Narration Change Exercise and Examples for Class 8

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direct and indirect speech exercises for class 8 with answers

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Exercise and Examples for Class 8 on Narration Change

Directions: Change the following direct speech into indirect speech.

1. Looking at the Tajmahal the tourist said, “What an exquisitely beautiful creation.”

2. Leela asked, “Why should not Sidda sit in our chair, Mother?”

3. She said, “We ought to jump.”

4. “Who was the first man to fly in space?” the examiner asked the boy.

5. The fairy said, “I help people to bear pain.”

6. Dr. Vine said, “Sit down and don’t talk.”

7. Rama said, “I have waited for an hour.

8. Jim said to Della, “Don’t look at me that way.”

9. I said to you, “I don’t believe you.”

10. The invigilator said to the examinees, “You should read the questions carefully before answering them.”

11. She said, “How stupid you are!”

12. Sheena said to her mother, “Buy a new dress for me.”

13. Debu said, “I could do it.”

14. The boy said, “I am innocent.”

15. He said to me, “Lend me your pencil please.”

16. “Wouldn’t I make a nice drummer?” said Annabel.

17. He said to me, “What are you doing?”

18. The priest said, “May God bless you.”

19. He said to me, “What are you doing?”

20. The teacher said to the boy, “Did you attend the class?”

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21. Prince said, “I have come here to rescue her.”

22. She said, “The horse died last night.”

23. The girl said to me, “Are you going away today?”

24. The children said, “How happy we are here!”

25. He said to me, “Please give me a pen.”

26. Goodnight! Behave yourself, boy! she said.

27. Avijit said, “I was feeling sick yesterday.”

28. Suraiya said, “My mother is a teacher.”

29. “Take him back, Cronin!” said the warden, “and fix him up with outgoing clothes.”

30. I asked the manager, “When do you want the project?”

31. Sukanya said to her, “Kindly pay attention.”

32. Madhu will say, “I went to Burdwan.”

33. Anirban said to Geeta, “Please, send me to some cold climate.”

34. The ticket collector said to me, “Show me your ticket.”

35. “Help! Help!” shouted the woman.

36. The Secretary said to me, “All the participants must be awarded.”

37. The teacher said, “Don’t make noise.”

38. The teacher said, “Let no one tell a lie.”

39. “Have you brought a bat for me?” the girl said to her father.

40. The poor man said, “Will none of you help me?”

41. Chubukov: “What’s the matter? What are you shouting at?”

42. He said to his wife, “We will go to a new city.”

43. Natalya said, “I don’t see what there is to argue about. It’s simply silly!”

44. The doctor said to the patient, “Let me explain the problem.”

45. The snake charmers said to me, “We were then playing on the flute.”

46. He said to me, “My mother is now sleeping.”

47. The man said to him, “Do not disturb me.”

48. The poet says, “The bleeding bark will heal.”

49. “Where is he now?” asked the wife.”

50. He said, “What a beautiful flower!”


1. Looking at the Tajmahal the tourist exclaimed in wonder that it was indeed a extremely beautiful creation.

2. Leela asked her mother why Sidda should not sit in their chair.

3. She said that they ought to jump.

4. The examiner asked the boy who was the first man to fly in space.

5. The fairy said that she helped people to bear pain.

6. Dr. Vine commanded to sit down and not to talk.

7. Rama said that he had waited for an hour.

8. Jim forbade Della to look at him that way.

9. I said (that) I didn’t believe you.

10. The invigilator urged the examinees to read the questions carefully before answering them.

11. She exclaimed in wonder that I was very stupid.

12. Sheena ordered her mother to buy a new dress for her.

13. Debu said that he could do it.

14. The boy said that he was innocent.

15. He requested me to lend him my pencil.

16. Annabel asked if she would not make a nice drummer.

17. He asked me what I was doing.

18. She proposed that they should go for a movie.

19. He asked me what I was doing.

20. The teacher asked the boy if he had attended the class.

21. Prince said that he had come there to rescue her.

22. She said that the horse had died the previous night.

23. The girl asked me if I was going away that day.

24. The children exclaimed in joy that they were very happy there.

25. He requested me to give him a pen.

26. She wished the boy goodnight and advised him to behave himself.

27. Avijit said that he had been feeling sick the previous day.

28. Suraiya said that her mother was a teacher.

29. The warden ordered Cronin to take him back and fix him up with outgoing clothes.

30. I asked the manager when he wanted the project.

31. Sukanya requested her to pay attention.

32. Madhu will say that he went to Burdwan.

33. Anirban begged/requested Geeta to send him (Anirban) to some cold climate.

34. The ticket collector asked me to show him my ticket.

35. The woman shouted for help.

36. The Secretary told me that all the participants must be awarded.

37. The teacher ordered not to make any noise.

38. The teacher urged that no one should tell a lie.

39. The girl asked her father if he had brought a bat for her.

40. The poor man asked whether none of them would help him.

41. Chubukov wanted to know what the matter was and at what they were shouting.

42. He told his wife that they would go to a new city.

43. Natalya said that she did not see what there was to argue about and remarked that it was simply silly.

44. Rafiq exclaimed in grief that he was undone.

45. The snake charmers told me that they had been playing on the flute then.

46. He told me that his mother was sleeping then.

47. The man told him not to disturb him (the man).

48. The poet says that the bleeding bark will heal.

49. The wife asked where he was then.

50. He exclaimed in joy that it was a very beautiful flower.