Father’s Help Questions and Answers

About Father’s Help

The text is an excerpt from the author’s storybook named “Malgudi Days”. The story is about a young boy, called Swami. He represents the boys of his age who wants to stay away from school. He pretends to be sick and manages to get his mother in his favour but is forced to attend school by his father. Swami goes on making up stories in vain and ultimately produces an elaborated and inaccurate impression in his father’s mind about his teacher, Samuel. The story shows how, through a series of events, Swami’s idea about his teacher transforms into a positive one.

Father’s Help Questions and Answers

Summary of the story

Swaminathan is a young school going boy. On one Monday morning, he was quite unwilling to attend school and pretended to be suffering from headache. Though his mother was willing to allow him to stay at home, his father who was very strict was not ready to listen to any excuse and insisted him on going to school. Swaminathan tried his best to avoid school. Finally, he said that he wouldn’t dare to attend late the class of Samuel, the Mathematics teacher who got particularly angry with the boys who came late to school. Father suggested that he should have complained to the headmaster about it. Swami, in reply, told that even the headmaster is afraid of him. At this, Swami’s father did something unexpected. Writing a long letter about Samuel, he put it into a sealed envelope and told Swami to give it to the headmaster.

As Swami entered the gate of the school, an idea came to his mind. He decided to give the letter to the headmaster at the end of school. He thought Samuel might do something in the course of the day which would have proved the letter to be an evidence. He reconsidered the description he had given to his father about his teacher and felt guilty. Samuel seemed a good teacher and a nice man to Swami. At the end of school, he felt relieved when he could not deliver the letter as the headmaster was on leave.

Significant of the title

The title of the story, ‘Father’s Help’ is ironical in its sense. Swami was forced to go to school by his father who was a strict and disciplined man. He was hardly happy with this stern attitude of his father without knowing that it was a blessing in disguise for him. It was this strictness of his father that helped Swami to change his idea about his teacher and allowed him to accept the truth. So, the title is appropriate.

Questions and Answers on Father’s Help – Bliss Class 10 Text Book

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Long Answer Type Questions:

Why did Swami shudder while lying in bed?

Swami shuddered while lying in bed because it dawned upon his mind that it was Monday morning and he had to go to school.

Why didn’t Swami want to go late Samuel’s Class?

Swami did not want to go late to Samuel’s class because Samuel used to get angry with the boys who arrived late in school.

What impression of his teacher Samuel, did Swami give to his father?

As per Swami’s description, Samuel was a very angry man. He was especially angry with the boys who came late to school. Even the headmaster was afraid of Samuel.

What did Swami hope ?

Swami hoped that he would be able to convince his father why it was necessary for him to avoid going to school that day.

Why did Swami’s conscience prick him ?

Swami’s conscience pricked him because he was not sure if his description of Samuel was accurate or not. He had mixed up fact with imagination.

What idea occurred in Swami’s mind ?

The idea that occurred in Swami’s mind was that he would deliver the letter to the headmaster at the end of the day

Why would Samuel deliver the letter at the end of the day?

Swami would deliver the letter at the end of the day as there was a chance that Samuel might do something wrong during the day which would justify the complaints recorded in the letter.

What was an unexpected question to Swami?

Samuel asked Swami why he came to school when he was suffering from a headache. This was an unexpected question to Swami.

“You deserve your Samuel”- Why did father say this to Swami?

Father said this because he knew that only a teacher like Samuel who both strict and friendly could guide a mischievous and truant boy like Swami to the right path.

Short Answer Type Questions:

Answer the following questions within 15 words :

Who is Swarm? What is this full name?

A Swami is a boy who disliked going to school. His full name is Swaminathan.

What did Swami hope for ?

Swami hoped that he would not have to go to school.

What was Swami’s first excuse for not going to school ?

Swami’s first excuse for not going to school was that he was having a headache.

What was Swami doing at 9.30 am?

At 9.30 am, Swami was lying on a bench in his mother’s room.

What was Father’s opinion regarding Swami’s headache?

Father advised Swami to loaf about less on Sundays in order to avoid without a headache on Monday.

Why did Swami change his tactics?

Swami changed his tactics as he knew that having a headache would not convince his father to keep him away from school.

What was Swami’s tactics to convince his father?

Swami told his father that he couldn’t go to school as he was late.

Why didn’t Swami tell the headmaster about Samuel?

Swami did not tell the headmaster about Samuel as according to him even the headmaster was afraid of Samuel.

What unexpected turn Swami’s father’s behaviour take ?

Swami’s father in an unexpected manner decided to write a letter to the headmaster.

Where did Father put the letter?

Father put the letter in a sealed envelope.

What did Swami fail to decide about Samuel ?

Swami could not decide if Samuel really deserved the allegations made against him in the letter.

What did Swami’s father Write in the letter ?

Swami’s father wrote about Swami’s teacher, Samuel in the letter.

Whom did Swami’s father tell Swami to deliver the letter to ?

Swami’s father told Swami to deliver the letter to the headmaster

Why did Swami stop on the way ?

Swami stopped on the way to make up his mind about Samuel.

How was Swami’s relation with Samuel?

Samuel was more friendly than the other teachers to Swami. Swami also felt that Samuel had a special regard for him.

Why was Swami’s head ‘dizzy with confusion’?

Swami’s head was dizzy with confusion because he could not decide if Samuel really deserved the allegations made against him.

What subject did Samuel teach in school ?

Samuel taught arithmetic in school.

What did Swaminathan thought would be Samuel’s reaction ?

Swaminathan thought that Samuel would scold him severely.

How late was Swami for class on that day ?

That day, Swami was late for class by half an hour.

What kind of parents did Samuel like ?

Samuel liked parents who did not want their children to miss the class.

When would Samuel get angry the most ?

Samuel would get angry the most at the time of checking home lessons.

What did swami do when the bell rang for the last period ?

When the bell rang for the last period, Swami picked up his books and ran to the headmaster’s room

Why could not Swami deliver the letter ?

Swami could not deliver the letter because the headmaster was on leave and his room was locked.

What did Father tell Swami when he returned home?

When Swami returned home, Father told that he knew Swami would not deliver the letter.

What did Father do with the letter?

Father snatched the letter away from Swami and tore it up.

Multiple Choice Questions:

Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences :

1. The story ‘Father’s Help’ is written by –
(i) R. K. Narayan
(ii) Mulk Raj Anand
(iii) Nirod. C. Chowdhury
(iv) Prabhat Basu

2. The story ‘Father’s Help’ is taken from the collection of stories –
(i) “The Guide”
(ii) “Tales of R. K. Narayan”
(iii) “The Swami”
(iv) “Malgudi Days”.

3. With a shudder Swami realized that it was
(i) Friday
(ii) Thursday
(iii) Wednesday
(iv) Monday

4. When Swami ought to have been in the school prayer hall, he was lying on the
(i) Bench
(ii) Table
(iii) Bed
(iv) desk

5. According to Swami, Samuel is especially angry with boys who are
(i) Absent
(ii) Late
(iii) Inattentive
(iv) undisciplined.

6. According to Swami his father’s behaviour was
(i) Expected
(ii) Funny
(iii) Unexpected
(iv) mean

7. Father decided to send the headmaster a
(i) Telegram
(ii) Notice
(iii) Letter
(iv) report

8. While going to school Swami was bothered by
(i) Conscience
(ii) Headache
(iii) Toothache
(iv) fever

9. The colour of Samuel’s coal was
(i) Black
(ii) Blue
(iii) White
(iv) yellow.

10. Father’s letter to the headmaster was –
(i) Short
(ii) Long
(iii) Illegible
(iv) irrelevant.

11. The letter was
(i) enveloped but unsealed
(ii) unenveloped and unsealed
(iii) unenveloped but sealed
(iv) enveloped and sealed.

12. The letter was about
(i) Samuel
(ii) the headmaster
(iii) both Samuel and the headmaster
(iv) neither Samuel nor the headmaster,

13. As Swami went to school he felt that he was –
(i) the best boy
(ii) the worst boy
(iii) the most obedient boy
(iv) the most intelligent boy.

14. Swami’s description about Samuel was
(i) Accurate
(ii) Inaccurate
(iii) Exact
(iv) absurd.

15. According to Swami, Samuel was
(i) Rude
(ii) Strict
(iii) more friendly than the other teachers
(iv) indifferent

16. Samuel’s moustache was –
(i) Stubble
(ii) Thin
(iii) Thick
(iv) fluffy

17. An idea occurred to Swami when he entered the –
(i) school gate
(ii) school ground
(iii) classroom
(iv) headmaster’s room

18. Swami would deliver letter to the headmaster
(i) during the recess
(ii) after the first period
(iii) before entering the class
(iv) after school.

19. When Swami entered the class. Samuel was teaching –
(i) History
(ii) Arithmetic
(iii) Science
(iv) geography

20. Swami was late to school by –
(i) half an hour
(ii) an hour
(iii) two hours
(iv) three hours