Forensic Medicine MCQ Question

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Forensic Medicine MCQ Question

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MCQ Question on Forensic Medicine

1) Which is sure sign of ante mortem hanging:
A) Sub conjunctiva hemorrhage
B) Neck elongated
C) Secretion of saliva from mouth angle
D) Ligature mark around the neck

2) Which of the following is example of homicidal hanging:
A) Lynching
B) Bansdola
C) Garroting
D) Mugging

3) Burking is an example of:
A) Strangulation & hanging
B) Smothering & Traumatic asphyxia
C) Choking & smothering
D) Homicidal strangulation

4) Whenever large crowd gather in an enclosed place and stamped upon then common cause of death is:
A) Overlaying
B) Traumatic asphyxia
C) Choking
D) Smothering

5) Paltauf’s hemorrhage found in:
A) Heart
B) Lungs
C) Trachea
D) Intestine

6) Drunkeness of the deep means:
A) Alcohol narcosis
B) Nitrogen narcosis
C) Hydrogen narcosis
D) Opium narcosis

7) Ligature mark oblique and above thyroid cartilage is a feature of:
A) Strangulation
B) Hanging
C) Bansdola
D) All are true

8) In sexual asphyxia the manner of death is:
A) Suicidal
B) Accidental
C) Homicidal
D) None of the above

9) In India which of the following is not an offence:
A) Gerontophilia
B) Paederasty
C) Buggery
D) Incest

10) Divorce can be filed if there is:
A) Pre existing mental illness
B) Pre existing heart disease
C) Sterility
D) Impotence

11) Filicide means:
A) Killing of a child by its parents
B) Killing of a child by its relatives
C) Killing of a child by its accuse
D) Killing of a child by decapitation during labor

12) Breslau’s second life test is related with:
A) Stomach-Bowel
B) Lungs-Heart
C) Kidney-Pancreas
D) Liver-Diaphram

13) False belief, based on incorrect interference about external reality is:
A) Hallucination
B) Illusion
C) Delusion
D) Obsession

14) Severe mental retardation means, I.Q level is:
A) 50-70
B) 35-50
C) 20-35
D) Less than 20

15) Garlik like smell is characteristic of this poison:
A) Aluminum phosphite
B) Ethanol
C) Nitrites
D) Hydrogen sulphite

16) British anti-lewisite (B.A.L.) is used as a physiological anti dote in following poisons except:
A) Arsenic
B) Lead
C) Bismuth
D) Iron

17) Route of administration of EDTA chelating agent is:
A) Orally
B) Intra muscular
C) Intra-venus
D) Intra dermal

18) The stomach content may smell of kerosene in:
A) Alkyl phosphate
B) Phosphorus
C) Copper sulphate
D) Lead acetate

19) Nail polish remover contain following toxic substance:
A) Methyl salicylate
B) Thallium
C) Antimony
D) Acetone

20) A patient died with sulphuric acid ingestion than preservative use to preserve viscera for chemical analysis:
A) Saturated solution of NaCl
B) 10% formalin
C) Rectified sprit

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21) Xanthoproteic reaction present in which of the poison:
A) Sulphuric Acid
B) Nitric Acid
C) Hydrochloric Acid
D) Oxalic Acid

22) Universal antidote contains all of the following except:
A) Mustered oil
B) Powder charcoal
C) Tannic Acid
D) Magnesium Oxide

23) A 17 year girl suffer from vitriolage, then accused is punishable under which section:
A) 376 IPC
B) 375 IPC
C) 320 IPC
D) 326 IPC

24) Green colored urine is seen in which poison ingestion:
A) Copper sulphate
B) Phenol
C) Nitric Acid

25) Treatment given in acute arsenic poison is:
A) Alkalis
B) Hydrated ferric oxide
C) Chlordiazepoxide
D) Physostigmine

26) Which is the ideal homicidal poison:
A) Endrin
B) Cannabis indica
C) Thallium
D) Gelsemium

27) Aldrich-Mees lines is seen in which poisoning:
A) Mercury
B) Lead
C) Thallium
D) Arsenic

28) Pink disease is associated with which poisoning:
A) Mercury
B) Lead
C) Insulin
D) Copper

29) Burtonian lines seen in which chronic poisoning:
A) Arsenic
B) Lead
C) Iron
D) Copper

30) Fowler solution contain one percent of:
A) Arsenic sulphide
B) Arsenious oxide
C) Potassium Arsenite
D) Copper Arsenite

31) Bowen’s disease is associated with which chronic poisoning:
A) Arsenic
B) Copper
C) Lead
D) Iron

32) Rate of growth of hair is about one cm. in:
A) 15 days
B) 30 days
C) 60 days
D) 70 days

33) Cinnabar, Hingul, Ras sindoor, Cheena sindoor contain:
A) Mercuric chloride
B) Mercuric sulphide
C) Mercuric Sulphate
D) Mercuric Methide

34) Sodium formaldehyde sulphoxylate is also used as a chemical antidote in:
A) Mercury
B) Lead
C) Arsenic
D) Copper

35) The normal dietary intake of copper is about:
A) 0.3 mg per day
B) 1 mg per day
C) 10 mg per day
D) 30 mg per day

36) In Wilson’s disease there is an increase in absorption of:
A) Lead
B) Copper
C) Antimony
D) Iron

37) Which is added to petrol to prevent knocking:
A) Lead tetroxide
B) Lead chloride
C) Lead sulphide
D) Lead tetra-ethyl

38) Maximum amount of lead is found in:
A) Bones
B) Ovary
C) Hair
D) Fetus

39) Outer two third of eyebrow hair are lost in chronic poisoning of:
A) Arsenic
B) Copper
C) Thallium
D) Zinc

40) Metal fumes fever is characteristic of chronic poisoning:
A) Zinc
B) Arsenic
C) Lead
D) Iron

41) Parenteral desferioxamine is treatment of choice in poisoning due to:
A) Zinc
B) Lead
C) Thallium
D) Iron

42) Fatal dose of Croton is:
A) 4 Seeds
B) 20 Seeds
C) 40 Seeds
D) 100 Seeds

43) Epidemic dropsy develops in case of poisoning by:
A) Arum maculatum
B) Argemon Mexicana
C) Asia Ti cum
D) Pithori

44) Cadaveric alkaloids means:
A) Ptomains
B) Bottulisim
C) Allantiasis
D) Hornets

45) Heroin contains:
A) Diacetylmorphine
B) Diacetyl-Codeine
C) Diacetyl-Narcotine
D) Diacetyl- Papaverine

46) Percentage of morphine in standardized opium is:
A) 10%
B) 50%
C) 60%
D) 70%

47) The percentage of absolute alcohol in whisky is:
A) 30-40 %
B) 40-50 %
C) 51-59 %
D) 60-65%

48) The various forms in which Cannabis Sativa is used are all except:
A) Bhang
B) Majun
C) Charus
D) Heroin

49) Magnun’s symptom is characteristic of:
A) Charus
B) Heroin
C) Cocain
D) Lathyrus sativus

50) Suresh presented with dryness of mouth, increase temperature, drunken gait, difficulty in swallowing, the probable diagnosis is poisoning with:
A) Alcohol
B) Atropine
C) Organo phosphorus
D) Opium