Forensic Science Previous Year Question Papers

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Forensic Science Previous Year Question Papers

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Previous Year Question Papers on Forensic Science

1. P-30 is secreted by :
(A) Prostrate gland
(B) Salivary gland
(C) Parotid glands
(D) Pancreatic glands

2. R-ratio, percent extraction and dye ratio are the terms related to :
(A) Amount of pigment in paint
(B) Ratio of pigment and vehicle in paint
(C) Extent of layering in paint
(D) Relative age of ink

3. Collection of fire debris at crime scene cannot be accomplished by packing in airtight container with :
(A) Adsorption tubes
(B) Charcoal strips
(C) Tenax
(D) Carbonate strips

4. “Drop-on-demand” and “continuous drop” are the examples of which of the following printing technology ?
(A) Dot-matrix
(B) Thermal
(C) Inkjet
(D) Laser

5. Fired bullet found at a crime scene must be collected by using :
(A) Forceps
(B) Tweezers
(C) Tongs
(D) Gloves in hand

6. While taking a close-up photograph of the subject at crime scene, flash attachment is covered with a tissue/ handkerchief to prevent :
(A) Washing-out effect
(B) Shadow formation
(C) Bouncing effect
(D) Glaring effect

7. Seeds of ‘Hop’ can be distinguished from that of cannabis by the presence of :
(A) Endospermic shell
(B) Tortoise shell
(C) Shrivelled shell
(D) Hard shell

8. In human skull, the suture between basi-sphenoid and basi-occipital, the basilar suture, generally obliterates :
(A) Between 18 and 25 years
(B) Between 35 and 45 years
(C) Between 25 and 35 years
(D) Between 55 and 65 years

9. Patella and Fabella are examples of which type of bones ?
(A) Sesamoid bones
(B) Pneumatic bones
(C) Miniature long bones
(D) Flat bones

10. In summer season a cadaver was recovered in a state of putrefaction and infested with maggots of housefly. This indicates the time since death would be approximately :
(A) 1 day
(B) 15 days
(C) 2 to 3 days
(D) 10 to 11 days

11. Which of the following is a poor water resistance explosive ?
(A) Poured ANFO
(B) Gelatin Dynamite
(C) Packaged ANFO
(D) Cartridge emulsion

12. Out of the following, which statement is true with respect to footprint examination ?
(A) Height of a person can be roughly estimated from the footprints
(B) Race of a person can be determined from the footprint
(C) Caste of a person can be estimated from footprints
(D) Ethnicity can be determined from footprints

13. Sex chromosome constitution in persons with Turner’s syndrome is :
(A) XY
(C) OX

14. A footwear print observed on the clothes worn by a victim of an alleged murder case could be best lifted by using :
(A) Adhesive tape
(B) Electrostatic dust-print lifting device
(C) Liquid wax
(D) Plaster of Paris

15. A combination of one shot gun and one rifle barrel is known as :
(A) Cierling
(B) Trilling
(C) Vierling
(D) Drilling

16. Which of the following samples is collected to evaluate the effect of extraneous variable ?
(A) Sample of unknown origin
(B) Special sample
(C) Control sample
(D) Extraneous sample

17. EMV in view of credit card is :
(A) Standard for chip based card
(B) Standard for RAID based card
(C) Standard for magnetic stripe based card
(D) Standard for electrostatic card

18. ABFO scale no. 2 is used in cases of :
(A) Tool marks
(B) Bite marks
(C) Finger marks
(D) Bullet marks

19. Which of the following materials is not commonly used as die for pre-inked stamp ?
(A) Pre-mixed gel
(B) Squeezee effect
(C) Foam and powder
(D) Photopolymer

20. According to FDA guidelines for method validation by LC-MS, which of the following is not a relevant parameter :
(A) Accuracy
(B) Precision
(C) Retention
(D) Carry over

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21. For detecting the presence of lead (Pb) at microgram level (μg level) in ground water, the recommended analytical instrumental technique will be :

22. Which of the following is not an ionization source in LC-MS/MS ?
(A) Electrospray Ionization
(B) Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization
(C) Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization
(D) Field Ionization

23. In adipocere formation the following change occurs :
(A) Blood into watery serum
(B) Muscle into fatty tissue
(C) Body fats into soapy and waxy
(D) Bone and tendons into gelatinous mass

24. Which of the following refers to criminal intent ?
(A) Mens rea
(B) Neurosis
(C) Compos men tis
(D) Empathy

25. Bruise of green colour is observed in a victim. Time since injury would be which of the following ?
(A) 7-12 days
(B) 2 days
(C) 4-5 days
(D) 1 day

26. Which of the following is not a method of hymen examination ?
(A) Glaister-keene rods
(B) Foley’s catheter
(C) Through urethra
(D) Through rectum

27. Blue colouration of nails in case of asphyxia is known as :
(A) Edema
(B) Cyanosis
(C) Petechial hemorrhages
(D) Indigosis

28. The polygraph measures all except :
(A) Heart rate
(B) Electro-dermal activity
(C) Blood pressure
(D) P-300

29. Select the incorrect statement among the following about diatoms :
(A) Acid digestion technique is used to extract diatoms from tissues
(B) Diatoms have an extracellular coat composed of magnesium
(C) Diatoms are aquatic unicellular plant
(D) Presence of diatoms in femoral bone is an indication of antemortem aspiration of water

30. Which of the following is not a carbamate poison ?
(A) Aldicarb
(B) Propoxur
(C) Carbofuran
(D) Aldrin

31. Ganja is obtained from which of the following parts of plant ?
(A) Dried leaves
(B) Flowering tops
(C) Roots
(D) Fresh leaves

32. Which of the following dye is added to petrol to give colour to it ?
(A) Phenyl azo 2-naphthol
(B) Di-alkyl amino anthraquinone
(C) Alizarin yellow
(D) Sudan II

33. The knock rating of a gasoline is expressed also by its :
(A) Heptane number
(B) Octane number
(C) Propane number
(D) Aniline gravity

34. The octanol/water partition coefficient of a chemical is an indicative of ……………… in human.
(A) Carcinogenesis
(B) Long half life
(C) Potential bioaccumulation
(D) Toxicity

35. Which group of drugs is not suited for intranasal administration ?
(A) Cannabis
(B) Opiods
(C) Nicotine
(D) Oleander

36. Sinistrality means :
(A) An ambidextrous individual
(B) Right handedness
(C) Left handedness
(D) Hyodactylic individual

37. Ninhydrine is the trade name of which of the following chemicals ?
(A) Hydroquinone
(B) Triketohydrindine hydrate
(C) 3, 5, 3, 5, tetramethyl benzene
(D) Osmium trioxide

38. In newly introduced currency note of Rs. 2,000, the micro-printing on Gandhiji’s spectacles depicts :
(B) 2000
(D) Bharat in Devnagari

39. “SWGDRUG” is associated with :
(A) A confirmatory test for illicit drug
(B) A new street drug
(C) An international committee that sets standard for analysis of drug
(D) The federal agency with responsibility of tracking drug traffickers

40. Indented writing means :
(A) Invisible writing
(B) Coding
(C) Marginal writing
(D) Sub-surface impressions

41. Which of the following is a principal sign of disguise ?
(A) Poor rhythm
(B) Lack of internal consistencies
(C) Poor line quality
(D) Slowly executed writings

42. The Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) was established in :
(A) 2019
(B) 1997
(C) 1995
(D) 1992

43. Which of the following is the correct sequence of process that occurs in the flame atomizer of AAS ?
(A) Nebulisation, desolvation, volatilization, dissociation
(B) Volatilization, nebulisation, dissociation, desolvation
(C) Desolvation, dissociation, nebulisation, volatilization
(D) Dissociation, volatilization, desolvation, nebulisation

44. A Plaster of Paris Cast can’t be prepared in snow because of :
(A) Exothermic nature
(B) Cheap product
(C) Setting time
(D) Expansion factor

45. BitPim is an open source software to manipulate and view data in which of the following cell phones ?

46. The distance between the centres of the front and the rear wheels is better known as :
(A) Wheel distance
(B) Wheel base
(C) Wheel width
(D) Section width

47. Which of the following is the smallest addressable unit on a file system ?
(A) Sector
(B) Cluster
(C) Tracu
(D) Cylinder

48. The sectional density of a bullet of mass 158 g and diameter 0.357 inch is :
(A) 445 g/inch2
(B) 56 g/inch2
(C) 1239 g/inch2
(D) 935 g/inch2

49. The most suitable reagent for chemical etching of aluminium alloy surfaces in cases of restoration of erased number is :
(A) Fry’s reagent
(B) Villella’s reagent
(C) Thomas’s reagent
(D) William’s reagent

50. The scattering in which the scattered radiation has exactly the same wavelength as that of incident wavelength, is known as :
(A) Stokes scattering
(B) Anti-Stokes scattering
(C) Rayleigh scattering
(D) Inelastic scattering