Interrogative Sentence Voice Change Exercise with Answers

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Interrogative Sentence Voice Change Exercise with Answers

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How to change voice of interrogative sentence?

An Interrogative Sentence in Active Voice keeps its Interrogative from in its Passive Voice. If the Interrogative Sentence begins with the Auxiliary Verb Do, the process of changing is convenient by changing it into Assertive first and then into Interrogative. But if the Interrogative sentence begins with other Auxiliary Verb or a Wh-word, it can be directly changes into passive.

Some Rules to change Interrogative Sentences from Active to Passive

Rule 1: If any Active Sentence started with ‘Do’, ‘Does, ‘Did’ then to make it Passive you have to replace it with ‘Am’, ‘Is’, ‘Are’, ‘Was’, ‘Were’ in place of ‘Do’, ‘Does, ‘Did’ as per ‘Subject’.

Example: Yes-No Type Questions

Active Passive
Do you like the book? Is the book liked by you?
Did the teacher complete the syllabus? Was the syllabus completed by the teacher?
Is he doing the work? Is the work being done by him?
Will they help you in your adversity? Will you be helped by them in your adversity?

Rule 2: If a sentence starts with ‘Who’ then in Passive voice it will start with ‘By whom’. If the sentence starts with ‘Wh-word’ in Active Voice then proper form of ‘be’ verb will be placed after ‘Wh-word’ in Passive Voice except ‘Which’. If sentence starts with ‘Which’ then Subject will be placed after ‘Which’ to form Passive Voice.

Example: ‘Wh’ Questions

Active Passive
Who did it? By whom was it done?
Why did they beat you? Why were you beaten by them?
Which book do you want? Which book is wanted by you?
What do you need? What is needed by you?

Example: Negative Sentences

Active Passive
I do not like rice. Rice is not liked by me.
Has he not seen the picture? Has not the picture been seen by him?
Roni will not call you. You will not be called by Roni.

Voice Change Exercise

Change the Interrogative Sentences from Active Voice to Passive Voice. Answers are given below:

Active Voice:

1. What is she doing?

2. Did you clean the car?

3. Was she cooking rice?

4. Did they win the battle?

5. Has she had tea?

6. Who paid for the shirt?

7. Which one do you like?

8. Have they paid the fees?

9. Did Navin break the wall?

10. Haven’t I warned you?

11. Have you paid the bill?

12. Is the girl eating custard?

13. Who doesn’t want a chocolate?

14. Do you love the little girl?

15. Who has made the mess?

16. What type of books do you read?

17. Who has found my ring?

18. Which one do you prefer?

19. When will you finish the course?

20. Will she play the character of a dove?

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21. Who taught you English?

22. Which machine is he using?

23. What would you like to eat?

24. Are they speaking French?

25. Has he sung a new song?

26. Has Sudha informed her parents?

27. Are the boys playing cricket?

28. Did the spectators cheer him?

29. Do you know swimming?

30. ls the baby having soup?

31. Did the judge punish him?

32. Didn’t the police arrest him?

33. Haven’t the organisers called a meeting?

34. Have you finished your breakfast?

35. Don’t they eat fried snacks?

36. Have you injured your foot ‘?

37. Are you following the rules?

38. Are they watching a movie?

39. Can anybody repair this watch?

40. Should we pay you for the work?

41. What were you driving ‘?

42. Did the hunter kill the deer?

43. Had the girls cooked the meal?

44. Haven’t they invited all of you?

45. Are they planting trees?

46. Doesn’t the audience love the play?

47. Shall you ever forget her?

48. Are the guards watching his house?

49. Is she playing badminton?

50. Didn’t they throw away the rubbish?

51. Why did he scold you?

52. How do you operate a patient?

53. Where have you kept my pen?

54. What did she see?

55. Who teaches music to the pupils of this school?

56. Who stole my mobile?

57. Has the cat chased the rat?

58. Did the monkey slap Rohan?

59. Did Partha take the doggy for a walk?

60. Did you offer tea to Mrs Kapoor?

61. Who is looking after her?

62. Who knows the man?

63. Did you put the baby to sleep?

64. Can Radha sing melodious songs?

65. Can you read Hindi?

66. Did the woman open the door?

67. Will they welcome the groom?

68. Who broke the pot?

69. Didn’t l lend him five hundred rupees?

70. Have you put it in your pocket?

71. Who was eating this apple?

72. Who stole the money?

73. Who can do this?

74. Can he drink a glass of milk?

75. Who stole your wallet?

76. Who elected the President?

77. Have you seen the kite?

78. Who would bell the cat?

79. Did the lion release the mouse?

80. Don’t you know the name of the Prime Minister of India?

Answers in Passive Voice

1. What is being done by her?

2. Was the car cleaned by you?

3. Was rice being cooked by her?

4. Was the battle won by them?

5. Has tea been had by her?

6. By whom was the payment for the shirt was made?

7. Which one is liked by you?

8. Has the fees been paid by them?

9. Was the wall broken by Navin?

10. Haven’t you been warned by me?

11. Has the bill been paid by you?

12. Is custard being eaten by the girl?

13. By whom isn’t a chocolate wanted?

14. Is the little girl loved by you?

15. By whom has the mess been made?

16. What type of books are read by you?

17. By whom has my ring been found?

18. Which one is preferred by you?

19. When will the course be finished by you?

20. Will the character of a dove be played by her?

21. By whom were you taught English?

22. Which machine is being used by him?

23. What would be liked by you to eat?

24. Is French been spoken by them?

25. Has a new song been sung by him?

26. Has Sudha’s parents been informed by her (Sudha)?

27. Is cricket being played by the boys?

28. Was he cheered by the spectators?

29. ls swimming something which is known by you?

30. Is soup being had by the baby?

31. Was he punished by the judge?

32. Wasn’t he arrested by the police?

33. Hasn’t a meeting been called by the organisers?

34. Has your breakfast been finished by you?

35. Aren’t fried snacks eaten by them?

36. Has your foot been injured by you?

37. Are the rules being followed by you?

38. ls a movie being watched by them?

39. Can this watch be repaired by anybody?

40. Should you be paid by us for the work?

41. What was being driven by you?

42. Was the deer killed by the hunter?

43. Had the meal been cooked by the girls?

44. Haven’t all of you been invited by them?

45. Are trees being planted by them?

46. Isn’t the play loved by the audience?

47. Shall she ever be forgotten by you?

48. Is his house being watched by the guards?

49. Is badminton being played by her?

50. Wasn’t the rubbish thrown away by them?

51. Why were you scolded by him?

52. How is a patient operated by you?

53. Where has my pen been kept by you?

54. What was seen by her?

55. By whom the pupils of this school are taught music?

56. By whom was my mobile stolen?

57. Has the rat been chased by the cat?

58. Was Rohan slapped by the monkey?

59. Was the doggy taken for a walk by Partha?

60. Was tea offered to Mrs Kapoor by you?

61. By whom is she being looked after?

62. To whom is the man known?

63. Was the baby put to sleep by you?

64. Can melodious songs be sung by Radha?

65. Can Hindi be read by you?

66. Was the door opened by the woman?

67. Will the groom be welcomed by them?

68. By whom was the pot broken?

69. Wasn’t five hundred rupees lent to him by me?

70. Has it been put in your pocket by you?

71. By whom was this apple being eaten?

72. By whom was the money stolen?

73. By whom can this be done?

74. Can a glass of milk be drunk by him?

75. By whom was your wallet stolen?

76. By whom was the President elected?

77. Has the kite been seen by you?

78. By whom would the cat be belied?

79. Was the mouse released by the lion?

80. Isn’t the name of the Prime Minister of India known by you?