Multiple Choice Questions for Medical Students PDF on Medical Science

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Multiple Choice Questions for Medical Students PDF

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MCQ on Medical Science

1. Water hammer pulse is seen in-
A) Aortic Stenosis
B) Aortic Regurgitation
C) AS with AR
D) Mitral Regurgitation

2. All of the following heart sounds occur shortly occur after S2 except-
A) Opening snap
B) Pericardial knock
C) Ejection click
D) Tumour plop

3. Wide QRS complex is typically seen in-
A) Bundle branch block
B) Sick sinus syndrome
C) Mobitz type 1 block
D) Mobitz type 2 block

4. Drug of choice for PSVT is-
A) Metaprolol
B) Adenosine
C) Amiodarone
D) Lidocaine

5. Left ventricular hypertrophy is caused by all except-

6. Cardiac biomarker of choice for diagnosis of re-infaraction 8 days after initial ischaemic event is
A) Troponin
C) Myoglobin

7. The most common heart disease causing sudden death in young athelets is-

8. All of the following are used in hypertensive emergencies except-
A) Fenoldopam
B) Nitroglycerine
C) Nitroprusside
D) Clonidine

9. FEV1/FVC is decreased in-
A) Asthma
B) Kyphosis
C) Scoliosis
D) Fibrosis

10. Increased Reid Index is used to characterize-
A) Chronic bronchitis
B) Bronchiectasis
C) Bronchial asthma
D) Emphysema

11. Investigation of choice for detection and characterization of interstitial lung disease is-
B) Chest X-ray
D) Ventilation perfusion scan

12. The most common organism causing lobar pneumonia-
A) Staph aureus
B) Strept pyogenes
C) Pneumococcus
D) H. influenza

13. Multi-drug resistance TB is defined as resistance to-
A) INH and Pyrazinamide
B) INH and Rifampicin
C) Rifampicin and Pyrazinamide
D) All 1st line drugs

14. All of the following show low glucose in pleural fluid except-
A) Empyema
B) Malignant effusion
C) Rheumatoid arthritis
D) Dressler’s syndrome

15. Most common cause of CKD in adults is-
A) Hypertension
B) Diabetes Mellitus
C) Tuberculosis
D) Glomerulonephritis

16. All of the following are indications of emergent dialysis except-
A) Uraemic encephalopathy
B) Persistent hyperkalemia
C) Refractory volume overload
D) Azotaemia

17. Which of the following is the first clinically detectable sign of diabetic nephropathy-
A) Serum Creatinine
B) Creatinine clearance
C) Microalbuminuria
D) Macroalbuminuria

18. All of the following are decreased in nephritic syndrome except-
A) Transferin
B) Fibrinogen
C) Albumin
D) Thyroxine binding globulin

19. Most common agent causing catheter induced UTI-
A) E. coli
B) Pseudomonas
C) Staph aureues
D) Proteus

20. All of the following drugs may be used in ulcerative colitis except-
A) Corticosteroids
B) Azathioprine
C) Sulfasalazine
D) Methotrexate

Practice Set for Medical Students

21. Pseudomembraneous colitis is caused by
A) Clostridium welchii
B) Clostridium difficile
C) Yersinia
D) Pseudomonas aeruginosa

22. Which of the following is a marker of active Hepatitis B-
A) HBsAg
B) lgM Anti HBsAg
C) HBe Ag
D) IgG Anti llBsAg

23. Maddrey discrimination score is used for determining mortality due to-
A) Alcoholic hepatitis
B) Viral hepatitis
C) Cryptogenic hepatitis
D) Hepatic encephalopathy

24. Fulminant Hepatitis E is typically seen in-
A) Pregnant woman
B) Infants
C) Adolescents
D) Malnourished males

25. All of the following are signs of chronic liver disease except-
A) Palmar erythema
B) Spider naevi
C) Testicular atrophy
D) Subcutaneous nodules

26. KF rings are seen in-
A) Pterygium
B) Haemochromatosis
C) Wilson’s disease
D) Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

27. Antibodies most commonly seen in drug induced lupus-
A) Anti ds DNA Ab
B) Anti Smith Ab
C) Anti Ro Ab
D) Anti histone Ab

28. Gout can be precipitated by
B) Omeprazole
C) Thiazides
D) Digitalis

29. ankylosing spondylitis is associated with
B) HLA-B27

30. Glycemic control in Diabets is best assessed by-
A) Hbalc
B) Urinary glucose
C) Fasting glucose
D) Post-prandial glucose

31. The most common cause of hyperthyroidism is-
A) Thyroid hyperplasia
B) Thyroid adenoma
C) Thyroid carcinoma
D) Grave’s disease

32. All are true about SIADH except-
A) Increased level of ADH
B) Hyperosmolar urine
C) Hyponatremia
D) Adequate hydration status

33. Causes of hypercalcemia include all of the following except-
A) Multiple myeoloma
B) Lytic skeletal metastasis
C) Total parental nutrition
D) Acute pancreatitis

34. Beevor’s sign is seen in-
A) Abdominal muscle
B) Facial muscle
C) Respiratory muscle
D) Hand muscle

35. Subacute combined degeneration of cord is caused due to deficiency of
A) Vit B1
B) Vit B5
C) Vit B6
D) Vit B12

36. The most common site of hypertensive bleed is-
A) Pons
B) Putamen
C) Frontal lobe
D) Thalamus

37. Which of the following is not a feature of right middle cerebral artery territory infaract-
A) Aphasia
B) Hemiparesis
C) Facial weakness
D) Dysarthria

38. All of the following are seen in Absence seizure except-
A) 3 Hz spike and wave
B) Usually seen in childhood
C) Post-ictal confusion
D) Precipitation by hyperventilation

39. What is not present in Parkinsonism-
A) Tremors at rest
B) Past pointing
C) Akinesia
D) Rigidity

40. Which of the following is not true about tubercular meningitis
A) Low sugar
B) High protein
C) Low opening pressure
D) Lymphocytic pleocytosis

41. Drug of choice for trigeminal neuralgia is-
A) Chlorpromazine
B) Carbarnazepine
C) Gabapentin
D) Fluoxetine

42. All of the following are true about Guillain-Barre syndrome are true except
A) Inflammatory
B) Demyelinating
C) Descending
D) Cranial nerve involvement

43. Myasthenia gravis is caused by dysfunction of-
A) Pineal gland
B) Thymus
C) Pituitary
D) Parathyroid

44. Which of the following is the investigation of choice for Multiple sclerosis-
C) Ultrasound
D) CT myelogram

45. Aphasia which involves arcuate fibres is called as-
A) Global aphasia
B) An omic aphasia
C) Conduction aphasia
D) Broca’s aphasia

46. All of the following agents are used for prophylaxis of migraine except-
A) Propanolol
B) Valproate
C) Topiramate
D) Ethosuximide

47. Which of the following is autosomal recessive-
A) Homocystinuria
B) G6PD deficiency
C) myotonic dystrophy
D) Otospongiosis

48. Anti ds DNA is highly specific for-
A) Systemic sclerosis
C) Polymyositis
D) Rheumatoid arthritis

49. All are seen in Diabetic ketoacidosis is-
A) Tachycardia
B) Dehydration
C) Bradycardia
D) Abdominal pain

50. Which of the following is a mature defense mechanism
A) Projection
B) Reaction formation
C) Anticipation
D) Denial