Food and Nutrition Previous Year Question Papers

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Food and Nutrition Previous Year Question Papers

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Previous Year Question Papers on Food and Nutrition

1. The time. sequencing of events required by the production subsystem to produce a meal in food service is known as :
(1) Production worksheet
(2) Production forecasting
(3) Production regression
(4) Production planning

2. In which of the following type of food service system menu items are prepared in kitchen on the premises where the meals are served and held for a short time until serving ?
(1) Ready prepared
(2) Conventional
(3) Commissary
(4) Assembly

3. Which of the following is not used as a method for measuring food acceptability ?
(1) Plate waste studies
(2) Self-reported consumption
(3) Frequency of acceptance
(4) Food cost

4. Which is the main consideration around which the meal is planned ?
(1) Equipment facility
(2) Layout
(3) Entrée
(4) Portion size

5. What is the procedure concerned with acquisition of goods in a food service institution ?
(1) Selling of food items
(2) Purchasing of food items
(3) Stock entry of food items
(4) Removal of waste food items

6. Food, beverage and labour can be classified as what type of cost ?
(1) Fixed
(2) Variable
(3) Controllable
(4) Uncontrollable

7. Brunch is a hybrid of :
(1) Lunch and Snacks
(2) Lunch and Dinner
(3) Breakfast and Lunch
(4) Breakfast and Dinner

8. Food service used for in-flight meal is:
(1) Tray service
(2) Self service
(3) Table service
(4) Counter service

9. The major goal of food service system is:
(1) Serve food to clients
(2) Make profit from food
(3) Save steps and energy
(4) Plan facility

10. Three E’s of safety in food service are engineering, education and :
(1) Empowerment
(2) Employment
(3) Establishment
(4) Enforcement

11. The size or capacity of an equipment is determined by ?
(1) Number of employees
(2) Type of menu
(3) Size of the food service establishment
(4) Type of food service organization

12. The inventory method that assumes that stock has been rotated during the month is called :
(1) FIFO
(2) LIFO
(3) Latest purchase price
(4) Weighted average purchase price

13. Which type of food service is applicable in Cafeteria ?
(1) Tray service
(2) Portable service
(3) Waiter service
(4) Self service

14. Which phase dissects an operation’s past performance and identifies factors that are likely to influence while budget planning ?
(1) Justification
(2) Preparation
(3) Evaluation
(4) Implementation

15. Which of the following is not an objective of cooking food ?
(1) To enhance flavour
(2) To develop and enhance texture
(3) To destroy harmful organisms
(4) To increase the profit margin

16. Which of the following method is not used for work improvement study ?
(1) Operational charts
(2) Micromotion study
(3) Chromo-cycle graph
(4) Fixed motion study

17. Which of the following does not belong to a type of training ?
(1) On the job training
(2) Adult training
(3) Group training
(4) Job Break-even training

18. Which of the following menu offers a complete meal at a fixed price ?
(1) ala Carte menu
(2) du jour menu
(3) table d hote menu
(4) All of the above

19. Drive-Thru Pick-Up food service is a type of :
(1) Wait service
(2) Portable meals
(3) Self-service
(4) Tray service

20. In which type of purchasing the product is purchased in exact quantities required for specific production ?
(1) Blanket purchase agreement
(2) Prime vending
(3) Cost plus purchasing
(4) Just-in-time purchasing

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21. Marketing mix includes four elements which are :
(1) Product, place, price, promotion
(2) Product, part, price, promotion
(3) Production, place, profit, promotion
(4) Production, profit, price, promotion

22. Demographic segmentation is a category of :
(1) Marketing cycle
(2) Geographic segmentation
(3) Market segmentation
(4) Product preference

23. Which of the following tools does not aid to problem solving ?
(1) Pareto chart
(2) Fish diagram
(3) Control and run charts
(4) Key result area

24. Which is used to describe values that relate to the quality of human experience in the workplace ?
(1) The QWL Approach
(2) The MSD Approach
(3) The TQM Approach
(4) The SPC Approach

25. Which is the most common method of grading of eggs ?
(1) Weighing
(2) Candling
(3) Curdling
(4) Use of colour disc

26. What are the important constituents of tea contributing to the flavour of tea beverage ?
(1) Caffeine and tannin
(2) Caffeine, polyphenols and Essential oil
(3) Tannin and Polyphenols
(4) Caffeine, tannin, polyphenols and essential oils

27. A substance intentionally added to food that preserves flavour and improves taste of food is called :
(1) Food additive
(2) Food adulterant
(3) Food contaminant
(4) Food material

28. Acrolein is formed on heating of which of the following ?
(1) Fats
(2) Proteins
(3) Carbohydrates
(4) All of the above

29. What is the name of the phenomenon of oozing out the water from starch gel resulting from Increased molecular association as the starch gel ages ?
(1) Gelatinization
(2) Retrogradation
(3) Syneresis
(4) Curdling

30. Which process is used to saturate the unsaturated fats ?
(1) Halogenation
(2) Hydrogenation
(3) Winterization
(4) Saponification

31. Heat treatment used in vegetable processing to inactivate degradative enzymes 1s:
(1) Boiling
(2) Blanching
(3) Stewing
(4) Simmering

32. Which of the following is used in the manufacture of ice cream for avoidance of formation of ice crystals ?
(1) Carboxymethyl cellulose
(2) Hemicellulose
(3) Dextrin
(4) Caramel

33. The flavour component present in Onions is :
(1) Sulphur compounds
(2) Terpenes
(3) Limonin
(4) Olene

34. Which of the following is not an example of fermented products ?
(1) Marmalade
(2) Bread
(3) Vinegar
(4) Wine

35. What is sodium nitrate used for ?
(1) Anticaking agent
(2) Antioxidant
(3) Curing agent
(4) Colorant

36. Which of the following is a sensory analysis test of three samples in which two are identical and one is different ?
(1) Paired test
(2) Simple triangle test
(3) Composite test
(4) Ranking test

37. Viscosity determination is useful in the study of which of the following characteristics of food ?
(1) Consistency of food
(2) Colour of food
(3) Shape of food
(4) Flavour of food

38. What happens to chlorophyll when green leafy vegetables are cooked in presence of acid ?
(1) It is converted to undesirable pheophytin.
(2) It does not alter.
(3) Green colour becomes brighter.
(4) None of the above

39. The loss of which of the following nutrient is reduced by parboiling rice ?
(1) Thiamine
(2) Protein
(3) Pantothenic acid
(4) Ascorbic acid

40. What are Sequestrates ?
(1) They are added to keep the food stable.
(2) Form a complex ion with metals like copper, iron etc
(3) Added for colour
(4) They keep the food oxidized

41. Predominance of which of the following pigment is responsible for colour appeal of cherries, red apples, red grapes, pomegranates etc. ?
(1) Chlorophyll
(2) Carotenoid
(3) Anthoxanthin
(4) Anthocyanin

42. Which flavouring compounds are responsible for pungent flavour in cabbage ?
(1) Terpenes
(2) Sulphur compounds
(3) Limonin
(4) Essential fatty acids

43. Which of the following are the effects of germination in pulses ?
(1) Increase in vitamin C content
(2) Increase in availability of iron
(3) Conversion of phytates to soluble phosphorus
(4) All of the above

44. Which of the following are changes in foods during freezing ?
(1) Growth of ice crystals
(2) Change of the colloids through aging
(3) Change brought about by dehydration
(4) All of the above changes

45. Which of the following are changes occurring in food products after extrusion cooking ?
(1) Denaturation of protein
(2) Change in texture of food
(3) Maillard reaction
(4) All of the above

46. Which of the following is a leavening agent ?
(1) Salt
(2) Baking powder
(3) Sugar
(4) Sodium Benzoate

47. Which of the following is an antinutritional factor present in soyabean which interferes with protein digestion ?
(1) Trypsin inhibitor
(2) Hemagglutinin
(3) Avidin
(4) Aflatoxin

48. Which of the following is an adulterant mixed with edible mustard oil ?
(1) Mineral oil
(2) Argemone seed oil
(3) Colour
(4) Palm oil

49. Which of the following is not an example of adulteration in food ?
(1) Addition of dried papaya seeds in black pepper seeds.
(2) Removal of fat from milk.
(3) Addition of baking powder in cake mixture.
(4) Mixing of chicory powder in coffee powder.

50. Which of the following is the logo used for vegetarian products as per the FSSR (P & L) Regulation, 2011 ?
(1) Red square having red dot inside.
(2) Red triangle having red dot inside.
(3) Green triangle having a green circle outline.
(4) Green outlined square having a green dot inside.