Forensic Science Sample Question


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Forensic Science Sample Question

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Sample Question Papers on Forensic Science

1. Rate of charring of wood depends on all, except :
(A) Intensity of fire
(B) Duration of exposure
(C) Moisture content
(D) Demarcation line

2. The method of Stass was modified by Otto for the removal of which of the following ?
(A) Bone
(B) Fat
(C) Tissue
(D) Water

3. Footwear impression in snow is :
(A) Three-dimensional impression
(B) Positive two-dimensional impression
(C) A flat impression
(D) A negative two-dimensional impression

4. Which of the following sketching methods is the most suitable for large outdoor crime scene ?
(A) Triangulation
(B) Photogrammetry
(C) Baseline
(D) Polar coordinate

5. Which of the following is not an early change observed in eye after death ?
(A) Segmentation of retinal blood columns
(B) Increase in intraocular pressure
(C) Loss of corneal reflex
(D) Increase in potassium concentration in vitreous humor

6. The value of induced dipole moment divided by strength of the field is better known as :
(A) Polarizability
(B) Total dipole moment
(C) Unit dipole moment
(D) Depolarization

7. The formulae given by which of the following can be helpful in estimation of age of unknown human skeletal remains ?
(A) Trotter and Gleser
(B) Gustafsons’s
(C) Dupertius and Hadden
(D) Pearson’s

8. Which of the following compounds is infra-red inactive ?
(A) Ethylene
(B) Hydrochloric acid
(C) Carbon monoxide
(D) Nitric acid

9. Precolumn used for the conditioning of mobile phase is known as :
(A) Guard column
(B) Scavenger column
(C) Conditioning column
(D) Mobilizing column

10. Time-of-flight mass spectrometry operates in :
(A) Continuous mode
(B) Pulse mode
(C) Direct mode
(D) Syntactic mode

11. Which of the following is the correct sequence of the components of a monochromator in Emission Spectrometry ?
(A) Entrance slit, focusing lens, collimating lens, prism, exit slit
(B) Entrance slit, collimating lens, prism, focusing lens, exit slit
(C) Exit slit, prism, collimating lens, focusing lens, entrance slit
(D) Entrance slit, prism, collimating lens, focusing lens, exit slit

12. Distortion of glass article on fire suggests that the temperature reached :
(A) Below 750ºC
(B) 750ºC to 850ºC
(C) 1000ºC to 1500ºC
(D) 1500ºC to 2000ºC

13. A man committed suicide by a 0.357 revolver in hard contact of his head. Blood stains were found in the barrel of the revolver due to :
(A) Back spatter
(B) Forward spatter
(C) Blowback effect
(D) Impact effect

14. In HPLC, LOD and LOQ are obtained using :
(A) Retention time to Signal ratio
(B) Efficiency to Asymmetry ratio
(C) Signal to Noise ratio
(D) Retention time to Dead time ratio

15. Which of the following is used as a source of radiation in XRE Spectrometer ?
(A) Collidge Tube
(B) Crookes Tube
(C) Hollow Cathode Tube
(D) Incandescent light bulb

16. Analysis of a drug by UHPLC generates a pressure of 14000 psi. A column with which of the following particle size is most suitable for analysis :
(A) 10 μm
(B) 2 μm
(C) 5 μm
(D) 20 μm

17. Which of the following states has not a separate high court ?
(A) Sikkim
(B) Manipur
(C) Meghalaya
(D) Mizoram

18. ………………….. is used to generate X-ray.
(A) Anger tube
(B) West tube
(C) Mayer tube
(D) Coolidge tube

19. HPFS and exFAT are examples of which of the following operating systems ?
(A) Windows XP
(B) Linux
(C) Mac OSX
(D) Windows 98

20. Tenax TA is a porous polymer resin based on……………………. is specifically designed for trapping of true volatile or semivolatile compound from air.
(A) Asahipak NH2P-504E
(B) 2,4 Dinitrophenyl hydrazine
(C) 2, 4, 6-tribromoaniline
(D) 2, 6-diphenylene oxide

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21. Bertillon system of personal identification developed in the late 19th century in France was primarily based on :
(A) Fingerprints
(B) Anthropometry
(C) Retina pattern
(D) Facial features

22. Assertion : Rapid hardening cement is prefabricated concrete construction and road works.
Reason : With the same water, cement ratio at a fixed day of application strength of rapid hardening cement is more than ordinary portland cement.
(A) Both Assertion and Reason are correct
(B) Assertion is correct but Reason is false
(C) Assertion is false but Reason is correct
(D) Both Assertion and Reason are false

23. In adults, the transparency of roots of teeth :
(A) Decreases with increase in age
(B) Increases with increase in age
(C) Remains constant throughout life
(D) First increases and then decreases with age increase

24. Woods metal, which is used to make cast of tool marks is composed of :
(A) Bismuth, lead, tin, cadmium
(B) Bismuth, copper, cadmium, lead
(C) Bismuth, zinc, cadmium, tin
(D) Bismuth, copper, zinc, cadmium

25. The fast-drying coatings that dry by evaporation of the solvent rather than by oxidation or polymerization is better known as :
(A) Varnish
(B) Vehicle
(C) Lacquer
(D) Resins

26. When the temperature of liquid is raised, its refractive index :
(A) Increases
(B) Decreases
(C) Remains unchanged
(D) First increases then decreases

27. A footwear impression left on a hard flat dusty surface by the clean outsole of a shoe is a :
(A) Three-dimensional footwear impression
(B) Positive two-dimensional footwear impression
(C) Negative two-dimensional footwear impression
(D) Positive three-dimensional footwear impression

28. Which of the following marks are produced during the dynamic process ?
(A) Compression marks
(B) Striations marks
(C) Indentation marks
(D) Imprints

29. Tool marks does not consist of :
(A) Indents
(B) Striations
(C) Elemental composition
(D) Drill

30. Paint analysis does not include :
(A) Sequence of layers
(B) Minerological profile
(C) Pyrolysis gas chromatography
(D) Trace elemental composition

31. The MRM is a technique in mass spectrometer stands for :
(A) Multiple reaction monitoring
(B) Multiple range monitoring
(C) Multiple ratio monitoring
(D) Magnetic resonance monitoring

32. Miscope is a/an :
(A) Small hand held digital microscope
(B) IR microscope
(C) Microphotograph
(D) Spectroscopic instrument

33. Which of the following are correct parameters which influence the nature of tool marks ?
I. Horizontal angle of tool
II. Vertical angle of tool
III. Pressure on tool
IV. Side of the tool blade
(A) I & II are correct
(B) I & III are correct
(C) I, II and III are correct
(D) I, II, III & IV are correct

34. Which of the following liquids is used to separate the soil grain on the basis of specific gravity ?
(A) Ethanol
(B) Sodium hydroxide solution
(C) Bromoform
(D) Nitrobenzene

35. The terminology used to describe when the sperms are present in large number with abnormal morphology is :
(A) Aspermia
(B) Oligospermia
(C) Teratozoospermia
(D) Necrozoospermia

36. Chronic poisoning due to lead is known as :
(A) Plumbism
(B) Hydrargyrism
(C) Ptyalism
(D) Arsenicosis

37. The luminol test is a capable of detecting bloodstains diluted upto :
(A) 30,000 times
(B) 3,00,000 times
(C) 3,000 times
(D) 300 times

38. The largest protein molecule in blood is :
(A) Albumin
(B) Globulin
(C) Fibrinogen
(D) Haemoglobin

39. Which of the following ASTM guidelines is not related to forensic document examination ?
(A) ASTM E 1422
(B) ASTM E 2290-07a
(C) ASTM F 2503-13
(D) ASTM E 443-09

40. Which of the following is not used for nuclear DNA profiling ?
(A) Cut hair
(B) Plucked hair
(C) Fallen hair
(D) Kinky hair

41. As ‘Wool’ is obtained from sheep hair likewise Mohair is obtained from :
(A) Camel hair
(B) Vicuna hair
(C) Angora goat hair
(D) Asiatic goat hair

42. Which of the following is the test for detection of urine ?
(A) Kastle Mayer test
(B) Jaffer test
(C) Teichmann test
(D) Phadebas test

43. The STRs with identical length and sequence are known as :
(A) Simple repeats
(B) Complex repeats
(C) Compound repeats
(D) Complex hypervariable repeats

44. As per ISO/IEC 7811, a magstripe card contains :
(A) One track
(B) Two tracks
(C) Three tracks
(D) Four tracks

45. Which of the following is not depicting antigen-antibody reaction ?
(A) Neutralization
(B) Elisa
(C) Precipitation
(D) Agglutination

46. In forensic examination of samples, STR are selected which are :
(A) Genetically linked
(B) Genetically not linked
(C) Larger in size
(D) Smaller in size

47. The minimum value of area under a receiver operating curve of a biometric system is :
(A) 0.2
(B) 0.3
(C) 0.5
(D) 0.4

48. Salivary amylase converts :
(A) Starch into glucose
(B) Starch into glycogen
(C) Starch into fats
(D) Starch into carbohydrates

49. The most suitable reagent for chemical etching of steel surfaces in cases of restoration of erased number is :
(A) Fry’s reagent
(B) Villella’s reagent
(C) Thomas’s reagent
(D) William’s reagent

50. The pitch pattern in a sentence is known as :
(A) Fundamental frequency
(B) Intonation
(C) Timbre
(D) Phonology