Narration Change Exercise and Examples for Class 6

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direct and indirect speech worksheets with answers class 6

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Exercise and Examples for Class 6 on Narration Change

Directions: Change the following direct speech into indirect speech.

1. Riya said, “Please give me something to eat.”

2. He said to me, “Don’t do it again.”

3. “You are a bit of all right, old chap,” it said.

4. She said to him, “May you be happy.”

5. He said, “He lives with his parents.”

6. Souman said to his brother, “You might buy some fruits when shopping.”

7. Natalya said, “I’ve noticed that those hunters argue most who know least.”

8. Seema said, “Had I won a lottery!”

9. He said, “Who knew that this would happen!”

10. Have bread and cheese, she said to the boy.

11. Rabi said to his friend, “Where did you keep my book ?”

12. Rohan said to me, “Are you the captain of this ship ?”

13. Kenneth said, “The babies are sleeping.”

14. Keats said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

15. She said to me, “You have a good handwriting.”

16. Keats said, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.

17. He said, “Mala knows everything.”

18. He said, “She had beautiful eyes but they were of on use to her.”

19. The wind said, “O bird, awake and sing.”

20. He said, “My horse died in the night.”

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21. The teacher said to the student, “Did you come to school yesterday?”

22. Natalya: “Forgive us, Ivan, I remember now Oxen Meadows really are yours.”

23. He said, “I am tired.”

24. Chandanbabu said to me, “Please shut the door.”

25. The passenger said to the ticket checker, “Is this the train to Mumbai?”

26. They said to me, “Please help us.”

27. She said to me, “Merry Christmas!”

28. “Is not poverty a curse?” my father said to me.

29. You’ve made a small mistake, Pam said to Ted.

30. He said, “Listen to me.”

31. Parna said to me, “I am going to Kolkata now.”

32. Chubukov said, “Why, he came here so as to propose to you.”

33. He said, “Can you hold this for a moment ?”

34. Mir said to Mira, “I can swim across the river.”

35. Mother said, “The sun rises in the east.”

36. He said, “Who is your brother ?”

37. How did you get here, child ?, asked the man.

38. I asked her, “Where did you go, what did you do?”

39. They said, “We love to play football.”

40. He said, “I must return before 5 in the afternoon.”

41. He said, “What a good idea!”

42. I said to the boy, “Did you go to school?”

43. They said to me, “How old are you?”

44. Chandranathbabu said to his servant, “Go down to the market and bring some vegetables and fish”.

45. I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes. said the boy.

46. Jamuna said, “Lalan was listening to my words.”

47. Father said to me, “Do you have any problem?”

48. Natalya said, “What a pity!”

49. Nandalal Bose said, “Schools should have an art festival some time during the year.”

50. “What a fine horse!”, said Alexander.


1. Riya requested to give her something to eat.

2. He told (asked) me not to do it again.

3. Addressing him as old chap, it said that he was a bit of all right.

4. She wished that he might be happy.

5. He said that he lived with his parents.

6. Souman asked his brother to buy some fruits when shopping.

7. Natalya said that she had noticed that those hunters argued most who knew least.

8. The priest wished that God might bless him.

9. He said that none knew that (that) would happen.

10. She told the boy to have bread and cheese.

11. Rabi asked his friend where he had kept his book.

12. Rohan asked me if I was the captain of that ship.

13. Kenneth said that the babies were sleeping.

14. Keats said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

15. She told me that I have a good handwriting.

16. Keats said that beauty is truth, truth beauty.

17. He said that Mala knew everything.

18. He said that she had had beautiful eyes but they had been of no use to her.

19. The wind asked the bird to awake and sing.

20. He said that his horse had died in the night.

21. The teacher enquired of the student whether he (the student) had come to school the day before.

22. Natalya begged Ivan to forgive them and confessed that she remembered then that Oxen Meadows were really his.

23. He said that he was tired.

24. Chandanbabu requested me to shut the door.

25. The passenger asked the ticket checker if that was the train to Mumbai.

26. They requested me to kindly help them.

27. She wished me Merry Christmas.

28. My father asked me if poverty was (is) not a curse.

29. Pam told Ted that he had made a small mistake.

30. He requested to listen to him.

31. Parna told me that she (Parna) was going to Kolkata then.

32. Expressing surprise Chubukov said that he (Lomov) had come there to propose her.

33. He asked if I could hold that for a moment.

34. Mir said to Mira that he could swim across the river.

35. Mother said that the sun rises in the east.

36. He asked me who my brother was.

37. The man asked the child how he had got there.

38. I asked her where she had gone and what she had done.

39. They said that they love to play football.

40. He said that he must (or, would have to ) return before 5 in the afternoon.

41. He exclaimed in joy that it was a very good idea.

42. I asked (enquired of) the boy if he had gone to school.

43. They asked me how old I was.

44. Chandranathbabu told his servant to go down to the market and bring some vegetables and fish.

45. The boy said that he had wanted a pair of blue suede shoes.

46. Jamuna said that Lalan had been listening to her (Jamuna’s) words.

47. Father enquired of me whether I had any problem.

48. Natalya exclaimed with sorrow that it was really a pity.

49. Nandalal Bose said that schools should have had an art festival some time during the year.

50. Alexander exclaimed that it was a fine horse.