Mass Communication Interview Questions

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Mass Communication Interview Questions

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Interview Questions on Mass Communication

1. “Financial Times”, a daily, which proclaims itself ‘a friend to the real investors and a foe to the forward marketing traders’ Was first published in 1888 from.
(A) Bombay (Mumbai)
(B) London
(C) New York
(D) Paris

2. The concept ‘Entropy’ putforth by Shannon and Weaver stands for the opposite meaning to ……………….. .
(A) Classical
(B) Innovative
(C) Redundancy
(D) Research

3. Which of the physical means is used as a channel for non-mediated interpersonal spoken communication?
(A) Nervous system as a channel
(B) Air as a channel
(C) Light Waves
(D) Radio Waves

4. Verbal Communication is:
(A) Untimely
(B) Partially
(C) Continuous
(D) Discontinuous

5. In research, when a question is asked to respondents to give impressionistic answers to a particular object/person by selecting specific positions in relation to bipolar adjectives on a scale of one to seven it is called a:
(A) Ladder scale question
(B) Semantic differential
(C) Open-Ended Question
(D) Likert Scale

6. Which of the following states Was included to receive programmes under the ambitious Satellite Instructional Television Experiment launched in 1975?
(A) Orissa
(B) Kerala
(C) West Bengal
(D) Himachal Pradesh

7. ‘Many voices one World’ a UNESCO publication Which aims to analyze communication problems in modern societies, particularly relating to mass media and news is also known as:
(A) New World Information Order
(B) MacBride Report
(C) Human Development Report
(D) Media Concentration Report

8. A process of media influence (intended or unintented) by Which the relative importance of news events, issues or personages in the public mind are affected by the order of presentation in news reports is called:
(A) Agenda Setting
(B) Advertorial
(C) Pragmatics
(D) Cultivation

9. Which theory suggests that We use media mostly to meet personal needs, especially psychological needs?
(A) Magic bullet
(B) Uses and gratifications
(C) Cognitive Dissonance
(D) Cultivation

10. Reuters has invested in which of the following Indian News Agency?
(B) Asia News International
(D) Indo-Asia News Agency

11. Web radio is an audio service transmitted via ………………………. .
(A) Satellite
(B) Internet
(D) Microwave

12. Identify the correct pair of community radio service with the place it is broadcasted:
(A) Nainma dwani—Karnataka
(B) Radio Sangam—Tamil Nadu
(C) Apna Awaz—Punjab
(D) Snehalaya—Maharashtra

13. Which of the following journals Was edited by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar?
(A) Harijan
(B) Samarth Bharat
(C) Mooknayak
(D) Navjivan

14. Who is a Whistleblower?
(A) Any employer, supplier, contractor or client who resigns to protest against corruption
(B) A person Who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occuring in an organisation
(C) Accused under law or from related organisations
(D) Appraisal of head of the Institute Who does not violate any rule

15. ‘Charlie Hebdo’ is:
(A) French Daily
(B) Paris Political Tabloid
(C) French Satirical Weekly Magazine
(D) Online German Magazine

16. For which publication did the noted social activist Dr. Narendra Dabholkar worked as an editor?
(A) Saadhana
(B) Lokprabha
(C) Abhivyakti
(D) Parivartan Pathik

17. In the context of micro businesses, the term SME stands for:
(A) Semi-moderate enterprise
(B) Small and medium sized Enterprises
(C) State and monitored Enterprises
(D) Segment mediated Enterprise

18. Separation of a programme signal from the carrier Wave is:
(A) Modulation
(B) Demodulation
(C) Amplification
(D) Resonance

19. Which of these are forms of advertising scheduling?
(i) Residual
(ii) Flighting
(iii) Take off
(iv) Pulsing
(A) (i) only
(B) (ii) and (iv)
(C) (iii) and (iv)
(D) (i) and (ii)

20. The Likert scale is used to find out ……………………….. of items selected.
(A) The argumentative structure
(B) The meaning
(C) The objectives
(D) The discriminative power

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21. Which among the following is not a research design?
(A) Exploratory
(B) Accidental
(C) Experimental
(D) Diagnostic

22. The advertising medium that has the advantage of high selectivity, immediacy and low cost is:
(A) Newspaper
(B) Outdoor advertising
(C) Radio
(D) Online

23. ‘Sab Kuch Biktha hai’ is the baseline of the advertising campaign by:
(A) Oh
(B) Quickr
(C) Flipcart
(D) Limeroad

24. Who or what was the ‘French new Wave’?
(A) A group of film critics
(B) French music band
(C) Influential film technique of Hollywood Cinema
(D) A group of Sound Engineers

25. Life and Work of which of the following prominent personalities has not been the main subject of a movie in Marathi?
(A) Swatantrayaveer Sawarkar
(B) Baba Amte
(C) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
(D) Gadage Maharaj

26. Critically acclaimed Marathi movie “72 Mail’ (72 miles) is based on a novel With the same name. Who wrote the novel?
(A) Rajan Khan
(B) Sanjay Pawer
(C) Arun Sadhu
(D) Ashok Vhatkar

27. Imitation of unique earlier films that lacks any trace of satire or parody is called:
(A) Post-modern
(B) Spoof
(C) Pastiche
(D) Bricolage

28. In media laws, Indian Post Office Act of 1898 proposes:
(A) State or its representative has right to intercept, detain or not to send any indecent or obscene publications or representations
(B) State or its representative has right to monitor all the posts, detain or not to deliver if any antinational content is found
(C) Regulation on stamp prizes
(D) Reasonable limitation to the freedom of expression

29. Who appointed the first Ombudsman in any newspaper in the World?
(A) India
(B) Great Britain
(C) Japan

30. Under the Working Journalists Act, 1958, for Working journalists, What the Central Government can constitute?
(A) Wage Committee
(B) Wage Board
(C) Labour Commission
(D) Select Committee

31. Which of the following acts related to journalism in India completes its sixty years in 2015?
(A) Newspaper Price and Page Act
(B) The Press Council of India Act
(C) The Working Journalists Act
(D) The Indian Press Act

32. This statutory autonomous body which came into existence on 23rd November, 1997 is:
(A) Doordarshan
(B) All India Radio
(C) Prasar Bharati

33. What is an F-Stop?
(A) Measurement of the flow of Electricity
(B) The size of the opening of a diaphragm
(C) Measurement of the light temperature
(D) Measurement of focal length

34. Who has developed the operating system ‘Android’?
(A) Nexus
(B) Google
(C) Microsoft
(D) Apple

35. What is the full form of RSS feeds in context of Newspapers and online journalism.
(A) Really simple syndication
(B) Real software service
(C) Real simple source
(D) Reverse syndicate simplified

36. Ethos, Pathos and Logos that any speaker can use in his speech are basically.
(A) Three elements of persuasion
(B) Three modes of emotions
(C) Three channels of communication
(D) Three texts of semiotics

37. Who was the first editor of ‘The Times of India’ (Bombay) and ‘The Statesman’ (Calcutta) for different periods?
(A) Robert Knight
(B) J.E. Brenon
(C) Martin Wood
(D) Lovett Frager

38. Which of the following is one of the most popular software used for making layout of newspaper pages?
(A) Soft-page
(B) Pagination
(C) Quark-Express
(D) News-Maker

39. Identify the incorrect pair of magazine and its publication group:
(A) Cosmopolitan — India Today Group
(B) Jagran Sakhi — Jagran Group
(C) Women’s Era — Delhi Press Group
(D) Femina — Fourth Dimension Media

40. What is simulcast?
(A) Casting based on similarities of actors
(B) A programme airing simultaneously on two or more channels
(C) Broadcasting technique
(D) Simulation used for programming

41. In the context of advertising, What does SEC indicate?
(A) A socio-economic category
(B) A socio-education class
(C) A specific commercial content
(D) A statutory enforcement code

42. OSS is a popular TV/Film shot for production. What does OSS stands for?
(A) Over the shoulder shot
(B) Over size shot
(C) Original simple shot
(D) Over the shadow shot

43. What is a soundbite?
(A) A snappy and memorable quotation that can easily be assimilated into a broadcast new story
(B) Effective slogan in radio with sound effect
(C) When a loud sound pierces the ear drum
(D) Sound effect of a bite

44. An uniterrupted segment of film, which may or may not include camera movement is called:
(A) Cut
(B) Transition
(C) Shot
(D) Close-up

45. Which among the following is not a sampling method?
(A) Quota
(B) Cluster
(C) Snowball
(D) Survey