Lineman Questions and Answers for ITI Jobs

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Lineman Questions and Answers

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ITI Lineman Test Questions and Answers

1. The unit of solid angle is
A) Radian
B) Steradian
C) Degree
D) none of the above

2. How to increase the current range of a meter?
A) A low resistance connected in series
B) A high resistance connected in series
C) A low resistance connected in parallel
D) A high resistance connected in parallel

3. One ampere-hour is equal to
A) 36000 Coulombs
B) 3600Coulombs
C) 360 Coulombs
D) 36 Coulombs

4. Unit of M.M.F. is
A) Maxwell
B) Lambda
C) Joule
D) Ampere turns

5. Which of the following rule is used for find the direction of induced e.m.f?
A) Fleming’s left hand rule
B) Cork screw rule
C) Fleming’s right hand rule
D) Right hand thumb rule

6. Who discovered the neutron?
A) Faraday
B) Rutherford
C) Franklin
D) Chadwick

7. The voltage of a simple voltaic cell is
A) 1.5V
B) 1.08V
C) 1.28V
D) 1.4V

8. The speed of electricity is
A) 2,97,842 km/s
B) 2,97,842 km/m
C) 2,97,842 km/hr
D) none of the above

9. Which type of M.C.B. is used in air-conditioners?
A) L series
B) G series
C) Either L series or G series
D) Any one of the above

10. Which type of tire extinguisher is used on electrical fire?
A) loam type
B) gas cartridge water filled type
C) halon type
D) stored pressure water tilled type

11. Nichrome is widely used for
A) circuit connections
B) transformer windings
C) lamp filaments
D) heater coils

12. What is the di-electric strength in k.v/m.m. oi asbestos at 20°C?
A) 40
B) 42
C) 44
D) 46

13. Value of one kilowatt-hour is
A) 3600000 Joules
B) 360000 Joules
C) 36000 Joules
D) 3600 Joules

14. A solenoid is defined as an electromagnet
A) having only one turn
B) having more resistance
C) having more axial length than diameter
D) having less axial length than diameter

15. Two Wattmeter methods are used to measure the power in load.
A) resistive load
B) balanced load
C) un-balanced load
D) balanced and un-balanced load

16. Potential transformer and current transformer are
A) power transformer
B) instrument transformer
C) indoor transformer
D) outdoor transformer

17. Inter-poles are provided to
A) generate the e.m.f.
B) operate in overload
C) economical basis
D) improve commutation

18. Which of the following method is used to control the speed of shunt motor below than its rated speed?
A) field control
B) armature control
C) taped field control
D) field and armature control

19. The starting winding is opened by a centrifugal switch when the motor has come up to about
A) 75% of synchronous speed
B) 100% of synchronous speed
C) 50% of synchronous speed
D) 1/3rd of synchronous speed

20. Outer cage of squirrel cage motor is made up of
A) Brass
B) Copper
C) aluminum
D) bronze

Questions for ITI Jobs

Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Carpenter
Automobile Engineering Lineman
Printing Technology Wireman
Tool and Die Maker Electrician
Boiler Operator Electrical
Pump Operator Mechanic
Architectural Draftsman Surveyor
Draughtsman Civil Instrument Mechanic
Masonry Electronics Mechanic
Welder Information Technology
Fitter Computer Hardware
Turner Steel Fabricator
Plumber Electroplater

21. In the three-point starter the hold ON coil is connected in the
A) armature circuit
B) field circuit
C) across the main supply
D) in between the amature and field circuit

22. To magnetize a steel is difficult because of its
A) high density
B) high retentivity
C) high permeability
D) low permeability

23. One Farad is equal to
A) Joule/volt
B) One volt/Coulomb
C) One Coulomb/volt
D) Coulomb-Joule

24. The depolarizer is used in dry cell is
A) MnO2
B) MnO3
C) Mercury sulphate
D) NH3

25. Two batteries each of open circuit voltage 2 v and internal resistance of 2 Ohm are connected in parallel to supply a load of 2 Ohm, the current supplied by the battery is
A) 0.33A
B) 2 A
C) 0.8 A
D) 1 A

26. The density of the acid in lead acid battery gives of an indication of
A) the e.m.f. of the battery
B) the level of the acid
C) the charge of the battery
D) damages caused to the plates

27. The minimum insulation resistance of a water heater is
A) 2 mega Ohm
B) 1 mega Ohm
C) 0.5 mega Ohm
D) 0.25 mega Ohm

28. when the generator is loaded
A) Brushes are kept in M.N.A. for sparkles commutation
B) Brushes are kept in G.N.A. for sparkles commutation
C) M.N.P. and G.N.P. are same and brushes are kept at right angles to it
D) Brushes are kept at any position on the commutator and gives sparkles commutation

29. A 24 Ohm and 8 Ohm resistors are in parallel have a combined resistance of
A) 32 Ohm
B) 24 Ohm
C) 2 Ohm
D) 60 Ohm

30. The percentage of carbon in high speed steel is
A) 0.1 to 0.2%
B) 0.2 to 0.3%
C) 0.75to 1%
D) 2%

31. The control force employed in an indicating instrument, which can be kept in any position is
A) gravity control
B) eddy current control
C) fluid friction control
D) spring control

32. The deflecting control of a moving iron instrument is directly proportional to the
A) Current
B) Voltage
C) square root of the current
D) square of the current

33. If the meter constant mentioned in the meter is 1500 revolution/K.W.H., in one revolution, the energy consumption is
A) 40 watt-minutes
B) 60 watt-minutes
C) 100 watt-minutes
D) 50 watt-minutes

34. An unknown D.C. voltage is to be measured, which measuring range will you select first?
A) 500 V
B) 50 V
C) 1.5 V
D) 0.5 V

35. The resistance of the starting winding
A) is same as of running winding
B) is less than the running winding
C) is higher than the running winding
D) can be any value and there is no relationship

36. The purpose of the capacitor in a fan is to be
A) increase the speed
B) protect the fan when fault occurs
C) control the speed
D) give phase shift

37. A H.P.M.V. lamp gives
A) 10 lumens/watt
B) 20 lumens/watt
C) 50 lumens/watt
D) 60 lumens/watt

38. At the time of starting the sodium vapor lamp gives the color of light is
A) natural day light
B) reddish color
C) greenish color
D) yellowish light

39. Centre tapping of the high voltage transformer must be earthed to
A) limit the operative current
B) reduce the operative voltage
C) provide safety of operator
D) eliminating inference

40. The possible minimum reading which can be taken by 0.25 m.m. of an outside micrometer is
A) 0.01 m.m.
B) 0.1 m.m.
C) 0.5 m.m.
D) 1.0m.m.

41. The bending angle of the hard drawn bare copper conductor for britannia joint should be
A) 60°
B) 90°
C) 45°
D) 180°

42. In soldering aluminum cables with a ferrule joint it is advisable to use
A) an aluminium ferrule
B) a copper ferrule
C) a tin ferrule
D) an in-oxidisable steel ferrule

43. The distance between clips in horizontal runs shall not exceed
A) 10 c.m.
B) 15 c.m.
C) 20 c.m.
D) 25 c.m.

44. For pipe earthing the minimum internal diameter of galvanized iron or steel pipe required is
A) 12.5m.m.
B) 16m.m.
C) 18m.m.
D) 38m.m.

45. According to I. E. rules the leakage current in an installation should not exceed one by ________ part of the maximum current supplied to the installation.
A) 100
B) 500
C) 1000
D) 5000

46. The conductors of the armature windings are soldered at the commutator
A) segment internally
B) brushes
C) riser
D) segment directly

47. A simple method of increasing the voltage of a D.C. generator is
A) decrease the speed of rotation
B) increase the speed of rotation
C) decrease the air gap of flux density
D) decrease the length of the armature

48. The existence of residual magnetism is not important if the D.C. generator is not connected as a
A) series generator
B) shunt generator
C) compound generator
D) separately excited generator

49. The sodium vapor lamp operates in best efficiency at
A) 300°C
B) 200°C
C) 400°C
D) 450°C

50. Large value of air gap in an induction motor results in
A) providing better cooling
B) increased over load capacity
C) reducing the pulsation loss
D) reducing the noise

51. Which type capacitor is used for starting of a single phase motor?
A) ceramic capacitor
B) paper capacitor
C) mica capacitor
D) electrolytic capacitor

52. No-load current of an induction motor is approximately
A) 30% of the full load current
B) 40% of lull load current
C) 60% of the full load current
D) 90% of the lull load current

53. Chatter in an A.C. relay magnet can be eliminated by using
A) Lamination
B) U shaped magnetic core
C) matching fixed and movable magnetic limbs
D) shading coil

54. Which kind of bearing is used when a motor is to be mounted horizontally?
A) Radial
B) Thrust
C) anti-friction
D) angular

55. The rotor of a motor runs at 1410 R. P.M. and the synchronous speed is 1500 R.P.M. What is the slip of the motor?
A) 90R.P.M.
B) 3
C) 4
D) 6

56. Turbo altemators usually have
A) 2 poles
B) 6 poles
C) 8 poles
D) 12 poles

57. A three phase, 50 Hz. Induction motor has 8 poles and lull load slip is 2.5% find rotor speed
A) 750 R.P.M.
B) 741 R.P.M.
C) 735 R.P.M.
D) 731 R.P.M.

58. Salient pole type rotor construction ls usually provided in altemators used in
A) nuclear power stations
B) thermal power stations
C) hydro power stations
D) all the above

59. Flow from a reciprocating pump will be
A) Pulsating
B) Continuous
C) low pressure high volume
D) high pressure low volume

60. In practice earth is chosen as a place of zero potential because
A) is non-conducting
B) keeps losing and gaining electric charge every day
C) is easily available
D) has almost constant potential

61. Any charge given to the battery when taken of the vehicle is called
A) bench charge
B) step charge
C) trickle charge
D) float charge

62. The most efficient form of damping employed in electrical instruments is
A) air friction
B) fluid friction
C) eddy current
D) none of the above

63. The reactance offered by a capacitor to alternating current of frequency of 50 Hz is 10 Ohm it frequency is increased to 100 Hz the reactance becomes Ohm.
A) 2.5 Ohm
B) 5 Ohm
C) 20 Ohm
D) 40 Ohm

64. Power factor of high speed motor compared to a low speed motor will be
A) High
B) Low
C) Same
D) may be high or low

65. The normal size of circular sheet steel discs of an armature core of D.C. generator is
A) 0.25 m.m.
B) 0.4 m.m.
C) 0.5 m.m.
D) 0.6 m.m.

66. A 750 watts load is given to the three phase energy meter for 15 minutes and the meter constant is 1200 revolutions/K.W.H. Calculate the number of revolutions
A) 200
B) 205
C) 215
D) 225

67. What is the metal used to prevent the burning of the make and brake point of thermostat in an electric iron?
A) Silver
B) Copper
C) Brass
D) bronze

68. Maxwell-Wein bridge is used for measuring
A) capacitance
B) dielectric loss
C) inductance
D) phase angle

69. The decibel is a measure of
A) voltage
B) current
C) power
D) power level

70. Non-sinusoidal waveforms are made up of
A) different sinusoidal waveforms
B) fundamental and even harmonics
C) fundamental and odd harmonics
D) even and odd harmonics only

71. There are no transients in pure resistive circuits because they –
A) offer high resistance
B) have no stored energy
C) obey Ohm’s law
D) are linear circuits

72. An unbalanced system of three-phase voltages having RYB sequence actually consists of
A) a positive-sequence component
B) a negative-sequence component
C) a zero-sequence component
D) all of the above

73. Transformer oil serves the functions of
A) insulation and cooling
B) only insulation
C) only lubrication
D) only cooling

74. In scott connections the teuser transformer has tapping on
A) 58% of primary
B) 58% of secondary
C) 86% of primary
D) 86% of secondary

75. The line voltage of a delta-connected three-phase circuit is 415 V. The phase voltage is
A) 220 V
B) 230 V
C) 240 V
D) 415 V

76. To keep the frequency constant on increased loads the speed of the altemator should be
A) remains constant
B) adjust the field
C) decreased
D) increased