Journalism Mock Test Papers

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Journalism Mock Test Papers

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Mock Test Papers on Journalism

1. Which product is ‘utterly butterly delicious’ —
a) Bornvita
b) Brittannia Butter
c) Amul Butter
d) Patanjali Butter

2. Athithi Devo Bhava is the slogan of which campaign —
a) India Tourism
b) Manipur Tourism Department
c) North-Eastern Council
d) Delhi Tourism

3. What is clip —
a) A flash about an important news in a TV news bulletin
b) A still photograph of an event inserted into a TV news bulletin
c) In broadcasting, a short segment from the whole or to be spliced in the print media, a clipping
d) All the three statements above are correct

4. Narrowcasting means —
a) Producing and designing media contents in order to target a highly specific segment of the audience.
b) A tool of Public Relations
c) A special TV news bulletin on any particular issue
d) A curtain raiser programme TV / Radio on any important issue

5. Which of the following personalities of the North-Eastern Region has the privilege of being both the Director and Chairperson of the National School of Drama —
a) Aribam Shyam Sarma
b) Ratan Thiyam
c) Jahnu Barua
d) Heisnam Kanhailal

6. Which are the types of certificates issued by Central Board for Film Certification —
a) A, U, U/A
b) A, B A/C
c) X, Y, Z
d) A1, A2, A3

7. Where is the regional office of CBFC for the north-eastern situated —
a) Guwahati
b) Shillong
c) Imphal
d) Agartala

8. The media situation of our country can be compared to which of the following theories of mass media — .
a) Libertarian
b) Authoritarian
c) Communist
d) All the three

9. Airtime refers to —
a) Slots allotted specially for advertisement , in a TV or Radio news bulletin
b) Amount of time given to a programme in Radio or TV broadcasting
c) Both a) and b) are correct
d) Both a) and b) are incorrect

10. The meaning of cross ownership of media is –
a) Ownership of more than one portals or websites of any kind by the same owner or company
b) Only the ownership of a string of cinema studios and cinema halls across the country
c) Ownership of only one particular media like a newspaper or TV channel across the world .
d) Ownership of multiple media business by a person or corporation that may include TV, film, radio, print media, music etc.

11. Brand loyalty means —
a) One particular brand remaining with one company forever
b) Tendency of consumers to buy the same brands for future also that they have bought in the past
c) Both a) and b) are correct
d) Both a) and b) are incorrect

12. The meaning of the term ‘audio’ is —
a) Sound produced by any means for entertainment purpose only
b) The amount of noise in programmes in the electronic media
c) The voice in a documentary or film that is given by someone outside the frame, not by a character of the documentary
d) Related to sound or its reproduction, recorded sound material of any kind, including the sound component of a video or film recording

13. When we mention the term ‘cross-media advertising’ it means —
a) Advertising many brands or products of the same company in the same media at the same time
b) Advertising the same product in several media forms and outlets (radio, television, print, etc.)
c) Both a) and b) are correct
d) Both a) and b) are incorrect

14. In which year and which place the first All India Radio station was set up in the North-Eastern region —
a) Imphal, Shillong, 1945
b) Dimapur, Hanagar, 1950
c) Dibrugarh, Guwahati, 1967
d) Shillong, Guwahati, 1948

15. Above the-line advertising means —
a) Promotional message for which a commission is paid for, like in advertising
b) Advertisements published only above the mid fold of any newspaper
c) It is another name of full-page advertisements for newspapers
d) All the above statements are correct

16. A videophile is one —
a) Who enjoys watching video texts and making video recordings
b) A videographer with a bent of a human interest angle
c) Statement a) is incorrect and b) is correct
d) None of these three statements are correct

17. The meaning of the term post production is —
a) Final stage in making of a recording, film or television programme involving editing, dubbing and other special effects
b) The job of releasing or broadcasting a film or a TV or Radio programme or distribution of newspapers, magazines after printing
c) Both a) and b) are correct
d) Both a) and b) are incorrect

18. Pick up the correct option for PRSI —
a) Public Relations Society of India
b) Press Research Society of India
c) Public Relations Services International
d) Public Relations Standards, India

19. Umbrella advertising promotes —
a) Umbrella companies together
b) An organization rather than a single product
c) All individual establishments under a particular media
d) Any product in the electronic media category

20. What is access —
a) Ability of people to view, investigate or question the products, activities or motives of major media outlets and companies
b) Too much of contents in the media
c) Opportunity to perform a programme in TV or Radio channels
d) Only the statements b) and c) are correct

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21. The year in which colour TV broadcasting was introduced in the country is —
a) 1980
b) 1982
c) 1984
d) 1981

22. Pick up the correct date and year of establishment of All India Radio —
a) Jun7, 1935
b) June 6, 1934
c) June 5, 1937
d) June 8, 1936

23. Pick up the correct statement —
a) Academy Awards are given by Pulitzer Foundation
b) Oscar Awards are given by the American Academy of Pictures
c) Both statements a) and b) are correct
d) There is absolutely no difference between the Oscar and the Academy Awards

24. Which event can be termed as the beginning of the era of mass communication —
a) Invention of Radio
b) Invention of printing press
c) Invention of Television
d) Development of Internet

25. The movie – Udta Punjab came into limelight because —
a) It has won Filmfare Best Film award for 2014
b) The film was refused certification by the Central Board for Film Certification but it was granted on direction of Bombay High Court
c) It has shown Indian freedom fighters in a bad light
d) Only the options — a) and c) are correct

26. Who among the following are credited with the Agenda-Setting theory of mass communication —
a) Daniel Lerner and Marshall McLuhan
b) Maxwell McCombs and Donald L Shaw
c) Harold Lasswell and John Loggy Bayerd
d) Daniel Lerner and Harold Lassweil

27. The Four Theories of the Press were propounded by —
a) Marshall McLuhan, Daniel Lemer, Everete M Rogers
b) Sriniwas Melkote, Eugene F Shaw
c) Fred S. Siebert, Theodore Peterson and Wilbur Schramm
d) Both the statements a) and b) are correct

28. Copy testing means —
a) Technique of measuring the effectiveness of advertising messages by showing them to specific types of consumers
b) Itis another name of editing of news items for publication by a copy editor
c) Checking of copies of newspapers or magazines for physical defects
d) Random checking of copies of newspapers, magazines for inadvertent factual errors

29. For a newspaper —
i) Deadline is the time and place of its publication
ii) Dateline is the time by which filing of all news items have to be completed for a particular edition
Options —
a) Only option (i) is correct
b) Both options (i) and (ii) are correct
c) Only option (ii) is correct
d) Both options (i) and (ii) are incorrect

30. Which newsmagazine’s masthead contains this statement — India’s National Magazine —
a) India Today
b) Frontline
c) Outlook
d) Week

31. What do you understand by the term ‘scroll’ —
a) A roll, specially for a document; a function on a video screen in which the line moves up and down for viewing
b) The roll of paper containing news items from news agencies supplied to the newspaper offices
c) Big rolls of newspaper printing paper
d) Only the edited copy of news items or other contents in a newspaper

32. Terrestrial feed means —
a) Territorial jurisdiction of a TV / Radio channel or newspaper in a country
b) Advertisements meant for some specific business territories of a newspaper or TV / Radio channel
c) Special supplements of a newspaper aimed at a specific territory of the country
d) Radio/ TV or other broadcasts transmitted via land lines such a telephone line or direct (without lines) different from satellites

33. The meaning of the term Average Audience (AA) is —
a) Number of households tuned to a Radio/ TV programme during a minute or other period expressed in an AA rating
b) Number of households spending an average amount of money for per month for media and entertainment purpose
c) Number of households without owning a Radio / TV set in a certain place
d) All the three statements above are correct

34. Electronic viewfinder is a term that means —
a) The actual viewing lens of a camera maybe still or video
b) The photographic or videographic composition as viewed from the lens of a camera
c) A-small screen for monitoring while operating a video camera that may be in-built or separate
d) Only the statements a) and b) are correct

35. What are we talking about by the term ‘buy rate” —
a) Rates for advertising space in media
b) Per copy price of a newspaper or magazine
c) In pay-per view TV system, the percentage of subscribers which purchase a programme
d) A negotiable rate of buying of the entire space of a newspaper by one advertising agency

36. Video frame means —
a) Framing of a scene for videography purpose
b) It is another name of the tripod on which the video camera is mounted for stability
c) A single picture taken from a videotape or off a TV screen
d) All the three above statements are correct

37. What is dolly in terms of mass media —
a) A mobile platform with three or four wheels for a carrying a microphone, camera or other items
b) The crane equipment used for shooting overhead pictures for TV programmes or films
c) It is another name of the tripod on which the video camera is mounted for stability
d) It means a camera which can be fitted with extra lenses for better quality and specific requirement in addition to the original in-built lens

38. In broadcasting, cross talk means —
a) Live conversation between broadcasters as between an anchor person and an on-site reporter
b) The practice of broadcasting opposite views on any important issue of public interest
c) Ownership of different media — TV / Radio or newspapers by the same media organization
d) Only the statements — b) and c) are correct

39. The meaning of plagiarism is —
a) Passing off somebody else’s ideas and words as one’s own
b) Publication of series of articles, features from syndicated columns by a newspaper, magazine
c) Publication of the same photos by different newspapers or magazines of the same publication house
d) It is another name of yellow journalism

40. What is rating point for broadcasting —
a) Size of a Radio / TV audience expressed as a percentage of the total potential audience
b) Segmentation of the total audience into various categories for convenience of advertising
c) The universal worldwide coding system for TRP
d) None of the above statements are correct

41. The concept of Opinion leader is referred to in which of the following model and name the developers of the model —
a) Alternative Media model of communication, Daniel Lerner
b) Gatekeeping model, Harold Lasswell
c) Two-Step Flow of Communication model, Paul Lazarsfeld, Bernard Berelson, Hazel Gaudet
d) All the three options above are correct

42. The term Dominant Paradigm is related to —
a) Global political hegemony
b) Both options (a) and (c) are correct
c) The Cold War situation of the 1980s
d) Development Communication

43. The proponent(s) of the gatekeeping model of communication are —
a) Wilbur Schramm
b) Bruce H Westley & Malcom Mclean
c) Harold Lasswell
d) George Gerbner

44. What are the kinds of ‘public’ in Public Relations —
a) External, Internal
b) Rational, Irrational
c) Exclusive, Inclusive, Median
d) Mediated, Unmediated

45. In which year TV services were separated from All India Radio —
a) 1975
b) 1982
c) 1984
d) 1976

46. An interactive media is —
a) One that allows for two-way communication between the media and users (such as viewers), enabling users to obtain responses in real time
b) Print media that allows one to read or refer to it whenever necessary
c) Both statements a) and b) are correct
d) Both statements a) and b) are incorrect

47. The term ‘below the fold’ means —
a) The second half part of any news item in a newspaper or magazine
b) Lower half of the front page of a newspaper, generally considered less important than the upper half
c) Both statements a) and b) are correct
d) Both statements a) and b) are incorrect

48. Conglomerate means —
a) Large business organizations consisting of a number of media entities
b) Any major general interest company having significant control over media companies across nations
c) A film production studio also owning a chain of cinemas across the world or within a nation
d) All these three statements are correct

49. Electronic news gathering which has become highly popular nowadays is —
a) Picking up news stories from internet service providers to feed a TV / Radio news bulletin
b) Recording of news events using small video cameras and a minimal crew
c) Both statements a) and b) are correct
d) Both statements a) and b) are incorrect

50. What is TRP —
a) Television Review Programme for selection of TV programmes for broadcasting in a channel
b) Television Rating Point — a tool for analyzing which programmes are viewed the most
c) Television Running Preview — system for measuring the broadcast quality of the programmes
d) All the three above statements are correct