Forensic Science Model Question

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Forensic Science Model Question

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Model Question Papers on Forensic Science

1. Which of the following is a transducer used in mass spectrometer ?
(A) Electron capture detector
(B) Electron multiplier
(C) Bolometer
(D) Phototube

2. Which of the following is the study of projectiles in weapons ?
(A) External Ballistics
(B) Intermediate Ballistics
(C) Internal Ballistics
(D) Interior Ballistics

3. Disputed paternity can be resolved, based on one of these :
(A) Nysten’s law
(B) Casper’s formula
(C) Hardy-Weinberg principle
(D) Locard principle of exchange

4. In which of the following F-number lens opening is the maximum :
(A) F-2
(B) F-6
(C) F-8
(D) F-22

5. Anthropometric facial landmarks are also known as :
(A) Fudicial points
(B) Geometric points
(C) Geometric landmarks
(D) Portrait landmarks

6. Sequential steps involved in DNA profiling :
(A) Isolation, Amplification, Statistical Interpretation and Visualization
(B) Isolation, Amplification, Visualization and Statistical Interpretation
(C) Isolation, Visualization, Amplification and Statistical Interpretation
(D) Visualization, Isolation, Amplification and Statistical Interpretation

7. FDP test is used to identify :
(A) Semen
(B) Vomit
(C) Menstrual blood
(D) Faecal matter

8. Unvoiced sound is produced by :
(A) Periodic vibration of vocal folds
(B) Rhythmic vibration of vocal folds
(C) Turbulence at some constriction in the vocal tract
(D) Periodic vibration of vocal tract

9. Which of the following explosive is having the highest detonation velocity ?

10. Which of the following doesn’t act as PCR inhibitors ?
(A) Haeme
(B) Melamin
(C) Indigo dyes
(D) Violet blue dye

11. Choline is produced from :
(A) Seminal vesicles
(B) Prostate
(C) Seminiferos tubules
(D) Bulbourethral glands

12. Club formation takes place during which growth phase of hair ?
(A) Anagen
(B) Catagen
(C) Telogen
(D) Pre-anagen

13. In phonetics, vowel quality is better known as :
(A) Harmonics
(B) Timbre
(C) Formant
(D) Syllable

14. The concept of Edgeoscopy was first developed by :
(A) Edmond Locard
(B) E.R. Henry
(C) Salil K. Chatterjee
(D) Cummins and Midlo

15. Which of the following is correct in forming final opinion on DNA profile comparison ?
(I) Matching
(II) Exclusionary
(III) Inconclusive
(A) (I) and (II) are correct
(B) (I) and (III) are correct
(C) (II) and (III) are correct
(D) (I), (II) and (III) are correct

16. Iodine vapours interact with the fingerprint residues to produce a visible print with the following colour :
(A) Purple
(B) Green
(C) Yellowish brown
(D) Black

17. The distance between two consecutive circles of the Battley’s Lens, used for single digit classification system of fingerprint is :
(A) 1 mm
(B) 2 mm
(C) 3 mm
(D) 4 mm

18. Blood groups can pass through one generation to another is discovered by :
(A) Lutheran
(B) Landsteiner
(C) Dungern and Hirzfield
(D) Epstein and Ottenberg

19. Which of the following is not a characteristic of casting material for tool marks ?
(A) Reproduction of finest details
(B) No or only slight shrinkage
(C) Inherent structure of material
(D) Opacity and high reflectivity

20. The 1st Chemical Examiner Laboratory was set up in India at :
(A) Madras
(B) Calcutta
(C) Agra
(D) Mumbai

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21. The formula which represents the simple ratio of atoms in a compound is called its :
(A) Molecular formula
(B) Structural formula
(C) Rational formula
(D) Empirical formula

22. Aldrich-Mees Lines are observed in subacute poisoning due to which of the following ?
(A) Antimony
(B) Nickel
(C) Arsenic
(D) Manganese

23. The measurement of the change in the isotopic ratio when portions of radiolabeled and non-labeled form of the same chemical species are mixed :
(A) Isotope dilution analysis
(B) Reverse isotope dilution analysis
(C) Isotope addition analysis
(D) Isotope exchange method

24. Which of the following pyromaterial is used for pyroelectric transducer in infrared detection system ?
(A) 3-aminophthalate
(B) Nd : YAG
(C) 1, 2 – dimethoxyethane
(D) Triglycine sulfate

25. Which of the undermentioned wavelength range in micrometer (μm) corresponds to near IR range ?
(A) 0.25 to 0.80
(B) 0.80 to 2.50
(C) 2.50 to 50
(D) 50 to 1000

26. Spandex and Lycra are examples of ……………….. fiber.
(A) Acrylic
(B) Urethane
(C) Olefins
(D) Polyester

27. Dum-dum bullets were first manufactured in :
(A) New Delhi
(B) Mumbai
(C) Chennai
(D) Kolkata

28. In Gustafson’s method of age estimation from teeth which of the following parameters is not considered ?
(A) Periodontosis
(B) Root resorption
(C) Diastema
(D) Cementum apposition

29. Chloroform test is used to determine which of the following properties of cement :
(A) Specific gravity
(B) Melting point
(C) Refractive index
(D) Elasticity

30. “No person accused of any offence shall be compelled to be a witness against himself.” The statement is under which of the following articles of constitution of India ?
(A) Article 20(3)
(B) Article 22(2)
(C) Article 23(1)
(D) Article 25(2)

31. The benefits of Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) are all, except :
(A) Reduced stopping distance under braking conditions
(B) Increased directional stability under braking conditions
(C) Added steering control during maximum braking
(D) Longer skid marks on the rough roads

32. Uniqueness of iris is in :
(A) Random color variations
(B) Random pigment variations
(C) Random textural variations
(D) Random shape variations

33. Which of the following is not a constituent of black powder ?
(A) Potassium nitrate
(B) Charcoal
(C) Ammonium nitrate
(D) Sulphur

34. Which of the following is not a sedimentary rock ?
(A) Sand stone
(B) Mud stone
(C) Conglomerate
(D) Granite

35. The maximum number of judges in Supreme Court of India including Chief Justice is :
(A) 28
(B) 29
(C) 30
(D) 31

36. Gratings, which are produced by photographic means using lasers are known as :
(A) Littrow Grating
(B) Holographic Gratings
(C) Echelle Gratings
(D) Ebert Grating

37. Which of the following microscope has the highest resolution ?
(C) Stereo Microscope
(D) Fluorescence Microscope

38. Which of the following solvents are of the lowest polarity ?
(A) Acetonitrile
(B) Ethanol
(C) Methanol
(D) Water

39. At an alleged suicide case, the door was found open, the evidence of this kind is better known as :
(A) Associative evidence
(B) Transfer evidence
(C) Depicting evidence
(D) Conditional evidence

40. A jet of steam is useful for restoration of erased number from which of the following surfaces ?
(A) Leather
(B) Rubber
(C) Polymer
(D) Wood

41. The mark left due to lateral movement between the two contacting surface is better known as :
(A) Lateral marks
(B) Striation marks
(C) Compression marks
(D) Friction marks

42. Which of the following is a method used to determine the gender of a biologic sample ?
(A) Mitochondrial typing
(B) RFLP typing
(D) Amelogenin type

43. Which of the following methods can be used for determining the age of an ink ?
(A) IR spectrophotometer
(B) Thin layer chromatography
(C) Fluorescence spectroscopy

44. Which of the following statements is not true ?
(A) Soil sample should be dried and gently crushed to a uniform consistency before dry examination is made
(B) Type of lighting plays a critical role in the comparison of soil sample for color
(C) Mineral grains may be present in a soil sample that can exist in a similar range of particle size
(D) The particle size distribution can be estimated using the microscope

45. A transparent resinous liquid to give a smooth, hard, glossy finish to a surface and prevent it from atmospheric action is known as :
(A) Varnish
(B) Distemper
(C) Drier
(D) Vehicle

46. Which of the following sutures of the human skill closes first ?
(A) Sagittal
(B) Lambdoid
(C) Coronal
(D) Mid-frontal

47. When in a proceeding, the court has to form an opinion on any matter relating to any information transmitted or stored in any computer, which of the following sections of Indian Evidence Act is relevant :
(A) Section 45
(B) Section 45A
(C) Section 46
(D) Section 47A

48. Chain of custody means :
(A) Continuity of possession
(B) Custody of accused
(C) Sampling process
(D) Presenting matter to the court

49. During summer season, a corpse was found lying in open with pupae of housefly on the body. This indicates the time since death would be approximately :
(A) 1 day
(B) 5 days
(C) 10 days
(D) 8 days

50. Assertion : Wheel method of searching evidence is not suitable for larger area.
Reason : Investigator starts from a critical point and revolves into a circular fashion.
(A) Both Assertion and Reason are true
(B) Assertion is true but Reason is false
(C) Assertion is false but Reason is true
(D) Both Assertion and Reason are false