Home Science Previous Year Question Papers

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Home Science Previous Year Question Papers

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Previous Year Question Papers on Home Science

1. A colour is scheme is called Spilt Complimentary Scheme when
(a) Yellow, green and red are used
(b) Blue is used with red orange and yellow orange
(c) Green, orange and blue green
(d) Blue-green, blue-purple and red

2. Management in the home is:
(a) A mere performance of work
(b) The responsibility of the head of the family
(c) The use of family resources
(d) The major means of achieving family goal

3. The requirements of a god structured design is
(a) The selection and arrangement of materials
(b) To create order and beauty
(c) Organisation of beauty, structure and materials
(d) To be suited to its purpose

4. One of the important consumer aid is
(a) Advertisement
(b) Consumer Co-operative
(c) Gov’t legislations
(d) Rights

5. The brightness and dullness of colour is indicated by
(a) Hue
(b) Intensity
(c) Value
(d) Shade

6. One of the basic art elements include
(a) Balance
(b) Emphasis
(c) Line
(d) Harmony

7. Money income is
(a) Direct income
(b) Indirect income
(c) Real income
(d) Known source

8. Greek oblong has a ratio of _____________ for flat surfaces
(a) 1:2
(b) 2:3
(c) 3:4
(d) 4:5

9. The task lighting provides
(a) Aesthetic beauty
(b) Shadowless light
(c) Light with more intensity
(d) Sufficient amount of light

10. The following is used to insulate refrigerator
(a) Rock wool
(b) Saw dust
(c) Bakelite
(d) Vanadium

11. Average patterns of time use are known as
(a) Work curve
(b) Outputs
(c) Time norms
(d) Activity patterns

12. A ledger is a
(a) Cash book
(b) Balance sheet
(c) Journal
(d) Principal Book account

13. The ‘how to’ type of decisions are
(a) Economic decisions
(b) Technical decisions
(c) Crucial decisions
(d) Emergency decisions

14. People change to meet the standards in
(a) Flexible standards
(b) Qualitative standards
(c) Conventional standards
(d) Quantitative standards

15. The family is not tied by investment in a house when it is
(a) Rented
(b) Owned
(c) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
(d) None of the above

16. The following ventilation is effective when the temperature in the room is higher than the outside.
(a) Cross ventilation
(b) Shaft ventilation
(c) Roof ventilation
(d) Self ventilation

17. Roominess can be achieved by
(a) Proper economy of space
(b) Positioning of doors and window
(c) Making rooms multipurpose
(d) Screening one room for another

18. It is used in making a more detailed study of some particular part of the process.
(a) Process chart
(b) Cyclegraph
(c) Operation chart
(d) Pathway chart

19. Human resources are those which
(a) Are community facilities
(b) Are material goods
(c) Are inherent in person
(d) Are manageable

20. Which is the unit of society?
(a) Household
(b) Family
(c) Culture
(d) Quassi household

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21. Following is the best soil for building a house
(a) Clay soil
(b) Rocky soil
(c) Gravelly soil
(d) Concrete and limestone

22. A contract or a credit instrument between the lender and the debtor is called
(a) Bond
(b) Stock
(c) Shares
(d) Credit

23. Making decisions, dealing with family activities are part of the
(a) Planning process
(b) Controlling process
(c) Implementing process
(d) Evaluating process

24. A base metal is coated to prevent it from rusting. The coating may be of
(a) Aluminium
(b) Zinc
(c) Tin
(d) Lead

25. Which of the following is a forceful tool of persuading and influencing the consumer’s judgement?
(a) Labelling
(b) Advertisement
(c) Packaging
(d) Selling

26. The aim of proper orientation is to
(a) Admit the required amount of sunshine into the house
(b) Enjoy wider and brighter outlook
(c) Meet the changing needs of the family
(d) Keep the temperature equable

27. The right to fair settlement and compensation for faulty goods and services is called
(a) Consumer education
(b) Consumer protection
(c) Redressal
(d) Safety

28. Which of the following is used in cord of heating appliances?
(a) Asbestos
(b) Glass wool
(c) Fibre glass
(d) Mica

29. Intelligence is
(a) A goal
(b) An instrumental goal
(c) Intrinsic value
(d) Standard

30. Following is best producer of value
(a) Culture
(b) Society
(c) Church
(d) Family

31. A progression of sizes is another technique to achieve rhythm. It is called
(a) Gradation
(b) Radiating
(c) Repetition
(d) Curvilinear

32. The housing needs a given family is determined by
(a) The income of the family
(b) The stage it has reach in its cycle
(c) the standard it has conformed to
(d) the goal it has set

33. Lighting needs to be concealed or shade d in
(a) Bed room
(b) Dining room
(c) Living room
(d) Store room

34. A dislike for work is associated with
(a) Boredom fatigue
(b) Frustration fatigue
(c) Psychological fatigue
(d) Both ‘b’ and ‘c’

35. Abstinence from present consumption for the sake of future consumption is called
(a) Investment
(b) Savings
(c) Account keeping
(d) Family account

36. A design in which an idea is conceived from nature and modified by artist is
(a) Naturalistic
(b) Abstract
(c) Geometric
(d) Stylized

37. To match the architecture of a room, small pieces of furniture can be placed
(a) At an angle
(b) Parallel to walls
(c) In a group
(d) And mixed with others

38. The function of a thermostat in electrical heating appliance is
(a) Heat circulation
(b) Heat regulation
(c) Heat transfer
(d) Thermal conduction

39. The standard required for maintaining the quality of fruits and vegetable is
(a) PFA
(b) FPO
(c) Agmark
(d) Ecomark

40. A favourable work curve is one in which the warming up period is represented by:
(a) A long sloping line
(b) A steep high line
(c) A comparatively short line
(d) A plateau

41. The most suitable arrangement for a dining table is
(a) Line arrangement
(b) Mass arrangement
(c) Miniature arrangement
(d) Dry arrangement

42. Housing requirement is greatest in the
(a) Beginning family
(b) Expanding family
(c) Contracting family
(d) Joint family

43. Positioning of the house in the plot to achieve maximum benefit of natural features is
(a) Neighbourhood
(b) Orientation
(c) Circulation
(d) Grouping

44. Satisfaction from the use of resources can be enhanced by
(a) Improving work method
(b) Use of labour saving devices
(c) Recognising problems
(d) Increasing supply of resources

45. This arrangement maintains a balance of flowers and foliages all around and leaves no hole
(a) The crescent
(b) The circular shape
(c) The fan shape
(d) The pyramid

46. Which of the following Act was amended in December, 1986?
(a) National Award
(b) Consumer Protection
(c) The MRTP
(d) Consumer Legislation

47. Defrosting is adviseable before the deposit is
(a) ½ “ thick
(b) ¼ “thick
(c) 1″ thick
(d) ¾ “ thick

48. Accessories are placed at the important parts in a room. Because they
(a) Hold attention
(b) Simplify design
(c) Unify design
(d) Create focal point

49. ______________ is the strongest metal
(a) Stainless steel
(b) Aluminium
(c) Silver
(d) Brass

50. This is helpful in finding out and comparing cost:
(a) Guarantee
(b) Market survey
(c) Questionnaire
(d) Standard mark