Forensic Science Old Question

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Forensic Science Old Question

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Old Question Papers on Forensic Science

1. Narrow band spectrogram is the most suitable to study which of the following ?
(A) Harmonics
(B) Formant
(C) Glotal pulses
(D) Amplitude

2. Which of the following is correct ?
Mixed Guns are :
I. Double barrelled guns in which one barrel is of one bore and other is of different bore
II. Double barrel guns having different chokes in both the barrels
III. Double barrel have one smooth bore barrel and other is rifled barrel
(A) I is correct
(B) II is correct
(C) I & III are correct
(D) III is correct

3. Which of the following statements is correct ?
I. Forensic examiner encounter a wide range of weapons during the investigation
II. Most of these weapons falls in to one of the four major categories (Hand guns, shotgun, rifles and submachine guns)
(A) Statement I is correct
(B) Statement II is correct
(C) Statements I and II are correct
(D) Neither of statements I and II is correct

4. Which of the following is not an example of soft biometrics ?
(A) Periocular region
(B) Facial marks
(C) Gait pattern
(D) Tattoos

5. Casein is an example of :
(A) Regenerated protein
(B) Synthetic polymer
(C) Mineral fiber
(D) Vegetable fiber

6. Which of the following is not a test for examination of semen ?
(A) Barberios test
(B) Ammonium molybdate test
(C) Florence test
(D) Schiff’s test

7. Cardite is used in :
(A) 0.303 firearm
(B) 0.315 firearm
(C) 12 Bore shotgun
(D) 0.45 Revolver

8. The shortest barrel firearm is :
(A) Revolver
(B) Pistol
(C) Carbine
(D) Machine Gun

9. Which of the following explosive is the lowest density ?
(B) Dynamite

10. Which of the following detonating device uses a primary explosive ?
(A) Detonating card
(B) Novel card
(C) Exploding Bridgewire Detonators
(D) Electric Blasting caps

11. Dynamite is manufactured with the help of :
(A) Mercury fulminate
(B) Nitroglycerine
(C) Ammonia nitrate
(D) Potassium nitrate

12. Recoil is not affected by :
(A) The forward motion of the ejecta (Projectile, wads)
(B) Outrushing gases
(C) Muzzle blast
(D) Breach face

13. Assertion : 0.22 inch lead air gun pellet requires a minimum of 500 ft/s velocity to penetrate fresh human skin.
Reason : The mass and diameter of lead air gun pellet is relatively less.
(A) Both Assertion and Reason are true
(B) Assertion is true but Reason is false
(C) Assertion is false but Reason is true
(D) Both Assertion and Reason are false

14. The sectional density of a bullet of mass 158 g and diameter 0.357 inch is :
(A) 445 g/inch2
(B) 56 g/inch2
(C) 1239 g/inch2
(D) 935 g/inch2

15. In single digit classification of fingerprints, Battley lens is used, which has :
(A) Five concentric circles
(B) Three concentric circles
(C) Six concentric circles
(D) Seven concentric circles

16. The ultimate matching of two fingerprints as belonging to the same individual is based on :
(A) Comparison of number of triradii and core type
(B) Comparison of pattern types
(C) Comparison of ridge counts
(D) Comparison of minutiae or ridge characteristics

17. Which of the following sexual offences is also known as ‘Greek Love’ ?
(A) Bestiality
(B) Cunnilingus
(C) Buggery
(D) Lesbianism

18. The absence of a cadaveric spasm in hand and the presence of country made weapon (Katta) at the crime scene is suggestive of :
(A) Suicidal death
(B) Natural death
(C) Accidental death
(D) Homicidal

19. The feature, which is missing in the signature produced by scanning and printing through color printer is :
(A) Presence of C.M.Y. dots in the vicinity
(B) Pattern of paper from which signature is taken
(C) Indentation on the back side of the paper
(D) Microscopic texture on the stroke

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20. Ridged skin on palms and soles is :
(A) Found only in humans
(B) Absent in apes
(C) Absent in monkeys
(D) Found in humans, apes as well as monkeys

21. Which of the following black-and white film is considered as slow film ?
(A) ISO 800/30–3200/36
(B) ISO 400/27–500/28
(C) ISO 100/21–200/24
(D) ISO 25/15–50/80

22. Among the following inkjet and laser printers fall in which of the categories ?
(A) Impact printer
(B) Line printers
(C) Non-impact printers
(D) Page printer

23. Which of the following is considered individual characteristics of a photocopy ?
(A) Splash marks
(B) Trash marks
(C) Bleak marks
(D) Crimp marks

24. Protection of life and personal liberty has been sanctioned to the citizen of India under which of the following Articles of the Constitution ?
(A) Article 19
(B) Article 21
(C) Article 20
(D) Article 22

25. The triradii, which are not actually present in a fingerprint but their potential formation is predicted (beyond the boundary of ridged skin) by the character of the pattern, are termed as :
(A) Extralimital triradii
(B) Conjoint triradii
(C) Super triradii
(D) Phantom triradii

26. Kromekote paper method is used in which of the following ?
(A) Determining sequence of intersecting strokes
(B) Deciphering indented writings
(C) Deciphering erased writings
(D) Deciphering secret writings

27. CEDAR-FOX is an example of :
(A) Systems for identification of firearms
(B) Systems for handwriting identification
(C) Systems for identification of animals
(D) Systems for identification of hair

28. By cross breeding sativa strain of cannabis with that of indica will lead to the development of………………….. plant.
(A) Sinsemilla
(B) Skunk
(C) Clone
(D) Hop

29. To raise the yield of gasoline from crude oil by spliting higher molecular weight constituents into lower molecular weight is obtained by a process known as :
(A) Polymerization
(B) Alkylation
(C) Cracking
(D) Isomerization

30. Which of the following is not considered as a date rape drug ?
(B) Ketamine
(C) Nicotine
(D) Flunitrazepam

31. Kerosene smell is detected in which of the following poisons ?
(A) Arsenic
(B) Organophosphorus
(C) Cannabis
(D) Cyanide

32. National Poison Information Centre (NPIC) was started in All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), New Delhi in which of the following year ?
(A) 1998
(B) 1990
(C) 1995
(D) 1993

33. A suspect is caught 30 days after he committed a murder under the influence of drugs. Analysis of which matrix of suspect is most likely to identify the drug :
(A) Blood
(B) Hair
(C) Sweat
(D) Saliva

34. Condition when the temperature of body increases after death is known as :
(A) Post-mortem Caloricity
(B) Post-mortem Lividity
(C) Post-mortem Rigidity
(D) Algor mortis

35. Which test is most commonly used spot test for amphetamine ?
(A) Duquenois Levine
(B) Mandelins
(C) Ehrlich
(D) Scott’s

36. ‘‘Collision Detection Multiple Access’’ and ‘‘Time Division Multiple Access’’ are the examples of digital protocol used in :
(B) Cell phones
(D) Workstation

37. Specific guidelines for accreditation of forensic science laboratories has been mentioned in which of the following documents of NABL ?
(A) NABL-112
(B) NABL-113
(C) NABL-120
(D) NABL-121

38. Which of the following sample is the most suitable for the detection of diatoms in death due to drowning ?
(A) Sternum
(B) Liver
(C) Lungs
(D) Intestine

39. Which of the following is not a test to determine death of heart ?
(A) Magnus test
(B) Diaphanous test
(C) Icard’s test
(D) Winslow’s test

40. When broad surface of skin slides against a rough surface it produces which of the following types of abrasion ?
(A) Graze
(B) Imprint
(C) Pressure
(D) Scratch

41. Which of the following is the first internal organ to putrefy ?
(A) Heart
(B) Kidney
(C) Gall bladder
(D) Larynx and trachea

42. Chronic poisoning of which of the following causes tactile hallucinations ?
(A) Opium
(B) Cannabis
(C) Cocaine
(D) Lysergic acid diethylamide

43. The first Serology Department of Govt. of India was established in :
(A) 1910
(B) 1915
(C) 1925
(D) 1947

44. Scientific method always begins with a question, which in crime scene reconstruction is often called as :
(A) Investigative question
(B) Leading question
(C) Associative question
(D) Concluding question

45. The first forensic science school was started in the world at :
(A) University of Lausanne
(B) University of Saugar
(C) University of Michigan
(D) University of London

46. GSR collection from live subjects should be done within :
(A) 12 hours
(B) 2 hours
(C) 6 hours
(D) 24 hours

47. Assertion : In case of crime scene photography, use the flash attachment and get it off the camera.
Reason : Even in available light situations the flash attachment bring out the details of crime scene which is otherwise missed.
(A) Both Assertion and Reason are true
(B) Assertion is true but Reason is false
(C) Assertion is false but Reason is true
(D) Both Assertion and Reason are false

48. Molarity is defined as :
(A) Moles of solute present in 1 liter of solution
(B) Moles of solute present in 1 kg of solution
(C) Number of equivalent of solute present in 1 liter of solution
(D) Is expressed as amount of solute in (g) in 1 liter of solution

49. Separation of two compounds A and B is done by reverse phase chromatography. If A is more polar than B, which statement is correct ?
(A) A will elute followed by B
(B) B will elute followed by A
(C) A and B both elute together
(D) B will prevent elution by A

50. A suspect’s wallet was found at the scene of crime, the evidence is better known as :
(A) Transient evidence
(B) Pattern evidence
(C) Associative evidence
(D) Conditional evidence