Narration Change Exercise and Examples for Class 11

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reported speech exercises with answers for class 11

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Exercise and Examples for Class 11 on Narration Change

Directions: Change the following direct speech into indirect speech.

1. Riya said, “How clever I am!”

2. How cruel the man is!, the boy said.

3. I said to you, “You are my best friend.”

4. She said to him, “Can you draw a picture of mine ?”

5. Father said, “I met Biren in the street on Saturday last.”

6. Victor said, “How are they playing?”

7. Manali said, “It has been raining.”

8. We said, “May Mother Teresa’s soul rest in peace.”

9. I said to my friend, “If I were you, I would stop taking sleeping pills.”

10. Father said, “Go on, apply for the job.”

11. I said to her, “Give me your book please.”

12. The teacher said to his students, “Can you answer this question?

13. Bimal said “I walk for an hour every morning”.

14. She said, “Let us wait for the award.”

15. Sidda said to Leela, “I will show you something nice.”

16. Kamalika said to Dipanwita, “Please check your copies.”

17. You are a very gallant young man, she said, “but why are you so serious?”

18. The director said the actor, “Move right.”

19. The old lady said, “Can you help me ?”

20. He said, “Keep quiet.”

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21. He said, “Dr. Roy is treating his mother.”

22. Lopa said, “God is almighty.”

23. The music director said to the singer “Do not start singing until the bell rings.

24. I said, “Let’s not jump to any hasty conclusions.”

25. I said to my brother, “Are you going to school?”

26. Thanks! said the hermit.

27. Mother said, “Work hard to pass the examination.”

28. Father said to me, “The man will surely come.”

29. Anupam said to his friends, “I was going to market yesterday.”

30. The girl said to her mother, “Why do the people hate me?”

31. She said, “What a greedy man he is!”

32. They said, “We shall leave for Goa tomorrow.”

33. Didn’t you notice? the man asked me.

34. What is it like outside? I asked.

35. He said to me, “Would you help me?”

36. “You must be very quick about it,” said Sidda, “because it will all evaporate and go back to the moon.”

37. He said to me, “Does she need any help?”

38. The pedestrian said to the policeman, “You might direct me to the nearest station.

39. Leela’s mother said to Leela, “Where is your chain?”

40. He said, “Are you hiding something ?”

41. Ajit said to us, “Let us have a party.”

42. “So help me Heaven!” he cried, “I’ll never do so again.”

43. Roma said, “I have been reading books.”

44. I said, “I will go with him.”

45. The poet said, “Real happiness is only a dream.”

46. The traveller said, “Is anybody there?”

47. I said to my brother, “Where have you kept my books?”

48. Ramen said, “I must not delay any longer.”

49. Ratanbabu said to the man, “Leave the house at once.”

50. The child said to his parents, “Please buy me that red balloon.”


1. Riya exclaimed that she was very clever.

2. The boy exclaimed in wonder that the man was very cruel.

3. I told you that you were my best friend.

4. She asked him whether he could draw a picture of her.

5. Father said that he had met Biren in the street on the previous Saturday.

6. Victor asked how they were playing.

7. Manali said that it had been raining.

8. We prayed that Mother Teresa’s soul might rest in peace.

9. I advised my friend to stop taking sleeping pills.

10. Father advised/encouraged (me) to go ahead and apply for the job.

11. I requested her to give me her book.

12. The teacher asked his students whether they could answer that question.

13. Bimal said that he walks for an hour every morning.

14. She proposed that we should wait for the award.

15. Sidda told Leela that he would show her something nice.

16. Kamalika requested Dipanwita to check her copies.

17. She said that I was a very gallant young man and asked why I was so serious.

18. The director ordered the actor to move right.

19. The teacher ordered to keep quiet.

20. He ordered to keep quiet.

21. He said that Dr. Roy was treating his mother.

22. Lopa said that God is almighty.

23. The music director instructed the singer not to start singing until the bell rang.

24. I warned against coming to any conclusions in haste.

25. I asked any brother whether he was going to school.

26. The hermit thanked him (the Tsar).

27. Mother said to work hard to pass in the examination.

28. Father told me that the man would surely come.

29. Anupam told his friends that he (Anupam) had been going to market day before.

30. The girl asked her mother why the people hated her.

31. She exclaimed in wonder that he was a very greedy man.

32. They said that they would leave for Goa the next day.

33. The man asked me if I had not noticed.

34. I asked what it was like outside.

35. He politely asked me if I would help him.

36. Sidda said that she must be very quick about it because it would all evaporate and go back to the moon.

37. He asked me if she needed any help.

38. The pedestrian requested the policeman to direct him to the nearest station.

39. Leela’s mother asked Leela where her chain was.

40. He asked whether I was hiding something.

41. Ajit proposed to us that we should have a party.

42. He prayed to Heaven to help him and resolved not to do so (in that way) again.

43. Roma said that she had been reading books.

44. I said that I would go with him.

45. The poet said that real happiness is only a dream.

46. The traveller asked if there was anybody.

47. I asked my brother where he had kept my books.

48. Ramen said that he ought not to delay any longer.

49. Ratanbabu ordered the man to leave the house at once.

50. The child requested his parents to buy him/her that red balloon.