ICDS Mains English Questions Papers

Download ICDS Mains English Questions Papers – Candidates passed ICDS Preliminary Exam, better to start your preparation for ICDS Mains Exam today. However, find the direct download links for the ICDS Mains English Questions previous year question paper below.

ICDS Mains English Question PapersAlso, check the ICDS Mains exam pattern and other important details before starting preparation. Integrated Child Development Services Recruitment board conducts the written exam to select the candidates. Hence, the aspirants cleared the preliminary exam must attend the mains examination. Hence, check the number of question, marks & time duration details in the tabular sections below. Download links for the ICDS Mains Exam model question paper are given below

ICDS Mains English Questions Syllabus like Class-XII Standard

  • Report Drafting
  • Translation from Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali to English
  • Summary/Precis Writing
  • English Grammar (correct use of words, voice change, narration change, transformation of sentences, correction of sentences, use of common phrases, synonyms, antonyms)

Report Drafting for ICDS Mains English

Types of Report Drafting

  1. Report of an event
  2. Report of an accident
  3. Newspaper report

Example on Report Drafting

Write a newspaper report within 500 words on the destruction in South 24 Parganas on account of Cyclone Amphan. Take the help of following point.

Date – 20 May 2020, Three persons were killed, Thousands of kutcha houses were damaged, landfall started at 2.30 p.m. and continued till 7 p.m, wind speeds of 150-160 km per hour, more powerful than Bulbul (2019) and Aila (2009), 90% of the telecom towers were found intact , Electricity supply was disrupted, CM Statements, Disaster Rapid Action Force and fire service units were deployed

Answer of Example

Title – Cyclone Amphan lashes West Bengal

South 24 Parganas 20,May – Three people were killed as excessively cyclonic tempest Amphan made landfall close Sagar Islands in South 24 Parganas area of West Bengal on Wednesday.

A huge number of kutcha houses in the seaside parts of West Bengal were harmed. Dikes were penetrated in the low-level zones due to the gigantic tempest flood. Starter reports said one individual each passed on in Minakha and Basirhat of North 24 Parganas region and a third in Howrah.

As indicated by the Regional Meteorological Center at Alipore in Kolkata, the landfall began at 2.30 p.m. furthermore, proceeded till 7 p.m. The landfall was accounted for close Sagar Island of the Sunderbans between Digha in Purba Medinipur and Hatia in Bangladesh.

Sanjib Bandyopadhyay, a senior authority at the Alipore focus, said wind velocities of 150-160 km for every hour were recorded in the waterfront regions after the tornado made a landfall. In Kolkata, wind rates of 112 km for each hour were recorded.

Weighty precipitation was accounted for over all areas of south Bengal. The super typhoon was one of the fiercest the State has seen lately — more remarkable than Bulbul (2019) and Aila (2009).

Power gracefully was disturbed in certain seaside regions after electric shafts were evacuated by solid breezes. In different areas of south Bengal, there were reports of old houses crumbling and trees being evacuated. The tempest flood in the seaside zones of South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas was anticipated to be around four to five meters over the cosmic tide level, which would immerse low-level regions in the Sunderbans.

The climate office has anticipated that the cyclonic tempest will stay over Gangetic West Bengal in various powers till Thursday morning. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, alongside senior authorities, was observing the circumstance at the State Secretariat.

The West Bengal government has cleared three lakh individuals, two lakh from South 24 Parganas. Limitations have been forced on the development of individuals in Kolkata and connecting zones, and ferry services have been suspended. The Kolkata Airport has suspended the development of freight trips for Wednesday.


Translation from Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali to English

Example Bengali to English

সাহিত্য এমন একটি মাধ্যম যার মাধ্যমে কোনও ব্যক্তি তার ধারণাগুলি সমাজের বিভিন্ন রীতিনীতিগুলির বিরুদ্ধে প্রতিবাদ জানাতে পারে। যারা একটি নির্দিষ্ট উদ্দেশ্যকে সামনে রেখেই বা নৈতিক উদ্দেশ্য নিয়ে কাজ করে তাদের সাহিত্যে বিশেষ গুরুত্ব রয়েছে। একটি নৈতিক উদ্দেশ্য নিয়ে রচিত সাহিত্যকর্ম বিভিন্ন প্রজন্মের দ্বারা পুনরায় ব্যাখ্যা করা চলবে। এই কাজগুলি পাঠককে সমস্যার প্রতি তার নিজস্ব নৈতিক রায় সংস্কার করার পরিপন্থি।

Answer of B-E

Literature is a medium through which a person can convey his ideas towards or protests against different norms of society. Those works that deal with a moral issue are of particular importance in literature, they are written with a particular purpose in mind. A literary work with a moral issue will live on to be reinterpreted by different generations. These works involve the reader for reforms his own moral judgement towards the issue.

ICDS Mains English Questions on Summary/Precis Writing Example

Paragraph for Precis

The teacher, like the artist, the philosopher and the man of letters, can only perform his work adequately if he feels himself to be an individual directed by an inner creative impulse, not dominated and fettered by an outside authority. It is very difficult in this modern world to find a place for the individual. He can subsist at the top as a dictator in a totalitarian state or a plutocratic magnate in a country of large industrial enterprises, but in the realm of the mind it is becoming more and more difficult to preserve independence of the great organized forces that control the livelihood of men and women.

If the world is not to lose the benefit to be derived from its best minds, it will have to find some method of allowing them scope and liberty in spite of organisation. This involves a deliberate restraint on the part of those who have power and a conscious realisation that there are men to whom free scope must be afforded. Renaissance Popes could feel in this way towards. Renaissance artists, but the powerful men of our day seem to have more difficulty in feeling respect for exceptional genius. The turbulence of our times is inimical to the flowering of culture.

The man in the street is full of fear and therefore unwilling to tolerate freedoms for which he sees no need. Perhaps we must wait for quieter times before the claims of civilisation can again override the claims of party spirit. Meanwhile, it is important that some at least should continue to realise the limitations of what can be done by organisation. Every system should allow loopholes and exceptions, for if it does not, it will in the end, crush all that is best in man.

Model Answer of Precis

Teachers can work successfully if they do not work under control by their bosses. Creative mind invents better when it is free from pressure. Individuals in power must get this and give them this opportunity. Nonetheless, the current upset time isn’t useful for innovative individuals and they should hang tight for a more tranquil period. Till at that point, we ought to comprehend that all administrations and associations ought to permit extraordinary individuals to show their inventive capacities.

ICDS Main English Questions on Grammar – Examples

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

(a) Jonathan is 63. He’ll be retiring from his job __________ two years’ time.
(b) Rami’s brother is an engineer, but he doesn’t have a job __________ the moment.
(c) The river Rhine flows __________ the North Sea.
(d) Did you enjoy your visit __________ the zoo?
(e) We managed to put the fire out __________ a fire extinguisher.
(f) He’s very selfish. He doesn’t care __________ other people.
(g) A friend of mine was injured in an accident a few days ago. He’s still __________.
(h) We took all caution __________ possible dangers.
(i) When I opened the envelope, I was delighted to find a cheque __________ Rs.10,000/-
(j) Sorry, but I must go. I have to be home __________ 5 O’clock.

Correct the following sentences.

(a) He thanked me for what I (do).
(b) We (live) in Delhi since 1975.
(c) The Minister (arrive) here tomorrow.
(d) He normally (carry) a stick but today he is without it.
(e) If I (be) you, I would help him.

Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs and conjunctions:

English teacher Guy Harvold, 24 saved the lives of 30 students on a bus from Gatwick to Bournemouth __________ the driver _________ a heart attack. The bus went out of control. It ________the trees, a barrier and a lamp post ________Harvold could stop it. The Diver _______, ________ no one else _______ hurt. Harvold, who has’n passed his driving test, was _______ by police _________ was _______free driving lessons by a local driving school.