Forensic Science Mock Test

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Forensic Science Mock Test

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Mock Test Question Papers on Forensic Science

1. Choose the correct option in what is ‘washing effect’.
(I) It is a gradual erosion and carrying away of the metal by the gases at higher temperature
(II) It loosen the barrel and affect both aim and range
(A) (I) is correct
(B) (II) is correct
(C) (I) and (II) are correct
(D) Neither (I) nor (II) is correct

2. Which of the following refers to the way address data is read and stored ?
(A) Offset
(B) Slack
(C) Endianness
(D) Metadata

3. Cordite contains :
(A) Nitroglycerine (58%) nitrocellulose (37%) and mineral jelly (5%)
(B) Nitroglycerine (37%) nitrocellulose (58%) and mineral jelly (5%)
(C) Nitroglyecrine (58%) and Nitrocellulose (42%)
(D) Nitrocellulose (58%) and mineral jelly (42%)

4. Universal Forensic Extraction Device is used for :
(A) Data extraction from mobile phones
(B) Data extraction from CCTV
(C) Estimation of location of a mobile phone
(D) Duplication of solid state drive

5. Abrasion, contusion and dirt colors are characteristic of :
(A) Contact range
(B) Close range
(C) Long range
(D) All the above

6. Assertion : Drift is a result of the gyrostatic properties of the riflinginduced spin of a bullet.
Reason : Drift is caused due to burning of propellant inside the cartridge.
(A) Both Assertion and Reason are true
(B) Assertion is true but Reason is false
(C) Assertion is false but Reason is true
(D) Both Assertion and Reason are false

7. The most widely measured smoke property is :
(A) Light extinction coefficient
(B) Burgis coefficient
(C) Henry coefficient
(D) Bonger coefficient

8. Which of the following is having the highest detonation velocity ?

9. Which of the following is a poor water resistance explosive ?
(A) Gelatin dynamite
(B) Cartridge emulsion
(C) Poured ANFO
(D) Packaged ANFO

10. The function of primer is :
(A) To propel the bullet
(B) To ignite the main charge
(C) To provide lubrication
(D) To save from corrosion

11. Assertion (A) : Simplification of letter forms is an indication of fast writing.
Reason (R) : Writing speed affects the appearance of the writing.
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true
(B) Both (A) and (R) are false
(C) (A) is true but (R) is false
(D) (A) is false but (R) is true

12. Cylithography, thermal transfer and cibachrome are examples of :
(A) Black-and-white copier processes
(B) Printing mechanism
(C) Color copier processes
(D) Scanning technology

13. To which of the following fingerprint patterns, a numerical value is assigned in the development of a primary classification formula of fingerprints ?
(A) Ulnar loop
(B) Tented arch
(C) Whorls
(D) Ulnar loop as well as composites

14. DFO reacts with which substance present in latent fingerprint to form highly fluorescent derivatives ?
(A) Fatty material
(B) Sodium chloride
(C) Amino acids
(D) Calcium

15. Complexity in handwriting is determined by :
(A) The number of times the pen changes directions
(B) The fullness of the curves
(C) The degree of angularity
(D) Fluency

16. Which of the following practices of collecting exemplars will help to minimize the chance of the writer deliberately altering his or her writing ?
(A) Have the subject stand up while writing
(B) Dictate long passages
(C) Show the subject questioned document
(D) Always use lined paper to make sure that the subject writes in straight line

17. Assertion (A) : For comparison purpose of handwriting non-request standards are also desirable.
Reason (R) : They are free of international disguise.
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true
(B) Both (A) and (R) are false
(C) (A) is true but (R) is false
(D) (A) is false but (R) is true

18. In a fingerprint, two innermost ridges which start parallel from the lower corner of the pattern, flow inward, diverge and surround or tend to surround the pattern are termed as :
(A) Primary ridges
(B) Distal transverse system
(C) Type lines
(D) Proximal transverse system

19. The chemical name of the ‘super glue’ use to develop latent prints is :
(A) Dimethyletriketo ester
(B) Alkyl-2-Cyanoacrylate ester
(C) Triketohydrindene hydrate
(D) Hydroquinone

20. Which of the following often involves writing on media other than paper, such as walls, locker doors, or mirrors ?
(A) Cacography
(B) Graffiti
(C) Hieroglyphics
(D) Acrograph

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21. Which one of the undermentioned statement is not related to an intravenous dosage ?
(A) All the drug enter the systemic circulation
(B) Almost instantaneously peak plasma concentration is attained after administration
(C) Is administered by non-invasive mechanism
(D) Required stable solution of drug

22. Industrial cannabis is characterized by ……………. THC content and ………… canabidial content.
(A) High and high
(B) Low and high
(C) High and zero
(D) Very high and low

23. The boiling point of any petroleum product depends on :
(A) Presence of water molecule
(B) Number of oxygen atoms
(C) Presence of organic constituents
(D) Number of carbon atom

24. The petroleum product having more than C50 will be known by :
(A) Naphtha
(B) Wax
(C) Gel
(D) Coke

25. Which of the following is an ultra short acting barbiturates ?
(A) Pentobarbital
(B) Pentothal sodium
(C) Amobarbital
(D) Phenobarbitone

26. Which of the following is not a stupefying agent ?
(A) Dhatura
(B) Cannabis
(C) Chloral hydrate
(D) Oleander

27. Phosphine is liberated in gastrointestinal tract upon consumption of which of the following poisons ?
(A) Aluminium phosphide
(B) Carbaryl
(C) Chlorthion
(D) Malathion

28. Potassium permanganate in gastric lavage is used in the strength of which of the following :
(A) 1 : 500
(B) 1 : 1500
(C) 1 : 5000
(D) 1 : 10,000

29. Method for fragmenting molecules in tandem mass spectroscopy is known as :
(A) Mass Induced Dissociation
(B) Collision Induced Dissociation
(C) Charge Induced Dissociation
(D) Impact Induced Dissociation

30. Which of the following is the use of inter-laboratory comparison for determining the performance of individual laboratories for specific tests :
(A) Quality assurance
(B) Proficiency testing
(C) Quality control
(D) Confirmatory assessment

31. Abolition of untouchability is mentioned under which of the following articles of the Constitution ?
(A) Article 14
(B) Article 15
(C) Article 16
(D) Article 17

32. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is under the jurisdiction of which of the following high courts ?
(A) Calcutta High Court
(B) Gauhati High Court
(C) Delhi High Court
(D) Bombay High Court

33. Tache noire refers to :
(A) Post-mortem staining
(B) Flaccidity of eyeball
(C) Black spots of sclera
(D) Maggot growth

34. Postmortem lividity helps in the determination of the following, except :
(A) Cause of death
(B) Time of death
(C) Motive of death
(D) Position of dead body

35. Anoxic anoxia produced by all except :
(A) Drowning
(B) Trapped in a closed almirah
(C) Cyanide poisoning
(D) Strangulation

36. Considering source/filter theory of voice production, for given vocal tract length 17.5 cm and velocity of sound equals to 350 m/s, second formant frequency will be :
(A) 1000 Hz
(B) 1500 Hz
(C) 2000 Hz
(D) 500 Hz

37. Collection of blood is subcutaneous tissue is called :
(A) Bruise
(B) Stab wound
(C) Lacerated wound
(D) Chop wound

38. Speed ball is the combination of cocaine with :
(A) 6-MAM
(C) Δ9-THC

39. Which drug has become increasingly popular as a drug of abuse in the ‘‘clubscene’’ owing to its ability to produce psychedelic effect ?
(A) Heroin
(B) Cocaine
(C) Diazepam
(D) Ketamine

40. The most frequently used technique to forge signature is :
(A) Copy forgery
(B) Traced forgery
(C) Computer aided forgery
(D) Proejction forgery

41. Pedophile is having anal intercourse with :
(A) Older women
(B) Children
(C) Homosexual adult
(D) Hijra

42. Among the following which one is the single most useful handwriting identification characteristics :
(A) Connectives
(B) Spacing
(C) Line quality
(D) Pictorial effect

43. Perfect forgery of long signature is :
(A) Not possible to accomplish perfectly
(B) May be possible in some cases
(C) Possible in all cases in competent hands
(D) Difficult to accomplish

44. The age determination of handwritten document from handwriting :
(A) is not possible if some de-capacitating illness affects
(B) is not possible in all cases
(C) can be estimated in writings of the adolescents
(D) may become possible with future research

45. Mc Naughten’s rule is :
(A) Section 84
(B) Section 85
(C) Section 86
(D) Section 87

46. AFIS is a :
(A) Method used to determine age of a latent print.
(B) Computer software designed to track fingerprint evidence with the chain of custody.
(C) Computerized system for storing and retrieving fingerprint records.
(D) Computer system programmed to analyze hair.

47. In accidental cases, when the body of the victim is brought for autopsy, the autopsy conduct is :
(A) Anatomical autopsy
(B) Clinical autopsy
(C) Medico-legal autopsy
(D) Individual autopsy

48. Dry drowning is defined as :
(A) Drowning in sea water
(B) Drowning in cold water, due to cardiac arrest
(C) Drowning of a dehydrated body
(D) Drowning where death is due to laryngospasm

49. Shovel-shaped incisors are more frequently found among :
(A) American Whites
(B) African Negros
(C) Australian Aborigines
(D) Chinese

50. What is approximately the number of centers of ossification at birth ?
(A) 206
(B) 450
(C) 806
(D) 600