Horticulture Sample Question

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Horticulture Sample Question

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Sample Question Papers on Horticulture

1. The contribution of Indian mango in world production is about
(a) 15%
(b) 25%
(c) 54%
(d) 72%

2. Which plant is commercially propagated with zygotic seed?
(a) Papaya
(b) Banana
(c) Jackfruit
(d) Walnut

3. Air layering is generally followed in
(a) Pineapple
(b) Papaya
(c) Pomegranate
(d) All of these

4. Which of the following is the natural Auxin?
(a) Dicamba
(b) 2,4-D
(c) Picloram
(d) Phenyl acetic acid

5. Auxin Transport in plants occur through
(a) Xylem
(b) Phloem
(c) Parenchyma cells
(d) Both Xylem and Phloem

6. Chemically Gibberllins are
(a) Monoterpenoids
(b) Triterpenoids
(c) Diterpeneoids
(d) All of these

7. Which of the following can be substitute red light effect in plants?
(a) Auxins
(b) Gibberllins
(c) Methylene
(d) Ethylene

8. Which of the following is climacteric fruit?
(a) Olive
(b) Peach
(c) Mango
(d) All of these

9. Morphactins are
(a) Sex regulators
(b) Vegetative growth retardant
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) None of these

10. Which of the following is a false fruit?
(a) Guava
(b) Watermelon
(c) Tomato
(d) Apple

11. Exanthema is a nutritional disorder in
(a) Citrus
(b) Banana
(c) Mango
(d) Apple

12. Which mango cultivar is resistant to malformation?
(a) Alib
(b) Bhadauram
(c) Illaichi
(d) All of these

13. Perlin beauty is a promising cultivar of
(a) Grapes
(b) Pineapple
(c) Apple
(d) Pomegranate

14. Lichi has high content of
(a) Zinc
(b) Copper
(c) Iron
(d) Calcium

15. The inflorescence in mango contains
(a) Male flower
(b) Andromonoecious flowers
(c) Hermaphrodite flowers
(d) All of these

16. What induce flowering in long day plants under short day condition
(a) Ethylene
(b) Auxins
(c) Gibberllins
(d) Cytokinin

17. Dwarf Cavendish is a cultivar of
(a) Apple
(b) Strawberry
(c) Banana
(d) Pineapple

18. In South India grapes are pruned
(a) Once in a year
(b) Twice in a year
(c) Thrice in a year
(d) Four times in a year

19. The alkaloid Santonine is obtained from
(a) Cumin
(b) Artemisia
(c) Brahmi
(d) Neem

20. Which of the following soil nutrients are susceptible are to loss by volatilization?
(a) NH3
(b) NO3
(c) N2
(d) All of these

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21. The conversion of organic compounds in the soil to inorganic form are called as
(a) Mineralization
(b) Immobilization
(c) Solubilization
(d) Nitrification

22. Riceyness is a physiological disorder in
(a) Rice
(b) Cabbage
(c) Cauliflower
(d) Potato

23. Example of stomata closing type of antitranspirant is
(a) Kaolin
(b) Silicon oil
(c) Celite
(d) Atrazine

24. NRC for Cashew is located at
(a) Puttur
(b) Elluru
(c) Kochi
(d) Trivandrum

25. Choose the correct answer
1. Nitrogenous fertilizer (i) Monocrotophos
2. Fungicides (ii) Diammonium phosphate
3. Growth hormones (iii) Carbendazim
4. Insecticides (iv) NAA
(a) 1(ii) 2(iii) 3(iv) 4(i)
(b) 1(iii) 2(i) 3(iv) 4(ii)
(c) 1(ii) 2(iii) 3(i) 4(iv)
(d) 1(i) 2(ii) 3(iii) 4(iv)

26. Root suckers are
(a) Insects that suck nutrients from the roots of plants
(b) Shoots that arise from roots to form new plant
(c) New plant parts that arise from the branches of fruit trees
(d) Roots of neighbouring plants that share water with the another plant

27. Mycorrhizae is associated with the following
(a) Formation of root nodules
(b) Hyphae penetrating the soil
(c) Found mostly in lower plants
(d) Soil erosion

28. The pH in soils can be raised by adding
(a) sand
(b) lime
(c) sulphur
(d) nitrogen

29. In cold places frost damage can be reduced in horticultural crops using these methods except
(a) Overhead sprinklers at night
(b) Green houses and shade nets
(c) Wind breaks placement
(d) Appropriate fungicide application

30. Which is not applicable to vegetatively propagated plants?
(a) To get true to type plants
(b) To protect an elite quality
(c) To conserve a plant
(d) To get a new type of plant

31. Bioherbicides have been recommended
(a) To prevent eco-degradation
(b) Because of their ready availability
(c) Because of their cheap rates
(d) Because of their abundance

32. The process by which nutrient chemicals or contaminants are dissolved and carried away by water, or are moved into a lower layer of soil
(a) Mulching
(b) Desertification
(c) Incineration
(d) Leaching

33. Aims of plant breeding are to produce
(a) Disease-free varieties
(b) High-yielding varieties
(c) Early-maturing varieties
(d) All of these

34. Main function of biofertilizer is
(a) To increase chemical process
(b) To increase physiological process
(c) To increase biological process
(d) To increase photosynthesis process

35. What is the area in floriculture (in 1000 hectare) in India?
(a) 40 – 50
(b) 60 – 80
(c) 100 – 120
(d) None of these

36. The instrument, which is used for sowing of seed with fertilizer together at a time, is
(a) Seed drill
(b) Dibbler
(c) Seed sowing behind plough
(d) Ferti-cum Seed drill

37. SO2 and NO2 Produce pollution by increasing
(a) Alkalinity
(b) Acidity
(c) Neutrality
(d) Buffer action

38. Which is not a green house gas?
(a) CFC
(b) CH4
(c) CO
(d) H2

39. BOD is connected with
(a) Organic matter
(b) Microbes
(c) Microbes and Organic matter
(d) None of these.

40. Itai-Itai disease is due to the toxicity of
(a) Lead
(b) Cadmium
(c) Strontium
(d) Tin

41. Which one is green manure?
(a) Sesbania
(b) Rice
(c) Oat
(d) Maize

42. Which one of the following describes a system of agriculture where a single crop is grown on a large area?
(a) Shifting Agriculture
(b) Plantation Agriculture
(c) Horticulture
(d) Intensive Agriculture

43. Which one of the following is announced by the government in support of a crop?
(a) Maximum support price
(b) Minimum support price
(c) Moderate support price
(d) Influential support price

44. Pungency in Radish is due to
(a) Solanin
(b) Capcisin
(c) Isothiocinate
(d) Calcium acetate

45. Planting distance of guava is
(a) 10m
(b) 6m
(c) 3m
(d) none of these

46. For jelly production what is required in fruit
(a) Protein
(b) Pectin
(c) Sourness
(d) Sweetness

47. King of bitter is known as
(a) Momordica charantia
(b) Azadirachta indica
(c) Withania somnifera
(d) Andrographis paniculata

48. India ranks first in production of
(a) Banana
(b) Papaya
(c) Mangoes
(d) Guavas

49. India, ranks ………………….in fruits and vegetables production in the world
(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Fourth

50. The rectangular system of planting of fruit trees mainly focused on
(a) Intercultural operations can be carried out easily
(b) Irrigation channel can be made length and breadth wise
(c) Light can penetrate into the orchard through the large inter spaces between rows.
(d) All of these