Journalism Sample Question Papers

Aspirants can find the Journalism Sample Question Paper with answers here. Journalism Sample Question Paper for Both written examination and interview are available here. The Candidate who is appearing for Journalism can download the Sample Paper from the link given.

Journalism Sample Question Papers

Journalism Sample Papers are available in our web page. However, to help the aspirants in getting their dream jobs we have given the direct download link for the Journalism Sample Question Paper Pdf in the section below. We advise the applicants who are in search of Journalism Sample Question Paper to refer the syllabus and exam pattern details.

Sample Question Papers on Journalism

1. The National Press Day is observed on —
a) May 3
b) February 13
c) November 16
d) January 13

2. Morgue m a newspaper office means —
a) Collection of miscellaneous information for use in future obituaries
b) Collection of old issues of the newspaper
c) Collection of copies of news reports before being finally printed for future use of RTI Act
d) All these above are incorrect

3. The Sport Star is a publication from —
a) The Times of India Group
b) The Malayala Manorama group
c) The Hindu group
d) The Tribune group

4. Which of the following software package is used for newspaper layout design —
a) Lotus1 2 3
b) Final Cut Pro
c) Linux
d) Quark Express

5. Down to Earth is a periodical specializing in which of the following areas —
a) Geological issues
b) Environmental issues
c) Self-help groups movement
d) Agricultural issues

6. The foundation day of the Press Council of India is observed as —
a) World Press freedom Day
b) National Press Day
c) World Public Service Broadcasting Day
d) World Radio Day

7. World Press freedom Day is observed on —
a) May 3
b) February 13
c) November 16
d) January 13

8. The meaning of Advertorial is —
a) An advertisement inserted into an editorial
b) An editorial on advertisements
c) An advertisement written in the style of a news item or feature or an editorial
d) All the above statements are correct

9. The meaning of an ‘umbrella story’ is —
a) A news item with equal portion of text and photographs
b) News item combining general and sports items together under its fold
c) A single story incorporating a number of similar items under one banner
d) None of the above statements are correct

10. In the world of journalism, who is an Ombudsman —
a) The judge of a special court set up by the Press Council of India for judging complaints of biases in one particular news media or group of news organization
b) The position of the chairman of the Pay Commission for journalists of the country
c) A prominent journalist / citizen who adjudicates complaints of biases in one particular news media or group of news organization
d) The Chairman of the Press Censorship Commission of India

11. What is advocacy journalism —
a) Journalism specializing in issues relating to advocates
b) Journalism practices for advocating a certain cause about which one feels highly dedicated
c) Journalism specializing in legal matters
d) All the above statements are correct

12. The term ‘scribe’ is synonymous with —
a) Author of creative writing
b) Journalist
c) A cameraman
d) Proof Reader in a newspaper

13. Which of the following is a News Agency —
a) 20th Century Fox
b) K Sera Sera
c) Reuters
d) Al Jazeera

14. Which of the following satisfies the meaning of citizen journalism—
a) Journalism by senior citizens of any country above the age of 70
b) Journalism of gathering news through interviews of unknown citizens on the street
c) Journalism outside the established media, usually by ordinary citizens without professional training or organizational experience.
d) Ali the above statements are correct

15. Column in print journalism means —
a) In typography, a column is a vertical block of text on a page, separated by margins
b) A regular feature often on a specific topic, written by a well-known person
c) Both a) and b) are correct
d) Both a) and b) are incorrect

16. What is your understanding of the term ‘sub judice’ —
a) News territory of a particular sub editor in the newspaper office
b) Judiciary beat is also known by this term
c) Informal term for opinion mixed with news in journalism
d) A legal term meaning “under judgment’ to describe matters actively being dealt with by the legal system

17. What is double-spread in print journalism —
a) Two facing pages of a newspaper or Magazine across which stones, pictures, advertisements and other components are spread as if they were one page
b) Full page advertisement of a particular product printed both on the front page and the last page
c) A two-part advertisement printed in two different pages not in a continuous manner
d) A Banner Headline across one full page of a newspaper.

18. Define propaganda —
a) A Public Relations exercise for publicity
b) Information, usually biased or misleading, used to promote a political cause or point of view
c) An advertising campaign aimed at a specific target audience through house journals
d) Advertising campaign for promoting a human interest cause

19. Which of the following satisfies the term objective journalism —
a) Journalism with a particular objective to be achieved
b) Journalism of celebrities only
c) Journalism promoted by a particular product for its promotion
d) Journalism in which journalists are highly neutral and do not allow their personal biases to affect their work

20. What is transcript –
a) A word-for-word written version of an interview or other spoken segment
b) The shooting script of a documentary
c) Both a) and b) are correct
d) Both a) and b) are incorrect

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21. What is the meaning of a tabloid newspaper —
a) Any standard sized newspaper is popularly known as a tabloid
b) Any newspaper presenting news items mostly in tabular format
c) A newspaper published in the afternoon in a city targeted at the commuters
d) A newspaper having pages half the size of those of the average broadsheet, typically popular in style and dominated by sensational stories

22. A ‘scoop’ is –
a) An important news published or broadcast before any other competing media
b) The most important news item of the day in a newspaper
c) A small but significant news item for the sports page
d) All these three statements are correct

23. What is Yellow Journalism —
a) Journalism that exploits, distorts, or exaggerates the news to create sensations and attract readers
b) Economic or financial journalism for print media which is traditionally printed on yellow pages
c) Another name of Paparazi
d) All the three statements above are correct

24. The KISS formula in journalism means —
a) Keeping It Self-Sustained
b) Keep it short and simple
c) Keep It Separate and Simple
d) All these statements above are correct

25. Press Information Bureau of Government of India is under the Ministry of —
a) Information & Broadcasting
b) Human Resources Development (MHRD)
c) Programme Implementation and Statistics
d) Information & Public Relations

26. The term “inverted pyramid’ in journalism means
a) The most common stricture for writing a news story, with the main news at the start and the rest of the detail following in decreasing order of importance
b) Arranging news items in this order of top priority to least priority — politics, law-and-order, society etc.
c) The system of putting very big news items on top of the newspaper and smaller ones towards the lower portion
d) The first paragraph of any news item that contains the summary of the item

27. How does the Press Council of India define ‘paid news’ –
a) It is another name of Advertorial
b) Any news term used for publicity
c) Public interest items from government agencies published with a nominal amount of fees by news agencies
d) Any news or analysis appearing in any media (Print & Electronic) for a price in cash or kind as consideration

28. Paparazzi means —
a) Tabloid journalism in Italy is popularly known by this term
b) Itis another name of photo-journalism
c) Sports journalism is known by this term in Austria
d) Freelance photographers who pursue celebrities to get photographs of them

29. When was the First Press Commission of the country set up and name one of its major recommendations —
a) 1952; Setting up of a Press Council
b) 1954; A Press Censorship body
c) 1955; Setting up of Press Information Bureau
d) 1978; Set up a permanent Press Commission

30. When we mention the term ‘broadsheet’ we mean —
a) A tabloid broad
b) A popular magazine
c) Evening edition of a popular daily
d) A newspaper with a large format, regarded as more serious and less sensationalist than tabloids.

31. Few newspapers including one prominent English daily of the country has a senior person termed as Readers’ Editor, What is it —
a) This person is responsible for the selection and publication of Letter to Editor column
b) It is another name of the position of News Ombudsman
c) Person responsible for the editorial page of the daily or weekly
d) Al the three above statements are correct

32. What is a ‘mug shot’ —
a) A full-size photograph of an important person
b) Sketch of a subject of a news item
c) Popular name of passport size photograph used in journalism
d) A head-and-shoulders photograph of a person facing the camera.

33. How would you define multimedia journalism
a) Presenting a subject across different types of media, such as video, audio, text and images in combination in a judicious blend
b) Ownership of various journalism media outlets like TV / Radio / Print by one particular media group
c) Using same news item for publicity, advertising and public relations purposes by innovative means
d) All the above statements are correct

34. Who among the following persons is connected with the famous Wikileaks issue —
a) Peter Arnett
b) Julian Assange
c) Christiane Amanpour
d) Bob Woodward

35. What is a ‘cutline’ —
a) Another name of ‘sub headline’
b) Another name of credit line in a newspaper
c) Popular name of banner headline
d) Any descriptive or explanatory material under a picture.

36. The Oscar-winning film Spotlight is based on –
a) Autobiography of a prominent senior journalist
b) Biography of a Football star
c) A true story of The Boston Globe newspaper
d) All the three statements above are correct

37. Which prominent Indian daily proclaims about itself as “Journalism of Courage’ —
a) The Hindu
b) The Times of India
c) The Hindustan Times
d) The Indian Express

38. The famous Watergate scandal was a fine example of —
a) Paparazi journalism
b) Investigative journalism
c) objective journalism
d) Citizen Journalism

39. A news agency is one that —
a) Gathers and supplies news items to news organizations may be within the country or abroad
b) Supplies newspapers, magazines to customers
c) Both a) and b) are correct
d) Both a) and b) are incorrect

40. Press run is the term that means —
a) Latest important news items printed
b) Total space devoted to advertising in a newspaper
c) Total number of copies of a specific edition of a newspaper
d) Total number of advertisements in a newspaper

41. What is a dummy —
a) A mocked-up version of a newspaper, magazine before it is launched or just before it is sent for final printing
b) The copies of newspapers, magazines preserved for future reference in newspaper offices
c) Paper clippings of all relevant items kept in newspaper morgue
d) All the above statements are correct

42. An anchor is a person —
a) The author of the lead article in editorial page
b) Who presents a news bulletin from a television studio, usually on a regular basis
c) Itis another name of the Editor
d) The chief of the shift of the day for a newspaper of news bulletin

43. What is a curtain raiser—
a) Story written before a predicted event, setting the scene for when it happens, often around elections, sports events etc.
b) Unearthing corruption -in an investigative story
c) Both statements a) and b) are correct
d) Both statements a) and b) are incorrect