) Deficiency

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21. Entropy is given by :
(A) dp/T
(B) dH/T
(C) dH/p
(D) dp/dH

22. Give in the correct order of increasing diameter the following precipitate drops (Drizzle, shower & rain) :
(A) Drizzle, rain shower
(B) Rain drizzle shower
(C) Shower rain drizzle
(D) Rain drizzle shower

23. The emission from use of fossil fuel can be reduced by various options, which of the following is not an mitigation option ?
(A) Use of wind energy
(B) Increased capacity of traditional power plants
(C) Afforestation
(D) Use of PV cells for domestic power

24. Energy produced from use of fossil fuel globally is quite large which needs to be reduced to cut down emission of CO2. The energy produced from these sources is nearly…………..of the total energy generated :
(A) 80%
(B) 60%
(C) 90%
(D) 50%

25. The most prominent feature of the food resource base of post Pleistocene Europe :
(A) A dependence on mega fauna
(B) Diversity
(C) Dependence on fur-bearing animals
(D) New agriculture methods

26. When effect did ‘Cold snap’ have on human populations ?
(A) It tested the ability of human beings to adapt
(B) It had no effect at all
(C) It forced all humans to wear clothing
(D) It created an environment that required all populations to move to the equator

27. The lake forest Archaic tradition relied on……………resources : the Maritime Archaic hunted……………. creatures.
(A) Pelagic : midden
(B) Lacustrine : pelagic
(C) Midden : littoral
(D) Littoral : Lacustrine

28. The directed breeding of plants and animals is called :
(A) Foraging
(B) Natural selection
(C) Artificial selection
(D) Herding

29. How long ago did human groups begin actively controlling their food sources by artificially producing conditions under which these sources would grow ?
(A) Within the past 8,000 years
(B) Within the past 12,000 years
(C) Within the past 15,000 years
(D) Within the past 20,000 years

30. Evidence of wild grain harvesting and consumption in Israel dates to as early as :
(A) 20,000 BP
(B) 12,000 BP
(C) 10,000 BP
(D) 8,000 BP

31. The difference between simple foragers and complex foragers :
(A) Complex foragers focus on a few highly productive resources
(B) Complex foragers rely on many different food sources
(C) Complex foragers are highly mobile
(D) Complex foragers employ irrigation technology

32. The development of the first satellite was a leap forward to satellite technology in India :
(A) Aryabhatta
(B) Bhaskara

33. In a 50 ppm Zn standard, an analyst determined 54 ppm Zn. The calculated error is :
(A) 0·8%
(B) 0·4%
(C) 1·6%
(D) 8·0%

34. Which anaerobic digestion process convert soluble low molecular components of fatty acids, amino acids and monosaccharides to low molecular volatile acids, alcohol, ammonia, H2 and CO2 ?
(A) Methanogenesis process
(B) Acidogenesis process
(C) Hydrogenesis process
(D) Hydrolysis process

35. Which methanogen does not utilize hydrogen to reduce the organic compound or CO2 to methane during anaerobic digestion process ?
(A) Methylotrophic methanogens
(B) Methanotrophic methanogens
(C) Acetotrophic methanogens
(D) Hydrogenotrophic methanogens

36. Why microbial conversion of lignocellulosic straw feedstock to bioethanol is difficult ?
(A) Presence of more insoluble amorphous cellulose
(B) Absence of insoluble branched lignin fraction
(C) Presence of more insoluble branched hemicellulose
(D) Presence of microcrystalline cellulose and lignin

37. Cumulative conversion of arginine to putrescine by streptococcus spp. and E. coli signifies the following microbial interaction :
(A) Commensalism
(B) Synergism
(C) Amensalism
(D) Competition

38. What provision a typical bioreactor possess to overcome the vortex formation during fermentation ?
(A) Baffles on the side walls
(B) Stuffing boxes
(C) Sparger
(D) Oxygen probe

39. What is correct in case C : N ratio during composting is narrow then optimal level of 30 – 35 ?
(A) Nitrogen in compost lost as ammonia
(B) Protract the compost
(C) Enhance decomplexation of ions
(D) Agglomerate the compost material

40. Which process incorporate essential nutrients (viz. N, P) and electron acceptor to contaminated area in order to promote the activity of native microbes for degradation of pollutants ?
(A) Biosparging
(B) Bioaugmentation
(C) Biostimulation
(D) Bioventing

41. Which indicator bacteria indicates recent fecal contamination of water and detected in glucose azide broth ?
(A) Escherichia coli
(B) Streptococcus faecalis
(C) Clostridium perfringens
(D) Listeria monocytogens

42. How bioavailability of recalcitrant hydrocarbons is increased through microbial interaction with smaller solubilized/pseudosolubilized hydrocarbon droplets ?
(A) Secretion of biosurfactants
(B) Chemotaxis
(C) Efflux pumps
(D) Altered cell surface property

43. Which biological wastewater treatment system consists of large diameter corrugated plastic media centered on a horizontal shaft and submerged 40% in wastewater ?
(A) Trickling filter system
(B) Activated sequencing batch reactor
(C) Rotating biological contractors
(D) In-vessel submerged system

44. Which lithotrophic bacteria grow aerobically with CO as a sole source of carbon and energy ?
(A) Alkaligenes eutrophas
(B) Pseudomonas carboxydovorans
(C) Thiobacillus thiooxidans
(D) Nitrobacter winogradskyii

45. Which bacteria form symbiosis with some non-leguminous flowering plants (viz. Alnus, Casurina) for nitrogen fixation in soils ?
(A) Bradyrhizobium spp.
(B) Frankia spp.
(C) Azotobacter vinelandii
(D) Klebsiella spp.

46. Which aerobic photosynthetic prokaryote has heterocysts to fix nitrogen in acquatic system ?
(A) Cynobacteria
(B) Green sulphur bacteria
(C) Frankia
(D) Algae

47. Which bacteria produces a variety of Nod factors and nodulate a large variety of legumes as well as nonlegume Parasponia andersonii ?
(A) Sinorhizobium meliloti
(B) Bradyrhizobium japonicum
(C) Rhizobium NGR234
(D) Rhizobium leguminosarum

48. Which mycorrhizae penetrate the cell wall of plant root and form arbuscules for carbon/nutrient exchange ?
(A) Ericoid mycorrhizae
(B) Arbutoid mycorrhizae
(C) Orchid mycorrhizae

49. With the spread of warmer climate due to global warming there will be :
(A) Increased mortality due to heat waves
(B) Increased mortality due to cold waves
(C) Decrease in number of deaths from floods and draughts
(D) Decrease in risk of flooding in coastal areas

50. Which foods are included in the trial of plants that provided the subsidence base for indigenous New World Civilizations ?
(A) Rice, beans and squash
(B) Barley, lentils and wheat
(C) Maize, beans and squash
(D) Yarns barley and millet