Journalism Question Bank

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Journalism Question Bank

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Question Bank on Journalism

1. The book — ‘Many Voices, One World: Towards a New, More Just, and More Efficient World Information and Communication Order’ was the result of the findings of —
a) The MacBride Commission headed by Sean MacBride
b) First Press Commission of India
c) Second Press Commission of India
d) Statements only a) and b) are correct

2. In which year Doordarshan India came into existence —
a) 1959
b) 1982
c) 1978
d) 1975

3. What is the name of the popular TV show hosted by Rajat Sharma —
a) Aapki Adalat –
b) Spotlight
c) Hard Talk
d) The Peoples’ Court

4. The function — To evolve, lay down a standard and uniform audit procedure by which a member publisher shall compute its qualifying copies’ in journalism is the primary responsibility of —
a) Registrar of Newspapers, India
b) Audit Bureau of Circulation
c) Press Information Bureau
d) All the above three statements are correct

5. The term DAGMAR means —
a) Definition of Advertisement Generally for Meaningful Advertising Responses
b) Defining Advertising Goals for Mediated Audio-visual Reproduction
c) Defining Audio-visual Goals for Measured of Adequate Responses
d) Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results

6. Airwaves in mass communication mean —
a) Any kind of programme on Radio and TV
b) TV/Radio programmes aired through internet
c) Media through which broadcasting signals are transmitted; their pathways through air
d) AU the three statements above are correct

7. News envelope is a term used for describing —
a) Another name for a TV / Radio news bulletin
b) The total number of news items in a newspaper on any given issue
c) A special package of news items on a specific issue or event
d) A brief news segment on a local network, or syndicated programmes with local or national sponsor

8. Public Service Broadcasting means —
a) Development-oriented news items sponsored by private companies as part of their corporate social responsibility
b) Emergency announcements in case of natural disasters or mishaps etc. only by TV channels
c) Non commercial broadcasting sponsored by the state broadcasters like Doordarshan, AIR, BBC
d) All the above statements are correct

9. Body copy in mass media means —
a) only the headline or slogan in Advertising, Public Relations campaigns or newspapers, magazines etc.
b) Text of a print advertisement, not including the headline, logo, or subscript material
c) Copies of newspapers or magazines distributed to subscribers
d) All the above three statements are correct

10. Syndicate Service in mass media means —
a) A news service that supplies the same news story or feature to more than one outlets
b) An association of several media corporations controlling flow of media contents among themselves
c) A news service association that offers free service of its contents to anyone who is interested in it
d) None of the above statements are correct

11. The meaning of the term ‘Slant’ is —
a) Amount of political inclination of a media house
b) Very subtle favour shown to a particular advertiser in a news item published or broadcast
c) Portion of personal opinion of the editor or news anchor in a news item
d) Emphasis given in a story or programme

12. Lobbying means —
a) Forming a cartel of media houses for pressurizing the government on certain issues in their favour
b) Task of trying to influence legislators, lawmakers of the country, usually by Public Relations firms
c) Publishing socially-relevant advertising for a special cause by Public Relations firms
d) All the three statements above are correct

13. Corporate communication can be defined as —
a) Internal communication of a corporate organization m any field
b) Public Relations for a corporate organization, integrated as part of the company’s strategic objectives
c) Business correspondence between corporate organizations
d) Only statements a) and c) are correct

14. Meaning of ‘alternative media’ is —
a) A section of the mainstream media forms like Radio / TV / newspapers adhering to a completely new unusual trend and style
b) Another name of Community FM Radio
c) Non-mainstream media forms such as pamphlets or graffiti that arise to complement and sometimes challenge traditional media forms
d) All the three statements above are correct

15. What is a ‘story board’ —-
a) The shooting script of TV / Radio advertising campaign
b) A blueprint fora TV commercial drawn to portray copy, dialogue, action with caption notes regarding filming, audio components and script
c) It is another name of ‘layout design’ of a newspaper or a news magazine
d) An internal committee in a TV / Radio channel or film studio which approves or rejects or asks for improvements in a story submitted to them for acceptance by that channel

16. Duplicated audience means —
a) An audience that enjoys two different programmes or news bulletins of the same TV / Radio channels
b) The portion of an audience that is reached by more than one media vehicle
c) Same set of audience intentionally shown twice to cleverly deceive advertisers
d) All the three statements above are correct

17. The meaning of voiceover is —
a) Technique of using voice of an unseen speaker during film slides or other voice material
b) Unwanted noise in a TV or Radio programme
c) Dubbed voice in a film
d) Only statements b) and c) are correct

18. Staggered schedule means —
a) A schedule of advertisement in a number of periodicals having different insertion (publication) dates
b) Series of advertisements published / broadcast on the same day in different media
c) Advertisement series of a company or product published or broadcast with gaps of three months each
d) All the statements above are incorrect

19. Rate card is — .
a) Subscription rates of various channels hosted by one particular platform
b) Schedule of advertisement space available and the cost of each
c) Licence fees rate for TV / Radio channels in a country
d) All the three statements above are correct

20. An important characteristic of ’mass’ in mass communication is —
a) Itis heterogenous
b) It is homogenous
c) Itis found in one particular place
d) All the three options are correct

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21. Who among the following propounded the ‘global village’ concept in mass communication —
a) Dennis McQuail
b) Harold Lasswell
c) Everett M Rogers
d) Marshall McLuhan

22. A ‘house journal’ is a tool of —
a) Journalism
b) Public Relations
c) Advertising
d) New Media

23. Community media is also known as —
a) Pirate media
b) Anti-establishment media
c) Alternative media
d) Narrow media

24. The full form of ASCT is —
a) Advertising Services’ Council of India
b) Advertising Standards Council of India
c) Advertisers’ Social Centre of India
d) All the three options are correct

25. Prasar Bharati comprises —
a) Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity & Directorate of Field Publicity
b) Press Information Bureau & Publication Division
c) All India Radio & Doordarshan
d) Directorate of Information and Public Relations & Central Board for Film Certification

26. Citizen journalism means —
a) A newspaper reader appointed as editor for one particular day in a news organization
b) All journalistic activities are carried out by citizens of 70 years and above without any professional journalist
c) A journalist disguises as an ordinary citizen for gathering important news items
d) Public citizens playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information

27. Aspect ratio in mass media means —
a) Ratio between actual programme and peoples’ expectation of the programme measured by TRPs
b) Ratio expected between advertising space marketing and the programmes in a TV / Radio channel
c) Ratio between the viewfinder of the camera and actual distance
d) Ratio between the width and the height of the picture

28. Mass Communication is also termed as —
a) Un-mediated communication
b) Mediated communication
c) New media communication
d) A culture industry –

29. Advertising is a type of —
a) Non-paid publicity
b) Free publicity
c) Paid publicity
d) All the three options are correct

30. A Flagship station is one that is —
a) The principal or showpiece station of a broadcast network or group
b) The station that also hosts the head offices of the company
c) The station having the most popular programme of the entire network
d) All the three statements above are correct

31. The full form of the term called SITE is —
a) Satellite Institutional Television Experiment .
b) Satellite Indian Television Experiment
c) Satellite Instructional Television Experiment
d) Satellite International Television Experiment

32. Communication within a person’s own self is
a) Interpersonal communication
b) Intrapersonal communication
c) Group communication
d) None of these options are correct

33. Which of the following is an important function of mass communication —
a) Surveillance of the environment
b) Very restricted information flow for the masses
c) Confuse masses by enormous information flow
d) All the three options are correct

34. ‘The professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person’ —
a) Advertising
b) Public Relations
c) Propaganda
d) Television Rating Point

35. ‘It is a type of marketing communication used for promoting or selling something, usually a business product or service;’ —
a) Advertising
b) Public Relations
c) Propaganda
d) Increase of TRP

36. Which of the following is an important characteristic of communication —
a) It is a finite process
b) Remaining silent is not a feedback at all
c) Itis a never-ending process
d) All the three options are correct

37. Barriers in communication include differences in —
a) Age
b) Intellect
c) Culture
d) All the three options are correct

38. Noise in terms of communication means —
a) Only the static disturbance in radio broadcasting
b) Disturbance caused by storm, rains etc. in TV reception
c) Any kind of disturbance in the process of communication and mass communication
d) None of the above options are correct

39. Who developed the term – Diffusion of Innovation —
a) Dennis McQuail
b) Everett M Rogers
c) Harold D Lasswell
d) Marshall Mcluhan

40. Which of the following is also termed as a passive medium —
a) Print media
b) Television
c) Radio
d) Silent films

41. In Public Relations the employees of an organization are —
a) External Public
b) Internal Public
c) Clients
d) Only option a) and c) are correct

42. Which article of Indian Constitution contains provisions about Freedom of Expression —
a) Articles 352
b) Articles 19
c) Articles 371
d) Article 370

43. How many publics are there in Public Relations —
a) Five
b) Three
c) Four
d) Two

44. ‘Catchline’ is —
a) Another name of photo caption
b) Headline of the photograph
c) Masthead of a newspaper
d) All the above options are correct