Locomotion and Movement

1. Myasthenia gravis is an example of-
A. viral disease
B. immunodeficient diseases
C. autoimmune diseases
D. allergic reaction.

2. An autoimmune disorder affecting the neuromuscular junction is—
A. Emphysema
B. Gout
C. Myasthenia gravis

3. The striated appearance of a myofibril is due to the distribution pattern of-
A. fascicles
B. actin and myosin
C. meromyosin
D. troponin

4. The ‘U’ shaped bone present at the base of the buccal cavity is—
A. Malleus
B. Ethmoid
C. Sphenoid
D. hyoid

5. Knee joint is an example for-
A. hinge joint
B. ball and socket joint
C. gliding joint
D. pivot joint

6. The globluar head of myosin contains
B. ATPase enzyme
C. Calcium ions in large quantities
D. troponin

7. Which one of the following is not a synovial joint?
A. Ball and socket joint
B. Pivot joint
C. Sutures forming the cranium
D. Hinge joint

8. In which of the following conditions, bone matrix is not reduced?
A. Osteomalacia
B. Osteoporosis
C. Hyperparathyroidism
D. None of these

9. An acromion process is characteristically found in the—
A. pelvic girdle of reptiles
B. skull of frog
C. vertebrae of birds
D. pectoral girdle of mammals.

10. Select the correct statement with respect to locomotion in humans—
A. The vertebral column has 10 thoracic vertebrae.
B. The joint between adjacent vertebrae is a fibrous joint.
C. Accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints causes their inflammation.
D. A decreased level of progesterone causes osteoporosis in old people.

11. Select the correct statement with respect to disorders of muscles in humans—
A. Failure of neuromuscular transmission in myasthenia gravis can prevent normal swallowing.
B. Accumulation of urea and creatine in the joints causes their inflammation.
C. An overdose of vitamin D causes osteoporosis.
D. Rapid contractions of skeletal muscles cause muscle dystrophy.

12. The number of bones, in each half of the lower jaw of a mammal, is-
A. 1
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

13. During muscle contraction in humans, the—
A. sarcomere does not shorten
B. a band remains same
C. A, H and l band shorten
D. actin filaments, shorten

14. Obturator foramen occurs in—
A. pelvic girdle
B. pectoral girdle
C. cranium
D. vertebrae

15. During muscular contration, which of the following events occur?
(i) H-zone disappears
(ii) A band widens
(iii) I band reduces in width
(iv) (iv) Width of A band is unaffected
(v) M line and Z line come closer
A. (i), (iii), (iv) and (v)
B. (i), (ii) and (v)
C. (ii), (iv) and (v)
D. (i), (ii) and (iii)

16. Select the correct statement regarding the specific disorder of muscular skeletal system.
A. Muscular dystrophy—age related shortening of muscles
B. Gout—inflammation of joints due to extra deposition of calcium.
C. Osteoporosis-decrease in bone mass and higher chances of fractures with advancing age.
D. Myasthenia gravis—autoimmune disorder which inhibits sliding of myosin filaments.

17. Which one of the following pairs of chemical substances, is correctly categorised?
A. Calcitonin and thymosin—Thyroid hormones.
B. Pepsin and pr0lactin—Two digestive enzymes secreted in stomach.
C. Secretin and rhodopsin—Polypeptide hormones
D. Troponin and myosin—Complex proteins in striated muscles.

18. All or none law is not applicable for—
A. whole skeletal muscle
B. single skeletal muscle fibre
C. single smooth muscle fibre
D. whole cardiac muscle

19. Gout is caused due to the accumulation of—
A. oxalic acid
B. uric acid
C. calcium carbonate
D. lactic acid

20. Myoglobin is present in—
A. Heart
B. Kidney
C. muscles
D. nerve cells

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Locomotion and Movement The Living World

21. Symphysis consists of—
A. hyaline cartilage
B. elastic cartilage
C. fibrocartilage
D. synovial fluid

22. Human vertebral column consist of 33 vertebrae and bones _________
A. 33
B. 26
C. 27
D. 29

23. The human vertebra is-
A. Amphicoelous
B. Heterocoelous
C. Proceolous
D. acoelus

24. The important muscle proteins that help in movement are-
A. actin and myosin
B. tropomyosin
C. troponin
D. all of these

25. The ‘thick’ filament in muscles is polymerised protein of—
A. Meromyosins
B. Actins
C. Troponins
D. keratin

26. In a muscle, the functional unit of contraction is the-
A. portion of myofibril between two successive ‘Z’ lines
B. I band
C. A band
D. l band with a Z line

27. Out of ‘X’ pairs of ribs in human only ‘Y’ pairs are true ribs. Select the option that correctly represent values of X and Y and provides their explanation.
A. X = 12, Y = 7 / True ribs are attached dorsally to vertebral column and ventrally to the sternum
B. X = 12, Y = 5 /True ribs are attached dorsally to vertebral column and sternum on the two end.
C. X = 24, Y = 7 / True ribs are dorsally attached to vertebral column but are free on vental side
D. X = 24, Y = 12 /True ribs are dorsally attached to vertebral column but are free on ventral side.

28. Name the ion responsible for unmasking of active sites for myosin for cross-bridge activity during muscle contraction—
A. potassium
B. magnesium
C. sodium
D. calcium

29. Osteoporosis, an age-related disease of skeletal system, may occur due to—
A. decreased level of estrogen
B. high concentration of Ca++ and Na++
C. accumulation of uric acid leading to inflammation of joints.
D. immune disorder affecting neuro muscular junction leading to fatigue.

30. Lack of relaxation between successive stimuli in sustained muscle contraction is known as—
A. spasm
B. tonus
C. fatigue
D. tetanus

31. The H-zone in the skeletal muscle fibre is due to—
A. extension of myosin filaments in the central portion of the A-band
B. the absence of myofibrils in the central portion of A-band.
C. the central gap between myosin filaments in the A-band.
D. the central gap between actin filaments extending through myosin filaments in the A-band.

32. Egg The collagenous connective tissue layer holding the muscle bundles together is—
A. Pleura
B. Sarcolemma
C. Fasia
D. pericardium

33. Anaerobic breakdown of glycogen due to repeated activation of muscles leads to the accumulation of—
A. uric acid
B. lactic acid
C. phenylalanine
D. glutamic acid

34. Sarcomere is the functional unit of contraction in a muscle fibre. Identify the portion of myofibril that constitute a sarcomere—
A. The portion of myofibril between two successive ‘Z’ line.
B. The portion of myofibril between two successive ‘A’ band
C. The portion of myofibril between two successive ‘M‘ line.
D. The portion of myofibril between two successive ‘I‘ band.

35. Which of the following joints will not allow movement?
A. Fibrous joint
B. Cartilaginous joint
C. Synovial joint
D. Ball and socket joint

36. Which is not a function of skeletal system?
A. Production of erythrocytes
B. Storage of minerals
C. Production of body heat
D. Locomotion

37. Which of the following bones does not articulate with any other bone?
A. Humerus
B. Malleus
C. Phalanges
D. Hyoid

38. The amoeboid movement results from—
A. interactions among actin, myosin and ATP etc.
B. co-ordianted beats of cilia
C. Whip like action of flagella.
D. action by the mitotic spindle, similar to what happens during mitosis and meiosis.

39. The lumbar region of the vertebral column in man is made up of—
A. 7 vertebrae
B. 1 fused vertebrae
C. 5 vertebrae
D. 12 vertebrae

40. Mucles of the heart is—
A. striated and voluntary
B. non-striated and voluntary
C. striated, unbranched and involuntary
D. striated, branched and involuntary

41. Glinding joint is present between-
A. Carpals
B. humerus and pectoral girdle
C. knee
D. carpals and metacarpals

42. The skeletal muscle fibre is a ‘syncytium’ which means it is—
A. long and slender
B. swollen in the middle with tapered ends
C. multinucleated
D. made up of many fibers

43. Stimulation of a muscle fibre by a motor neuron occurs at—
A. the transverse tubules
B. the myofibril
C. the neuro-muscular function
D. the sacroplasmic reticulum

44. Select the correct match-
A. Pivot joint—Between third and fourth cervical vertebrae
B. Hinge joint—Between humerus and pectoral girdle
C. Gliding joint——Between carpals
D. Cartilaginous joint—Between frontal and parietal

45. Ankle, knee and elbow joints are—
A. Pivotjoints
B. Ellipsoid joints
C. Hinge joints
D. Synovial joints

46. Choose the wrongly matched pair—
A. Portion of myofibril between two ‘Z’ lines- Sarcomere
B. Isotropic band—Actin
C. Anisotropic band—Myosin
D. Central part of I-band-M-line

47. Which of the following is not involved in muscular contraction-
A. calcium ion
B. magnesium ion
C. actin
D. none of these

48. Choose the correct option regarding a normal human—
A. The skull is dicondylic.
B. Metacarpals are five in numbers.
C. Patella is a cup-shaped bone covering the knee dorsally.
D. Scapula is a large triangular flat bone, situated on the ventral side of the thorax.
E. The pelvic girdle has two coxal bones.
A. A and E alone are wrong
B. A and B are wrong
C. C and D are wrong
D. E alone is wrong

49. The protein whose removal enable myosin to bind actin in smooth muscle is—
A. Tropomyosin
B. Caldesmon
C. myosin light chain kinase
D. calmodulin

50. A bone is connected to another by—
A. Tendon
B. Ligament
C. Cartilage
D. muscle

51. Type of muscle present in our—
A. upper arm is smooth muscle and fusiform in shape
B. heart is voluntary and unstriated smooth muscle
C. intestine is striated and involuntary
D. thigh is striated and voluntary.