Forensic Medicine Quiz

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Forensic Medicine Quiz

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Quiz Question on Forensic Medicine

1) Forensic Medicine is defined as:
A) That deals with medical aspect of Law
B) That deals with legal aspect of practice of medicine
C) That deals with negligence cases
D) hat deals with duties of doctors and medical ethics

2) Police inquest files under:
A) S.172 Cr.P.C.
B) S.174 Cr.P.C.
C) S.176 Cr.P.C.
D) S.179 Cr.P.C.

3) Death sentence is passed by which of the following:
A) Chief Judicial Magistrate
B) Chief Metropolitan Magistrate
C) First Class Magistrate
D) District and Session Judge

4) Conduct money fee is offered to a witness in:
A) Criminal Cases
B) Cognizable offence
C) Civil Cases
D) Murder Cases

5) Following are example of documentary evidence except:
A) Medical Certificate
B) Medico legal reports
C) In famous conduct
D) Dying deposition

6) Leading questions are allowed in:
A) Cross-examination
B) Examination in chief
C) Re-examination
D) Dying declaration

7) Magistrate Inquest is not needed in:
A) Exhumation
B) Murder
C) Police custody death
D) Dowry death

8) When a doctor issues a false medical certificate then he is liable under section I.P.C.:
A) 87
B) 88
C) 197
D) 190

9) Hostile witness is:
A) Refuses to answer
B) Willfully gives false evidence
C) Give truth evidence
D) Threatens the doctor

10) A witness who after taking oath willfully, give a statement which he knows to be false is punished under section:
A) 93 IPC
B) 193 IPC
C) 293 IPC
D) 393 IPC

11) Following are functions of state medical council except:
A) Maintain medical register
B) Disciplinary control
C) Warning notice
D) Maintain standard of medical college

12) The Indian Medical Council act was established in year:
A) 1946
B) 1956
C) 1970
D) 1971

13) Professional death sentence is given by:
A) District and Session Judge
B) Medical Council of India
C) Chief Judicial Magistrate
D) State Medical Council

14) According to gazette of India April 6, 2002 M.C.I. minimum period for which a doctor should preserve his patient record is:
A) 01 year
B) 03 year
C) 05 year
D) 10 year

15) Consent is required for:
A) Medico legal autopsy
B) Pathological autopsy
C) Exhumation
D) Mass Immunization

16) As per MCI guideline following are unethical acts except:
A) Advertising
B) Charging fees from patient
C) Rebates
D) Euthanasia

17) Giving poisonous medicine carelessly, the doctrine applicable is:
A) Contributory negligence
B) Res judicatory
C) Res Ipsa loquitor
D) Civil negligence

18) Corpus delicti means:
A) Race
B) Cephalic index
C) Body of offence
D) Body of accuse

19) In dolico-cephalic, cephalic index is between:
A) 60-70
B) 70-75
C) 75-80
D) 80-85

20) In Klinefelters syndrome sex chromosome pattern is:

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21) First permanent teeth that erupt is:
A) Central incisor
B) Lateral incisor
C) First bicuspid
D) First molar

22) Age of marriage for girls is:
A) 16 years
B) 18 years
C) 20 years
D) 21 years

23) For a 18 years old girl, site for X-ray to determine her age is:
A) Elbow
B) Wrist
C) Clavicle
D) Ankle joint

24) For a 21 year male, site for X-ray to determine his age is:
A) Elbow
B) Wrist
C) Clavicle
D) Knee joint

25) At what age Xiphoid unites with body of sternum:
A) 14 to 25 years
B) About 30 years
C) About 40 years
D) About 50 years

26) The coronal, Sagittal and lambdoid sutures start to close on their inner site at about the age of:
A) 15 years
B) 25 years
C) 35 years
D) 45 years

27) At what age a rape victim can give consent for examination:
A) 12 years
B) 16 years
C) 18 years
D) 15 years

28) Sex can be recognized in fetus at the age of:
A) 2 Months
B) 3 Months
C) 4 Months
D) 6 Months

29) Preservative use for chemical analysis in suspected poisoning death case is:
A) 10% formalin
B) 40% formalin
C) Saturated solution of Sodium chloride
D) Saturated solution of Sodium Fluoride

30) Exhumation order can be given by:
A) Director general of Police
B) Superintendent of police
C) Executive magistrate
D) Inspector general of police

31) Last structure to be autopsied in hanging death:
A) Heart
B) Thorax
C) Abdomen
D) Neck

32) Which is surest sign of death:
A) Cessation of respiration
B) Cessation of circulation
C) Rigor mortis
D) Cooling of the body

33) The first external sign of putrefaction in body over skin region develop at the site of:
A) Face
B) Neck
C) Chest
D) Abdomen

34) When a virgin girl dies the last organ to putrefy is:
A) Heart
B) Lungs
C) Uterus
D) Kidney

35) Under Indian evidence act a person is presumed to be alive, if there is nothing to suggest the probability of death within:
A) 20 years
B) 30 years
C) 40 years
D) 50 years

36) Rigor mortis not seen in:
A) Fetus less than 06 months
B) Fetus 10 months
C) Emaciated body
D) 90 year old person

37) Injury is define under section:
A) 40 IPC
B) 42 IPC
C) 44 IPC
D) 46 IPC

38) Most common type of abrasion is:
A) Scratches
B) Grazes
C) Pressure
D) Impact

39) The HARA KIRI unusual type of wound is:
A) Accidental
B) Homicidal
C) Suicidal
D) Explosion

40) Choking is characteristic of:
A) Shotgun
B) Rifle
C) Revolver
D) Pistol

41) Following are example of rifled weapons except:
A) Revolver
B) Pistol
C) Machine gun
D) Breech loader gun

42) What is probable distance of the fire arm if diameter of the spread of shot on the skin is 10 inches:
A) 5 meter
B) 9 meter
C) 15 meter
D) 20 meter

43) Whiplash injury is associated with:
A) Spinal cord
B) Whiplash intestine
C) Chest injury
D) Abdomen injury

44) Dowry death is under which section of IPC:
A) 304 A
B) 304 B
C) 304
D) 306

45) Voluntarily causing grievous hurt by sharp weapon come under section IPC:
A) 324
B) 325
C) 326
D) 323

46) Lucid interval is seen in:
A) Extra Dural hemorrhage
B) Intraventricular hemorrhage
C) Sub arachnoid hemorrhage
D) Intra cranial hemorrhage

47) A 16 year girl found dead in burning hut with 100% burn the surest sign of antemortem burn is:
A) Soot particle in mouth
B) Soot in larynx
C) Soot particle in stomach
D) Soot particle in middle ear

48) Filigree burns are characteristic of:
A) Flame burn
B) Scald
C) Lightning
D) Electrical burn

49) Blister formation in burn is classified as:
A) First degree
B) Second degree
C) Third degree
D) Fourth degree

50) Commonest cause of death in hanging is:
A) Asphyxia
B) Venous congestion
C) Asphyxia & Venous congestion
D) Fracture of Cervical vertebrae