Journalism Model Question Papers

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Journalism Model Question Papers

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Model Question Papers on Journalism

1. The famous Pulitzer Prize is given in the field of —
a) Films
b) Advertising
c) Public Relations
d) Journalism

2. The term ‘flash’ in journalism means —
a) A small photograph of a person in connection with a news item
b) Brief news story that is broadcast immediately whenever an important event happens
c) Any news item in brief published in one side column of a newspaper
d) News item based only on photographs

3. For launching a news newspaper in the country, it has to be registered with —
a) Audit Bureau of Circulation
b) Registrar of Newspapers, India
c) Press Information Bureau
d) State Information & Public Relations Department

4. Who is considered as the Father of Indian Journalism —
a) Mahatma Gandhi
b) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
c) Lala Lajpat Rai
d) Annie Besant

5. Name the person who published India’s first ever newspaper —
a) Raja Ram Mohun Roy
b) Rudyard Kipling
c) Mahatma Gandhi
d) James Augustus Hickey

6. Which of the following newspapers claims itself as “India’s National Newspaper since 1878 —–
a) The Times of India
b) The Pioneer
c) The Indian Express
d) The Hindu

7. Which of the following newspapers is also known as the ‘Old Lady of Bori Bunder’ —
a) The Times of India
b) The Pioneer
c) The Indian Express
d) The Hindu

8. Which of the following is the longest serving newspaper of the North-Eastern Region —
a) The Sentinel
b) The Assam Tribune
c) Imphal Free Press
d) The Shillong Times

9. A ‘Beat’ in journalistic language means —
a) A specific area of reporting / specialization for a journalist
b) A source for a journalist
c) An exclusive news item not published by any other newspaper or news organization
d) All of the above are correct

10. A banner headline is —
a) A headline stretching from one side to the other side of the entire page
b) An advertisement right at the centre of the front page of a newspaper
c) The headline given for the anchor story of a newspaper
d) The headline of the main Editorial of the newspaper

11. What is a Byline ————-
a) The date and place of the news items given at the beginning of the story
b) The name of the journalist given at the beginning or end of the story
c) The sign of the editor only when an editorial is published in the front page of the newspaper
d) The name of the newspaper or magazine given at the top of the front / cover page

12. Which of the following journalists is famous for focusing on issues of rural areas’ development —
a) Dileep Padgaonkar
b) Nikhil Chakrabarty
c) Kuldeep Nair
d) P Sainath

13. The first example of seeds of press regulations even during the L3ritish East India company’s reign —
a) Censorship of Press Act
b) Official Secrets Act
c) Press & Registration of Books Act
d) Vernacular Press Act

14. The number of total members of the Press Council of India is —
a) 25
b) 21
c) 28
d) 30

15. What is embargo in Journalism —
a) Restriction on publication of a certain advertisement for various factors
b) Restriction on publication of a news provided by a source until a certain date or certain conditions have been met
c) A strict order from the government for not publishing certain information
d) Sources of the journalist feeding certain information with a dubious purpose

16. What is meant by the term ‘verbatim’ —
a) Writing the news item in a way with more emphasis on a verbal style
b) A very short summary of the interviews taken for journalistic purpose
c) Background voice in Radio / TV journalism bulletins
d) Giving the actual or exact words spoken by a speaker

17. A Style-Guide or Style-book for journalism means —
a) Principles of presenting news items for a journalism media organization
b) Principles of presentation of photographs for print media
c) A code of conduct for journalists of a particular organization
d) A grammar style and usage guide prepared for journalists with basic reference to grammar, punctuation and principles of reporting, including many definitions and rules for usage etc.

18. A ‘masthead’ is —
a) Another name of a Banner Headline
b) Editorial published on the front page
c) The title and other details of a newspaper at the head of the first or editorial page
d) Alternative name to the Editorial page in print media

19. ‘News hole’ can be defined as —
a) Space needed to be filled up between two major news items to balance the layout
b) A small news item placed strategically for balancing two advertisements in a newspaper
c) Space available for printing of news and associated items after space allocated for advertisements
d) All the three above are correct

20. The term ‘libel’ means —
a) Spoken defamation
b) Written words assumed / alleged to be defamation
c) An editorial signed by the editor to convey something highly important
d) A printing mistake in the news items

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21. Young India and Harijan were launched by —
a) Bal GangadharTilak
b) Mahatma Gandhi
c) Raja Ram Mohun Roy
d) Sraojini Naidu

22. The full names of Indian news agencies — PTI and IANS are —
a) Press Trust of India, Indo Asian News service
b) Press & Telegraph India, International Asian News Services
c) Press & Telenews India, Indian Amalgamated News Services
d) All the above three statements are correct

23. News blackout means —
a) Withholding of aparticular news broadcast, for somespecific — social, political, or other kind of reason
b) Popular name of censorship from government
c) Keeping a certain portion of the newspaper blank deliberately as a protest against censorship
d) Boycotting a particular organization for news coverage fer not giving advertisements to the news organization

24. What is the meaning of Precision Journalism –
a) Journalism that attempts to make news reporting a scientific enterprise with rigorous methods such as surveys and questionnaires
b) Writing news items exactly within a specified number of words prescribed by the editor
c) Knowing exactly who are the target audience or readers of your newspaper or listeners of the news bulletin
d) All the above three statements are correct

25. What is meant by Attribute in journalism –
a) Assigning journalists to various beats according to their personal attributes
b) Annual assessment of career advancement based on journalists’ attributes .
c) To quote the original source of material, whether it be a quote or copyrighted work.
d) All the three statements above are correct

26. Meaning of caption is –
a) Text printed below a picture used to describe it and who took it
b) Another term of cutline
c) Both a) and b) are correct
d) Both a) and b) are incorrect

27. The meaning of Convergence in Journalism is-
a) Term to describe multimedia newsrooms producing news for different publishing platforms
b) Facility to supply various newspapers, magazines at the same venue for consumers’ convenience
c) System of providing sub titles in an audio-visual programme for listeners’ convenience
d) Publication / broadcasting of more than a newspaper, TV / Radio channels from the same house

28. When we mention the term ‘copy’ in journalism we mean —
a) Copying of a hand-written news item or article to computerized setting
b) Hard copies of newspapers, magazines,
c) Reports of correspondents who are stationed out of the head office of the publication house
d) Main text of a story

29. The term Copy Approval means —
a) A source or interviewer asking to see the text of an article prior to publication
b) Approval from the Editor for each and every small or big news item in a newspaper / news bulletin
c) Approval of the news item or feature by the owners of the publishing house before publication or broadcasting
d) All the three statements above are correct

30. What is Dateline —
a) Chronology of events with exact dates in a news item (if necessary)
b) A line at the beginning of a story stating the date and the location
c) Botha) and b) are correct
d) Only statement a) is correct

31. By the term ‘follow up’ in journalism we mean –
a) Looking for news items always trying all of our sources at any given moment of time
b) Taking tips from senior journalists about looking for interesting news stories
c) An update on a previous story
d) All the above statements are correct

32. What is ‘nut graf’ –
a) Paragraph containing the — essential elements of a story
b) Graphical presentation of stories in a particular beat for convenience of readers
c) Use of graphical tools for news presentation
d) All the three statements above are correct

33. What is Deadline—
a) The time by which an editor requests journalists to finish an assignment.
b) Chronology of events with exact dates in a news item (if necessary)
c) A line at the beginning of a story stating the date and the location
d) All the statements are correct

34. A Blind interview means —
a) Interview with one or two persons in the crowd of an event or scene
b) Interview with an unnamed source
c) A popular name for an audio interview for a news programme
d) All these three statements are correct

35. Press Council of India is a body for —
a) News Censorship
b) Professional journalists
c) Publicity for government of India through print media
d) Preserving the freedom of the press and of maintaining and improving the standards of press in the country

36. The concept of 5Ws, 1H is related primarily to
a) Journalism
b) Public Relations
c) Advertising
d) All these three options are incorrect

37. Which of the following newspapers has attained more than 150 years of existence —
a) The Indian Express
b) The Times of India
c) The Hindustan Times
d) The Assam Tribune

38. A freelance journalist is one —
a) Who has to report on any matter for a news media organization, not confined to any particular beat
b) Who has to carry out both editing and reporting duties whenever necessary in a news organization
c) Who works independently and is paid according to assignments completed
d) All the above three statements are correct

39. The term ‘sidebar’ means —
a) A secondary news story that supports or amplifies a major story
b) Important but short news story that appears on the extreme side single column In a newspaper
c) An opinion piece in a newspaper combined with an opposing opinion article on editorial page
d) All the above three statements are correct

40. What is a ‘source’ in journalism —
a) Person or organization from whom a hint or tip about a news item can be expected
b) Senior editorial persons who direct other journalists on certain news Items
c) Persons responsible for running a news organization
d) A journalist

41. A ‘kicker’ is —
a) Another name of a sub headline in an important news item
b) The headline of a flash news item
c) The tithe of the main editorial in a newspaper
d) A small headline, often in Italie and usually underlined, above and slightly to the left of the main lead

42. A lead in journalism means —
a) Another name of banner headline
b) The anchor news item in a newspaper
c) Main news story on the front page of a newspaper
d) The first editorial out of the two or three usually published by a newspaper

43. Cropping of a photograph in print media means —
a) Retouching it to enhance the effectiveness to suit a specific aspect
b) Retouching it to decrease the effectiveness to suit a specific aspect
c) Editing a photograph to cut out all unnecessary elements in relation to a news item :
d) Editing a photograph to deliberately distort it

44. An editorial in a newspaper or a magazine can be described as —
a) Opinion of the masses as reflected in the words of the that publication house’s management
b) A newspaper article expressing the editor’s opinion on a typical issue
c) Opinion of the newspaper publication house highly influenced by the advertisers
d) All the three options above are correct

45. Which of the following is an act relating to ethical practices in journalism —
a) The Lokpal and Lokayukta Act, 2013
b) The Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995
c) Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986
d) The Consumer Protection Act, 1986

46. What is New Journalism —
a) Journalism in which the emotional content of a story is emphasized over its information value
b) Popular name of Paparazi
c) Alternative name of Yellow Journalism
d) Journalism practiced through new Media

47. What do you understand by the term Newsreel
a) Paper rolls on which newspapers are printed
b) Rolls of paper on which news agencies supply news to newspapers through teleprinter
c) A weekly news round up in TV or Radio
d) Practice of news reports shown on film in a movie theatre, often before the main feature popular some decades ago

48. What is a Pictorial —
a) A newspaper or magazine that has many visual images, often more than it has written text
b) A newspaper or magazine which is based only on graphical presentation of stories
c) Both a) and b) are correct
d) Both a) and b) are incorrect

49. Photojournalism refers to —
a) Journalism in which photography plays a more important role than the accompanying text
b) Newspapers or magazines dedicated only to photographs without any text
c) Both a) and b) are correct
d) Both a) and b) are incorrect

50. The meaning of News Value is —
a) Value of a news item in terms of the space that it occupies in a newspaper or TV / Radio bulletin in terms of advertising rates of the organization
b) A complicated process of calculating the monetary value of a newspaper in terms of the popularity of the newspaper or news bulletin
c) Criteria applied for evaluating which news stories are worthy of printing or broadcasting, and in which order of importance they should appear
d) All these three statements are correct