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Medical Quiz Questions and Answers PDF

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Medical Quiz Questions and Answers

1. The most common postpartum psychosis is-
A) Mania
B) Depression
C) Dementia
D) Schizophrenia

2. All are affective disorders except-
A) Depression
C) Reaction formation
D) Adjustment reaction

3. Commonest psychiatric illness in India is-
A) Schizophrenia
B) Endogenous depression
C) Neurotic depression
D) Anxiety neurosis

4. Barrett’s esophagus is diagnosed by
A) Squamous metaplasia
B) intestinal metaplasia
C) Squamous dysplasia
D) Intestinal dysplasia

5. False statement about thyroglossal fistula is?
A) It is always congenital though presentation is late.
B) Lined by columnar epithelium.
C) Treatment is Sistrunk operation.
D) May be a seat of recurrent attack of infection.

6. Feature of fibrocystic disease of the breast:
A) Epithelial hyperplasia
B) Cystic duct
C) Adenosis
D) All the above

7. Most common cause of acute lymphadenitis in India is :
A) Barefoot walking
C) Staphylococcal skin infection
D) Lymphoma

8. Components of “Revised trauma score” are all except:
A) Systolic blood pressure
B) Glasgow coma scale
C) Body temperature
D) Respiratory rate

9. The structures preserved in modified radical mastectomy
A) Pectoralis major and minor
B) Nipple and areola
C) Axillary nodes
D) Axillary pad of fat

10. True regarding Keloid
A) Itching present
B) Spreads in a claw like process
C) Butterfly shaped over sternum
D) All the above

11. True regarding indirect inguinal hernia are all except:
A) Most common type of hernia
B) Always unilateral
C) Inguinal herniotomy is the basic operation
D) Transillumination distinguishes it from hydrocele

12. If caecum is involved as a part of the wall of hernia sac and is not its content, then it will be known as :
A) Richter’s hernia
B) Spigelian hernia
C) Sliding hernia
D) Interstitial her

13. Hernia which often simulates a peptic ulcer is :
A) Umbilical hernia
B) Incisional hernia
C) Strangulated hernia
D) Fatty hernia of linea alba

14. Breast carcinoma which is multicentric and bilateral :
A) Ductal
B) Lobular
C) Mucoid
D) Colloid

15. In patients with breast cancer, chest wall involvement means involvement of any one of the following structures except :
A) Serratus anterior
B) Pectoralis major
C) Intercostal muscles
D) Ribs

16. Left sided portal hypertension is best treated by :
A) Splenectomy
B) Portocaval shunt
C) Leno-Renal shunt
D) Spleno-Renal shunt

17. Regarding “Apathetic thyrotoxicosis” all are true except
A) Common in elderly
B) Delirium is a feature
C) Atrial fibrillation may be seen
D) Radio iodine is treatment of choice

18. In a woman under 40 years, which of the following breast anomalies would have the highest predicative value of malignancy?
A) Painful, mobile mass
B) Painless, mobile mass
C) Foul smelling nipple discharge
D) Breast skin edema with dimpling

19. Most common surgical complication of enteric fever is :
A) Intestinal perforation
B) Intestinal bleeding
C) Stricture formation
D) Peritonitis

20. Which of the following is not a feature of primary hyperparathyroidism?
A) Hypercalcemia
B) Hyperphosphatemia.
C) Hyperchloremia.
D) Increased Alkaline phosphatase.

Practice Set for Medical Students

21. A 55-year~old male patient underwent cholecystectomy for gall stone calculus. During surgery the patient’s pulse was irregularlyirregular, 160/min, BP = 80/50 mm of Hg, temp—40″C) On examination a swelling in the neck was found. Most likely diagnosis is :
A) Thyroid storm
B) Myocardial infarction
C) Arrthymias
D) Stridor

22. Sentinel node for gall bladder
A) Iris node
B) Virchow’s node
C) Cloquet’s node
D) Node of Lund

23. Imaging of choice in an abdominal trauma patient who is hemodynamically stable
B) X-ray abdomen erect
C) Contrast – CT

24. Ventral hernia is also known as :
A) Obturator hernia
B) Incisional hernia
C) Diapharamatic hernia
D) Direct inguinal hernia

25. Which of these does not change or remains same throughout life?
A) Salmon patch
B) Strawberry angiomas
C) Port-wine stain
D) Capillary hemangioma.

26. Indications of splenectomy are all except :
A) Hereditary spherocytosis
B) Trauma
C) Polycythemia
D) Idiopathic thrornbocytopenic purpura

27. Virchow’s triad includes all of the following.
A) Venous stasis
B) Injury to veins
C) Blood hypercoagulability
D) Venous thrombosis

28. During surgery of hernia, the sac of strangulated inguinal hernia should be opened at :
A) Neck
B) Body
C) Fundus
D) Deepring

29. A head injured patient who opens eyes to painful stimulus, is confused and localized to pain. What is his Glasgow Coma Score?
A) 7
B) 9
C) 11
D) 13

30. In an accident there was rupture of the pituitary stalk. This would lead to all of the following except:
A) Hyperprolactenemia
B) Diabetes insipidus
C) Hypothyroidism
D) Diabetes mellitus

31. A patient presents in emergency with a cervical spine fracture. First thing to do is :
A) Locate the fracture by shifting the patient side to side
B) X-ray of spine
C) Clear the airway and intubate him
D) immobilize the cervical spine

32. Which of the following is commonest source of extradural hemorrhage?
A) Middle meningeal artery
B) Subdural venous sinus
C) Charcot’s artery
D) Middle cerebral artery

33. A 15-year-old girl comes to you with a swelling on the shaft of the tibia. She complains of pain and fever. Histopathology reveals small rounded cells. Probable diagnosis is 2
A) Ewing’s sarcoma
B) Osteoclastoma
C) Chondro sarcoma
D) Osteo sarcoma

34. Complications of casts include all except :
A) The development of pressure ulcers
B) Thermal burns during plaster hardening
C) Thrombophlebitis
D) Varicose veins

35. A 45 year old man is diagnosed with diabetes at his present visit of the first time. When should he undergo an ophthalmoscopic examination by an ophthalmologist ?
A) On his 50th Birthday.
B) When Vision begins to decrease.
C) Immediately
D) After 3 years

36. Which organism infection is virulent and may cause corneal ulcer perforation within 48 hours?
A) Pseudomonas.
B) Aspergillus.
C) Herpes Simplex.
D) Staphylococci.

37. A 16 year old boy presented with anemia. Hb — 6gm%. History of frequent nasal bleed is found. What is the most probable diagnosis?
A) Nasal Trauma.
B) Nasal Polyp.
C) Hypertensive Bleed.
D) juvenile Angiofibroma.

38. Diagnosis of Biseptate uterus is best done by?
A) Hysteroscopy
C) X-ray abdomen
D) All of the above

39. The amount of blood loss during each menstrual period is about?
A) 10 ml
B) 35 ml
C) 50 ml
D) 100 ml

40. Most common cause of Pelvic inflammatory Disease?
A) Chalymydia
B) Tuberculosis
C) Candida
D) Salmonella

41. Commonest cause of first trimester miscarriage
A) Chromosomal abnormality of the fetus
B) Endocrinal defect
C) Anti-phospholipid antibodies
D) Immunological

42. Pelvic adequacy is best judged by
A) Clinical pelvimetry
B) Erect lateral X-ray pelvimetry
C) Trial of labour
D) Real time ultrasonography

43. ‘Peg cells’ are seen in?
A) Vagina
B) Vulva
C) Ovary
D) Fallopian Tubes